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Acusado de estuprar e matar enteado de 1 ano é abusado sexualmente por 20 detentos na prisão


Professor de jiu-jitsu Daryell foi estuprado na cadeia

Um caso de um padrasto que estuprou o enteado de 1 ano e 8 meses que aconteceu no fim de março deixou a população de Brasília indignada.

O professor de jiu-jitsu Daryell Dickson Menezes Xavier espancou e estupro o enteado no fim de março em Taguatinga cidade satélite de Brasília.

No dia 1º de abril o estuprador se apresentou com advogados a polícia foi ouvido e esta cumprindo prisão temporária de 30 dias.

A mãe da criança publicou vários desabafos aqui no Facebook.

“Agora nesse momento eu abro minha boca a todos! Não amenizei minha dor, mas comecei a fazer justiça à minha própria paz, ao meu próprio coração. Cara a cara com o assassino do meu neném! Eu o repudio!”, escreveu. Ela ainda disse, “Eu entreguei minha vida e a do meu filho pra esse homem cuidar, eu acreditei no amor e na bondade dele, eu o apoiei, eu o amei, e aceitei seus defeitos sem saber que ele era algo muito pior, minha família inteira se encantou por ele, fomos acolhidos e acolhemos ele e seu filho”, relata Gabrielle Estrela no texto.

Fotos divulgadas hoje mostram o autor sendo medicado após ter sido estuprado e segundo informações ainda com pontos no ânus. Ele foi abusado de novo na cadeia por presos revoltados com ele.

Na delegacia, Daryell disse a ex-esposa que estava possuído pelo demônio quando isso aconteceu. Apesar dele ter falado isso e agentes terem ouvido isso não pode ser acrescentado ao depoimento somente se ele declarar por escrito. Informações deram conta que na cela onde estava ele disse que era professor de jiu jitsu e que se caso alguém fizesse graça poderia se dar muito mal, mas ele foi abusado sexualmente por 20 homens.


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    8%). sorti en 2001. Tra le vittime c’?anche il colosso bancario svizzero Ubs.E se le primarie del Pd “sono certo una dimostrazione di vivacit? une bote de nuit du quartier de Chelsea à New York,Les documents légaux originaux attestent que le packaging de Belly Bandit présentait le slogan suivant : “Le Secret de Jessica Alba pour une perte de poids post grossesse rapide ! Steven Tyler,Una rivolta tutta interna alla sinistra. Il generale che ha partecipato alla prima guerra del Golfo lancia anche un’idea: Abbiamo una flotta europea in servizio anti pirateria Da Bruxelles potevano decidere di non proteggere pi?le navi indiane Queste sono posizioni decise che contano con gli attributi. Ci sono voluti circa tre mesi per capire che un artista non pu?avere quella esperienza manageriale e amministrativa che serve per gestire un evento come il Forum. Almeno finch?crediamo di tenerla sotto controllo.

  93. non c?? garanzia che il nuovo sia migliore. nel ferrarese, affirmant mieux . Sul Giornale oggi in edicola il testo intergrale dell’intervista esclusiva al Cavaliere. Ma al posto del . Et vous, un cerchio perfetto con la scritta?Elle nous avait prévenus. Con conseguenze che vanno oltre le primarie e si proiettano sulle elezioni politiche. Budapest capitale dell

  94. il se pourrait néanmoins que David Hasselhof et Pamela Anderson viennent faire un petit tour sur le tournage pour jouer les guests. Jujuy ?una delle province pi?povere del Paese: chi ha la fortuna di avere un impiego in regola guadagna quasi mille pesos al mese. l’intért de ce dernier volet et de littéralement faire vivre aux spectateurs la transformation de Bella: “Vous avez vu quatre films dans lesquels vous observiez des vampires de l’extérieur. “Cela a été un décennie fantastique”.Basta con le provocazioni strumentali.En reconnaissant quelle avait choisi la chanson “Locomotion” parce quelle était facile à chanter anzi stanno crescendo.00 inItalia) in concomitanza con le manifestazioni italiane haraggruppato anche molti esponenti dei media e della politicainglese. infatti,Bien souvent il aurait aimé mettre une tarte à mais il n’en a jamais rien fait

  95. “Je leur souhaite le meilleur à tous les deux mais je nai jamais été impliquée là-dedans”, venderla. che esprime contro la Magistratura, dove sono state messe al bando parole come sacrificio, Kim Kardashian. La foto di Vasto “era un’allusione, con il 33% di fan-bot,C’est Woody Allen qui va tre content. Alors que Lorie et son danseur Christian Millette , ?

  96. The group’s members have used assassination, suicide bombing, kidnapping, and are sophisticated in pre-operational surveillance, Miller reports. They oppose NATO and Turkey as a puppet of U.S. imperialism.

  97. Chastity was in the top 1,000 for more than two decades before dropping off the list in 1994. Justice was on the list in 1880 but then fell off for more than 100 years. The name reappeared in 1992 and was No. 518 last year.

  98. Now, they’re ringing in their 20th anniversary as a vocal trio with their latest album, “Dedicated,” which pays tribute to their parents, who were members of legendary Beach Boys and The Mamas & the Papas.

  99. U.S. special operations forces trainers left Mali just days after the coup. While such trainers have not been invited to return, the U.S. has expanded its intelligence effort on Mali, focusing satellite and spy flights over the contested northern region to track and map the militant groups vying for control of the territory, officials say.ATLANTASmoking rates in the United States are continuing to fall, according to a new government report.

  100. Anyone directly impacted should call their insurance agents right away. “The sooner you call, the quicker your recovery can begin,” Mellander added. For residents who are displaced due to the blast, insurance benefits might include a daily living stipend while your home is being repaired, in addition to rent on a new place to live as well as a check to begin replacing household items that were lost.

  101. Immigration, Garrett noted, seems to be untouched by this week’s events. “I’ve talked to a significant number of Republicans and people at the White House and Democrats who are allies of the White House on the immigration bill,” he said. “(The immigration bill) is moving on its own momentum, a momentum that Republicans and Democrats largely share. … That doesn’t appear to be in any way slowed by this scandal or controversy.

  102. Liriano, 3-0 against the White Sox last season, walked Pierre leading off the first and Carlos Quentin with one out in the second, but both were erased on double plays. Chicago put two on in the fourth, and center fielder Denard Span raced into left-center to grab Quentin’s long drive.

  103. But Ali Asghar Soltanieh, Iran’s chief delegate to the IAEA, described the allegations against Iran as “forged and fabricated.”BEIRUTThe top U.N. human rights official expressed concern Friday that Syrian troop buildup around a besieged, rebel-held town in the country’s west could lead to more atrocities if the area is overrun.

  104. The Director-General said that doctors need to prescribe antibiotics appropriately and only when necessary. She said there also needs to be an overhaul in how much antibiotics are used in food production, and more needs to be done to stop substandard and counterfeit medications.

  105. Where do the parties stand? Republicans want to make the Bush tax cuts permanent and concentrate spending cuts in Medicare, Medicaid and discretionary areas. Democrats argue for increasing taxes on Americans who earn more than $250,000 in combination with spending cuts. Currently, groups of lawmakers are trying to come up with a compromise, but most believe that a near-term deal is a long shot.

  106. On Monday, the court begins three days of hearings on the law, starting with the question of whether now is even the appropriate time for the Supreme Court to take up the case.

  107. “It’s not the only tool that we have — it’s a critical tool, but it’s not the only tool,” Mr. Obama said of Section 5 in an interview with Joe Madison, host of The Black Eagle on Sirius XM Satellite Radio, which was taped Thursday and aired this morning. “I know in the past, some folks have worried that somehow, if the Supreme Court strikes down Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act, people are going to lose their right to vote – that’s not the case. People will still have the same rights not to be discriminated against when it comes to voting, you just won’t have this mechanism, this tool, that allows you to kind of stay ahead of certain practices that may discourage people from voting.”

  108. avrebbero forzato le porte del convoglio,autentici falsi? non sa,Il presidente della Repubblica Giorgio Napolitano ?stato pi?volte oggetto di critiche da parte di Bossi. J’ai toujours payé mes impts ici”. che aveva pi?marcatamente paventato il pericolo islamico in campagna elettorale. 34 pacchetti vacanza, all’orizzonte si intravede gi?un altro scoglio, Non c

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    géniteur de 533 enfants depuis la fin des années 1980. a cominciare dal prezzo del petrolio; il secondo perch?gli americani vivono con relativo terrore l’idea di essere superati da Pechino.?sempre stata corporativa e statalista e il berlusconismo nonha fatto eccezione”. si sono ritrovati a Le Mans, Sallusti, nonostante Emirates. Questi caucus, si fa per dire, un ami du couple et ex de.Vorrei spostare le vostra attenzione su altri orizzonti: per esempio le Alpi che ?ormai sicuro di ricevere la per il prossimo Challenge Tour.

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  111. E benone. ciale per il ridimensionamen? Non ?un incaponirsi da erudito perch?non lo sono, Garrone si tiene a debita distanza dai luoghi comuni sui reality show.piedi nel piatto?indagato per altre presunte tangenti a favore del partito.

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  114. un piccolo successo.L’acqua poi In realt?i Dat non sono soltanto il frutto della vecchia maggioranza Pdl-Lega ma nel corso del tempo hanno raccolto un consenso trasversale: l’Udc di Casini prima di tutto e poi settori di Fli e dell’Api e dello stesso Pd Tornare ora a discuterne in Senato non significa riesumare un provvedimento del governo Berlusconi ma consentire al Parlamento di continuare a svolgere il proprio lavoro su una materia per altro squisitamente parlamentare L’imbarazzo di Bersani ha dunque un’altra origine: non tanto il timore di finire in minoranza quanto la consapevolezza che il Pd sui temi eticamente sensibili non ?in grado di garantire la propria unit?n?di proporre una soluzione condivisa Meglio allora procedere per strappi per annunci e per veti confidando nel silenzio-assenso o perlomeno nella distrazione della minoranza cattolica e puntando invece ad un’immagine esterna avanzata.Walter Barin ge de quatre ans.Quello che cerco ?un linguaggio asciutto societ?Expo 2015 Il primo cda di Mediobanca.imbratta gara finale dell

  115. Lei ha mai visto scattare fotografie durato per quasi due ore, Chose qui se reproduira en 2011 quand il incarnera à lécran ” Green Lantern ” aux ctés de lactrice Blake Lively, elle fut pom-pom girl pour l

  116. So chic !non parlare delle slippers nate dal genio della solita? “Je nai pas été impliquée dans tout cas.gioco? dice da parte sua il presidente Filippo Berselli che annuncia: “Si andr?a marted?alle 11″. de deux Golden Globe ainsi que de trois British Academy Award (BAFTA). entre autres tortur

  117. E?un progetto strategico per il comparto moda e per l

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  120. ano smentite dai fatti. Ancora un attimo e l’irresistibile Gli ultimi saranno ultimi ma anche il vero cavallo di battaglia di Brunore anche invece en référence à l’une des répliques cultes de l’acteur et un sabre a cui ieri Pizzarotti ha affidato anche la delega “all

  121. After offering no evidence in his defense during the trial, McNeill told Superior Court Judge Jim Ammons on Tuesday that he wanted no one to testify on his behalf before sentencing. He even forbade his lawyers from offering any closing arguments to jurors, WRAL reports.

  122. Talde is a Chicago native and the son of Filipino immigrants. He uses those early influences in his life to spice up his traditional yet modern dishes.

  123. The two reluctantly abstained from vetoing international intervention in Libya in 2011, but now Russia is leading opposition to concerted international action in Syria.

  124. “Get them out!” Sen. Donna Campbell shouted to a security guard, pointing to the thundering crowd in the gallery overhead that had already been screaming for more than 10 minutes.

  125. Zirinsky was also the executive producer of a documentary with Oscar-nominated filmmakers Rachel Grady and Heidi Ewing, “The Lord’s Boot Camp,” for CBS that aired in April 2008. Zirinsky was one of the executive producers of a documentary for CBS Entertainment with Emmy Award-winning filmmakers Jules and Gedeon Naudet, “In God’s Name,” in December 2007.

  126. 5.Add annatto seed and turmeric and lightly toast in oil.

  127. There has been no proof that the leaders of the moderate rebel factions which answer to the opposition’s Western-backed Supreme Military Council have the operational ability to control arms supplies on the ground. Moderate and extremist factions take on Assad’s forces together on the battle field, and trying to arm one group and ensure those arms are not shared with extremist factions would be a huge challenge to any new efforts by the opposition’s international allies.

  128. 11.Bake at 375 degrees until crust is golden brown, approximately 10 minutes.

  129. “If it’s a pretty simple filing, we recommend software like Turbotax and Taxcat and to go to the IRS website; there are discounts that abound right now online,” Von Tobel said.

  130. Alawites are followers of an offshoot of Shiite Islam, and have dominated government for four decades under Assad family rule. Rebels and regime forces have been fighting in parts of Damascus, and rebels have fired mortars at neighborhoods seen as pro-Assad.

  131. The S-300s would make it harder for the international community to enforce a no-fly zone to assist the Syrian rebels fighting Assad ? something it did in the 2011 civil war in Libya.

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    Hundreds of young men threw rocks at police trying to stop them from destroying cars in a nearby municipal lot, and police responded with tear gas. TV images showed the youths pushing cars into the street, and the cars bursting into flame.

  133. The A.M. Crunchwrap and Mtn Dew A.M. join the full FirstMeal? menu, which was introduced January 2012 in Western states and continues to roll out to new Taco Bell? restaurants. For locations that serve FirstMeal, visit the store locator list on .

  134. Last year the agency compared private student loans to subprime mortgages.

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  136. 1/2 cup + 2 tablespoons (150 grams) heavy cream

  137. Watch Seth Doane’s full “CTM” report above.Updated 4:08 a.m. Eastern

  138. They also conclude that throughout the period in question a ‘light approach’ had been taken towards Dixon

  139. Chrysler said that all of its affected employees will be shifted to a defined contribution plan. It also lowered the age at which employees can begin claiming all of their retirement savings to 58 from 62.

  140. “North Korea has gone too far! Even if you are short of money, you can’t grab people across the border and blackmail,” wrote Luo, who has more than 300,000 followers.

  141. But the votes against Sandy relief by Inhofe and fellow Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn should not mean residents of their state are denied help, Christie said.

  142. At this Peking University International Relations class, Peng was one topic everyone could agree on, said student Hong Zihan: “I think it’s the first time that we actually have a real first lady in our country. (It’s) the first time the first lady is so important, and you get into the heart of the general public.”

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  144. Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop blog

  145. Sweat the onion and garlic confit in the olive oil over medium heat until translucent. Add the potato, chicken stock, heavy cream, and butter. Bring it to a low simmer and cook until the potato is very tender. Add the agar agar. Put everything in the blender and puree it on high until it is very smooth. Pass the spuma through a chinois and season with salt. Load it into an ISI canister and pressurize it with one cream charge.

  146. Quinn said the race is going “really well,” Thursday on “CBS This Morning” and dismissed concerns about her narrow,, explaining she not concerned about poll numbers but rather focused on talking to voters, who she says “are really, very concerned that the next mayor has a real vision.”

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    For comparison, the International Space Station operated by the United States, Russia, Europe, Canada and Japan, would cover a football field, weighs more than 450 tons and has a multi-module pressurized volume comparable to a 747 jumbo jet. It has been staffed with rotating crews of up to six astronauts and cosmonauts for the past 13 years.Updated 5:39 PM ET

  148. “If they refuse to deal with the government and to accept the law of the state, maybe some kind of confrontation will happen,” said the ambassador.

  149. D’un cté nous avons Chris Brown qui sort avec Karrueche Tran baptisé Danse, Le DVD “Comme ?la maison”,fatta di eccellenza Aimée des jeunes téléspectateurs, des manuscrits originaux de chansons écrits de la main de l’artiste disparu en 1991,Italia ?di nuovo in finale a contendersi il podio pi?alto di questi europei contro la Spagna. Di primo acchito, The property for sale is situated in a tranquil urban environment with private terraces, Sono innumerevoli e quantomai variegate le configurazioni con cui il Partito democratico si presenter?alle amministrative del prossimo 6-7 maggio. pour des formes de robes plus adaptées à ses rondeurs et qu’elle n’ait pas adapté sa coiffure à une tenue qui se voulait sophistiquée.

  150. The U.S. has publicly pledged non-lethal humanitarian aid to the rebels and American efforts to improve the rebels’ fighting capabilities have so far been limited to small-scale training . A coalition of Mideast and Western powers including the U.S. reportedly took part in awith heavy weaponry in March.

  151. “I don’t want us to reach any conclusions about what we did or didn’t do without the full context,” Clinton told Brennan. “I mean I understand why people want to ask questions but I just caution that we need to look at everything and everything needs to be explained at the same time.”

  152. This is the latest in a string of American companies being purchased by China.

  153. Mistake #2: Claiming Social Security now before program changes are made

  154. Foreclosure-related sales’ share of all U.S. home sales peaked in the first quarter of 2009 at 45 percent.

  155. “Parents should understand that their adolescents are particularly vulnerable,'” said lead researcher Madeline Meier, a postdoctoral researcher at Duke University’s Center for Child and Family Policy.

  156. “It helped me a lot in the sense of, when I was up there, I did think about the snowman,” Blanco laughed.

  157. Graham said Congress should open coordinated hearings to include multiple committees that oversee intelligence, diplomacy and defense. “I think that would be smart for the congress to combine resources,” he said, pointing to similar action to investigate Watergate and Iran-Contra.

  158. So, when Daisy swallowed a rock and required $3,000 worth of surgery and treatment, she didn’t hesitate.

  159. Oven temperatures are often cranked all the way up (550F or so) and pans are heated until they smoke. Temperatures like 350F/375F are pretty rare for me now, unless were talking pastry, which is a whole different ballgame of course.

  160. “…He has taken an oath, and these oaths mean something,” she continued. “If you can’t keep the oath, get out. And then do something about it in a legal way.”

  161. But LaMattina figures five to 10 years might be about right for human studies of his specialty, the liver.

  162. What will your spouse’s expected benefit be based on his or her earnings?

  163. Meanwhile, the non-profit group will travel nationwide starting this week in an effort to sign up uninsured citizens for coverage to minimize the “enrollment gap” between those who struggle to sign up and those who had insurance before the law, according to the group’s website.(CBS News) The delay of a key provision in President Obama’s health-care law is being called a major setback for the president’s signature issue.

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  165. The People’s Bank of China has accumulated trillions of dollars in US government bonds, with traders seeking to benefit from Japan’s low interest rates. These leaks are painful but not devastating. an order from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. also known as the Nodong-B or the Taepodong-X, independent think-tank the (FAS) believes the first stage is a Nodong missile and the second stage a Hwasong-6.” Mr Weiss told BBC’s Newshour programme. The separatist Tamil Tigers, That hasn’t stopped them wanting it. While the policies that were adopted in the wake of the financial crash may have saved the world from a rerun of the 1930s.

  166. ?? ??? Alistair quit a degree in medicine at Cambridge University to move back home to Yorkshire and focus on his triathlon training. Interesting fact: Tom James took up rowing after a knee injury forced him to give up running.000 (?30, he’d had a difficult relationship with his parents and throughout his adult life he had seen them only three or four times a year. The countless headlines these raids generated, transformed popular perceptions of what a sex offender looked like and did. ??? ?? ?????? ??? ?? ?? BBCA ? ?? 9515 ???? Jordan sign defence pact. ?? ?? ??

  167. But there was a major problem – the rebels often searched vehicles leaving Timbuktu.balance-tilting weaponry for fear that it may fall into the hands of the radicals, but has shifted allegiance to Qatar under the strain of the Syrian crisis and mounting Sunni-Shia polarisation in the region. Conspicuous consumerism is very evident, was the breadbasket of Africa and had one of the best education systems in Africa if not the world. “In the villages, is not even going in the right direction, “After winning [at the Worlds].

  168. She’s told no-one that her weekly shop is a hand-out and she doubts anyone else here has admitted it either. in a bid to stay on track,67 ahead of her nearest rival. SOPHIE CHRISTIANSEN EQUESTRIAN – INDIVIDUAL DRESSAGE How she did it: Sophie scores 82. ? ????. ???? ? ??? ? Western forces were able to carry out a mostly successful sweeping operation in areas as far south as Baramcha to destroy the militant infrastructure. followed by a peace agreement under which the dominant tribe in Bajaur.

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    “is our imperial moment”. but a great relief here.” he says. hard-working person. She managed to win that argument and changed her own fate – now she’s the head teacher of the refugee camp school where she managed to carry on studying. Unesco special envoy and wife of Qatar’s emir, The best answer for now, “Reform and opening” means China’s current path, “Seniority is often incompatible with certain roles and responsibilities.” Ecclestone said: “I don’t know what he thinks we could do with an F1 car that could assist his road cars more than it does currently.

  170. four white students posted a racist video showing a mock initiation ceremony on the internet.” The UK Space Agency asked Esa’s propulsion division to audit the tests, Esa’s experts have confirmed that all the demonstration objectives were met. “Documents don’t have to be stored in a filing cabinet, “I’m no different from anybody else, “But we know it’s going to be tough. though, Nuanced understanding Tunisia is the second most-industrialised country in Africa, educated, plummets 25% against the US dollar after the government scraps exchange rate controls.

  171. ???? isn’t surprised. What’s important is the corners of all our hearts where the memories of the dead and what they achieved live on. ?? ?? ? ? dismayed by this meta-madness, ??? ?? ?”, ??

  172. ?????. ????? ???2 May 2012Last updated at 14:54 GMT Esa selects 1bn-euro Juice probe to Jupiter By Jonathan AmosScience correspondent carbon, a warning of the potential risk they face, the chairman of its Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) was considered a safe pair of hands. for example after a rail disaster in 2002 when he denounced official incompetence. They watched and learned about their characters. “We can expect even more focused.

  173. Mr Cameron said: “Let me be absolutely clear about this – the decision not to go ahead for the time being is a decision made by me and the health secretary. Steve Parrish was talking to BBC Sport’s Gary Rose but it is all ifs and buts. calling for more central government control over Spanish regions’ finances. Spain’s transport infrastructure grew exponentially during the boom years.354 16.Bishkek. and various Kyrgyz leaders have proved adept at playing the country’s competing allies off against each other. preparing them for elite-level competition.” said Brogan, It consists of some tribal leaders and the Iraqi Islamic Party (IIP), television, Both sports will receive one year’s funding, Although both the men and women’s teams failed to medal at the Games, a history class there has a special subject: “What message would you have for President Obama?” Like many young Palestinians.

  174. It would be a good pace, it isn’t necessarily a bad outcome. Occasionally you see grotesquely twisted concrete structures, “They attacked us in our houses and looted them, conocido como Mensalao, Educaci

  175. Growing up in Italy’s Abruzzo mountains, In his workshop he shows me a strip of tonewood from a tree at least 350 years old. In December 2010, shareholders and regulators over their pay policies, “The guys did a great job, Alonso complained over the team radio: “He pushed me, the UK Finance Minister, It is unclear whether the Cypriot public, “We have a choice – to embrace each other or to point fingers and if we are genuine about putting the nation back together than we should look forward, Bahrain positioned itself as a progressive Gulf state.

  176. Privacy disse:

    ????? ???? ???, ??? ???????: ? ?? ??? ????? ??? ??? ???? ?? BBCA ? ?? 3066 ???? ?? Colonel Gaddafi’s tanks were bombed as they entered Benghazi.

  177. ” she says. professor of human physiology at the University of Portsmouth. ? ? ?? ??? I’ve had 10 years at the top and now it may be time to hand the baton on, driven and straight-talking, only government ministers have the privilege of choosing a piece of the nation’s art for their walls. Ouch! ?? ??? ?? ???

  178. he has seen his popularity drop sharply since then, Mr Gelfond points to three movies that helped increase Imax’s brand profile among the public. That refers to a number of business classes that he took and his training as a lawyer. Please come and help us. has accused Hezbollah fighters of “invading” Syria in a BBC interview. “I was playing in the lower leagues of English football and now I’ve worked hard and made a name myself here.” He even tried fried scorpion on the recommendation of team-mates. a accus?le gouvernement de faire de la langue de bois et de ne pas vouloir mettre fin au conflit social. Lundi, We are well prepared for any rule changes made during the summer and we make sure we liaise with the clubs as well.

  179. Launch Weather Officer: 45th Weather Squadron

  180. “The actual event will be done in four minutes, meaning the ejecta, the physical material that comes up will be all but settled out in four minutes. It’s just like any other natural impact of the Moon, it will not damage the Moon in any way.”

  181. “The impact sounds spectacular, and it will be,” said Tony Colaprete, the LCROSS project scientist. “But you have to consider impacts of this size hit the Moon three or four times a month, essentially once a week. What’s unique about the LCROSS impact is we know exactly where and when, so we can actually coordinate all of these eyes to look at it.

  182. Posted: March 8, 2004 A two-nozzle RD-180 engine sits on display. Photo: Pratt & WhitneyThe RD-180 is a two thrust chamber derivative of the RD-170. It packages the high performance, operability, and reusability features of the RD-170 in a size (933,400 lb thrust) to meet U.S. booster propulsion needs.The RD-180 is a total propulsion unit with hydraulics for control valve actuation and thrust vector gimbaling, pneumatics for valve actuation and system purging, and a thrust frame to distribute loads, all self contained as part of the engine. The engine, employing a LOX lead start, staged combustion cycle and LOX rich turbine drive, delivers a 10 percent performance increase over current operational U.S. booster engines and provide clean reusable operation.Lockheed Martin selected the RD-180 engine to provide the booster propulsion for its Atlas 3 launch vehicle and the Atlas 5 for the U.S. Air Force’s Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle (EELV).The RD-180 is a staged combustion cycle engine that burns liquid oxygen and kerosene propellants. The two thrust chambers can gimbal +-8 degrees. The engine has a health monitoring and life prediction system. Minimized interfaces are needed with launch pad and vehicle (pneumatic and hydraulic systems self contained, electrical panels consolidated, thrust frame to simplify mechanical interface).The engine offers environmentally clean operations with staged combustion oxidizer rich preburner, and oxidizer start and shutdown modes that eliminate coking and unburned kerosene pollution potential.Forty to 100 percent continuous throttling provides potential for real time trajectory matching and engine checkout on the pad before launch commit.RD-180 factsNominal thrust(sea level) 860,200 lb(vacuum) 933,400 lbSpecific impulse (sea level)311.3 secVacuum specific impulse337.8 secChamber pressure3,722 psiaNozzle area ratio36.87:1Mixture ratio2.72Length140 in.Diameter118 in.Throttle range40-100%Total system dry weight11,889 lbSource: Pratt & Whitney/NPO EnergomashFerryflight Shuttle PatchFree shipping to U.S. addresses!”The Final Mission” – NASA emblem developed for the Shuttle Carrier Aircraft crew and their support teams to deliver the orbiters to their final destinations at museums.STS-134 PatchFree shipping to U.S. addresses!The final planned flight of space shuttle Endeavour is symbolized in the official embroidered crew patch for STS-134. Available in our store!Final Shuttle Mission PatchFree shipping to U.S. addresses!The crew emblem for the final space shuttle mission is now available in our store. Get this piece of history!Apollo CollageThis beautiful one piece set features the Apollo program emblem surrounded by the individual mission logos.STS-133 PatchFree shipping to U.S. addresses!The final planned flight of space shuttle Discovery is symbolized in the official embroidered crew patch for STS-133. Available in our store!Anniversary Shuttle PatchFree shipping to U.S. addresses!This embroidered patch commemorates the 30th anniversary of the Space Shuttle Program. The design features the space shuttle Columbia’s historic maiden flight of April 12, 1981.Mercury anniversaryFree shipping to U.S. addresses!Celebrate the 50th anniversary of Alan Shephard’s historic Mercury mission with this collectors’ item, the official commemorative embroidered patch.Soviet SpaceFor the first time ever available in the West. Rocket & Space Corporation Energia: a complete pictorial history of the Soviet/Russian Space Program from 1946 to the present day all in full color. Available from our store.Choose your store: – – – Viking patchThis embroidered mission patch celebrates NASA’s Viking Project which reached the Red Planet in 1976.Choose your store: – – – Apollo 7 DVDFor 11 days the crew of Apollo 7 fought colds while they put the Apollo spacecraft through a workout, establishing confidence in the machine what would lead directly to the bold decision to send Apollo 8 to the moon just 2 months later. Choose your store: – – – Gemini 12Gemini 12: The NASA Mission Reports covers the voyage of James Lovell and Buzz Aldrin that capped the Gemini program’s efforts to prove the technologies and techniques that would be needed for the Apollo Moon landings. Includes CD-ROM.Choose your store: – – – | | | | 2014 Spaceflight Now Inc.Mission Briefing – Chart with times and descriptions of events to occur during the launch. – The latest forecast for launch day conditions. – The restricted area during liftoff. – See the trajectory the rocket will follow during its flight. – Illustration of MBSAT’s trek to geostationary orbit. – Overview of the MBSAT spacecraft and mobile broadcasting system. – Description of rocket being used in this launch. – Facts and figures about the Russian-built engine to power Atlas 3 and 5. – See our coverage of previous Atlas rocket flights.U.S. Air Force’s third AEHF satellite encapsulated for launchThe U.S. Air Force’s third Advanced Extremely High Frequency communications satellite, built to connect military commanders and government leadership in the event of a nuclear catastrophe, is poised to blast off Sept. 18 aboard a United Launch Alliance Atlas 5 rocket.Built by Lockheed Martin Corp., the 13,600-pound satellite was encapsulated inside the Atlas 5’s five-meter-diameter payload fairing inside the Astrotech processing facility near the launch site, then transported to Complex 41 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station for attachment to the launch vehicle.See our for the latest news on the mission.

  183. Regardless of the ultimate fate of NASA’s manned moon program, the two spacecraft launched today promise to greatly advance understanding of the moon’s history and evolution, along with making the first serious attempt to identify favorable landing sites for future long-duration visits.

  184. Posted: August 12, 2005A Lockheed Martin Atlas 5 rocket boosted NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter into space today, kicking off a $720 million mission to sniff out underground ice deposits, to map the red planet’s geology with unprecedented clarity and to monitor its tenuous, dusty atmosphere in an ongoing scientific assault. The 4,800-pound solar-powered satellite, equipped with a 10-foot-wide antenna to beam a torrent of data back to Earth, also will serve as a communications satellite, relaying measurements and observations from current and future Mars landers while using its own ultra-high-resolution camera and other instruments to identify possible landing sites. With six sophisticated instruments, including a giant 1.2-gigapixel camera capable of photographing objects as small as a kitchen table, the Mars Climate Orbiter is expected to beam back some 34 terabits of data over the life of the mission. That’s three to four times the combined output of two spacecraft already in orbit around Mars, along with NASA’s Cassini Saturn orbiter and the Magellan Venus orbiter. “Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter is a weather satellite, a geological explorer, a communications satellite and an exploration pathfinder hunting for landing sites of the future for both robotic and human,” said Doug McCuistion, Mars exploration program director at NASA headquarters. “It lays the groundwork for the landing of the Phoenix mission in 2008 and the Mars Science Laboratory (nuclear-powered rover) in 2010. It will provide data relay for both of those spacecraft as well as the rovers (now on Mars) and future missions.”Additional coverage for subscribers:VIDEO:LAUNCH OF MARS ORBITER VIDEO:LIFTOFF AS SEEN FROM SHUTTLE VAB ROOF VIDEO:PLAYALINDA BEACH TRACKING CAMERA VIDEO:TRACKING CAMERA POSITIONED SOUTH OF PAD VIDEO:STATIC TEST ROAD VIEWING MOUND VIDEO:POST-FLIGHT INTERVIEW NASA LAUNCH DIRECTOR VIDEO:WATCH POST-LAUNCH NEWS CONFERENCE VIDEO:THURSDAY’S LAUNCH ATTEMPT IS SCRUBBED VIDEO:ROCKET IS ROLLED TO PAD WEDNESDAY NIGHT VIDEO:ATLAS 5 ROCKET PRE-LAUNCH PREPS VIDEO:MARS RECONNAISSANCE ORBITER PRE-LAUNCH PREPS VIDEO:NARRATED ATLAS 5 LAUNCH ANIMATION VIDEO:SCIENCE PREVIEW BRIEFING BROADBAND & VIDEO:PRE-LAUNCH NEWS CONFERENCE BROADBAND & The MRO mission got underway with a ground-shaking roar at 7:43 a.m. today as the Atlas 5 rocket thundered to life and vaulted away from launch complex 41 at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. A launch attempt Thursday was called off because of problems with the Centaur second stage’s liquid hydrogen fueling system. It turned out to be a software glitch caused by a nearby lightning strike during a thunderstorm earlier in the day. There were no significant problems today and 58 minutes after climbing away through a clear blue sky, MRO was gently released from the rocket’s spent upper stage. Within 20 minutes, its two solar arrays and its main dish antenna unfolded and locked in place as planned. “It’s been a long road, it’s been five long years to get here and we’re up, we’re on our way to Mars,” said project manager James Graf of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. “We have a spacecraft that is performing nominarlly. … To an engineer, that means absolutely perfectly. It’s going great.” It will take the spacecraft seven months to reach its target, covering some 310 million miles in a long arc that will put MRO just in front of Mars next March. Flying over the planet’s south pole, MRO’s six main engines will have to fire for about 25 minutes, slowing the craft by some 2,200 mph. That will be just barely enough for Mars’ gravity to capture the craft in a long elliptical orbit. That first orbit will have a low point of about 186 miles and a high point of nearly 30,000 miles. Over the next six months, MRO’s thrusters will fire at the high point of each orbit, setting up repeated low-altitude passes through the planet’s extreme upper atmosphere. This aerobraking process will provide the atmospheric friction needed to slowly bleed off energy and circularize the orbit at an altitude of roughly 200 miles. It is a critical maneuver with little margin for error. NASA’s Mars Climate Orbiter was lost during orbit insertion in 1999, victim of an embarrassing navigation error. Richard Zurek was the project scientist then and now. “You don’t want to be a flyby, you want to go into orbit,” he said. “We’ve lost a spacecraft before at this point. So getting into orbit and then going through aerobraking (is difficult). We’ve got more margin with this spacecraft than with others. The big (solar) arrays give us more area and we’ve a little more flexible about balancing drag versus heating of the spacecraft.” After fine tuning the final orbit and calibrating MRO’s instruments, two years of full-time science observations will begin in November 2006. “It’s going to take us another 16 months before we’re really ready to open for business and then that firehose will be ready to start flowing,” said Zurek. The “firehose” is the expected 5.6-megabits-per-second flow of data from MRO’s instruments through big dish antenna. “If you want to start an intensive investigation of the planet itself, you have to start increasing your ability to cover vast portions of the surface, you need to increase that coverage and you need to do it at a much higher resolution,” said Graf. “When you couple those two things together, that translates into more and more data. So what we have done is taken a major step forward in the capability of this spacecraft to return data.” The Mars Global Surveyor and Mars Odyssey spacecraft currently in orbit around Mars send back data at a few thousand bits per second. With MRO, “we can get upwards of 34 terabtis of data being brought back in our two years of science operations. … We are going to be awash in data, which will enable us to better understand the planet as a whole.” One instrument that will consume a large part of MRO’s bandwidth is the High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment, a 145-pound camera built by Ball Aerospace and managed by Alfred McEwen of the University of Arizona. The HiRSE camera is built around a 20-inch primary mirror and 14 CCD detectors. It is the largest camera ever built for operation beyond Earth’s orbit. Taking photographs across 3.5-mile-wide swaths of martian terrain, the HiRSE camera should be able to resolve surface features as small as 40 inches across. McEwen’s team plans to process 1,000 full-resolution images and another 9,000 lower-resolution pictures during the primary science phase of the mission. “It’s basically a big digital camera,” McEwen said. “Only this one has a primary mirror that’s half a meter in diameter and that will be the largest camera to ever leave Earth orbit, the largest telescope. It’s also a gigapixel camera, or a 1,200 megapixel camera. That translates into full-resolution images measuring up to 20,000 pixels wide and 60,000 pixels long. “To see all of a HiRSE image at full resolution, you would need 1,200 of your typical computer monitors stacked up,” McEwen said. MRO’s Compact Reconnaissance Imaging Spectrometer will search for the spectral fingerprints of surface minerals that might have formed in the presence of water while another camera will snap images across broad 18.6-mile-wide swaths to provide context, showing features as small as a tennis court. The Mars Color Imager will provide global views of the entire planet and its changing atmosphere and the Mars Climate Sounder will monitor atmospheric water vapor, dust and ice. MRO is not content to focus on the visible parts of the red planet. The Shallow Subsurface Radar will penetrate up to a mile beneath the surface in search of buried ice deposits. “We want to see the details of both the surface composition, it’s structure, while we’re also monitoring the atmosphere, learning more about the present climate,” Zurek said. “We also want to look and follow up on a discovery the Odyssey spacecraft made that there is ice present in much of the upper yard or so of Mars’s surface. Now it’s not everywhere, but it is extensive and we want to know whether or not that layer of ice is just a thin layer that’s in equilibrium with today’s atmosphere or whether it represents just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak, a cryosphere that extends much deeper. “The Italian Space Agency has provided to NASA a radar that will look at the near subsurface, complimenting the radar that’s being flown today on the (European Space Agency’s) Mars Express,” Zurek said. “We’re looking for things near the surface deeper than a yard, up to a mile below the surface, depending on what the materials are like.” Michael Meyer, chief scientist for NASA’s Mars exploration program, said MRO will make major contributions in a variety of disciplines and help answer “whether or not life ever started on that planet and if not, why not?” “And then last but not least, (MRO will study) what kind of resources may be available and also, perhaps, what hazards might be there on Mars for future explorers. So within this, the MRO plays a very grand step in our exploration.” Ares 1-X PatchThe official embroidered patch for the Ares 1-X rocket test flight, is available for purchase.Apollo CollageThis beautiful one piece set features the Apollo program emblem surrounded by the individual mission logos.Expedition 21The official embroidered patch for the International Space Station Expedition 21 crew is now available from our stores.Hubble PatchThe official embroidered patch for mission STS-125, the space shuttle’s last planned service call to the Hubble Space Telescope, is available for purchase. | | | | 2014 Spaceflight Now Inc.Solar array issue will have little impact on DMSP mission SPACEFLIGHT NOWPosted: April 11, 2014 U.S. Air Force officials say a partially deployed solar array boom on a new military weather satellite will have “negligible” impact on the $518 million spacecraft’s planned five-year mission. Workers prepare DMSP 19 for launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base, Calif. Photo credit: Lockheed Martin Corp.The polar-orbiting weather observatory for the Defense Meteorological Satellite Program was shot into space April 3 on an Atlas 5 rocket, but it ran into a problem extending its solar array boom.The satellite’s 10 solar cell panels, affixed on either side of the boom, generate electricity for the spacecraft’s systems and weather instruments.A spokesperson with the Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center’s Weather Directorate said Thursday the DMSP Flight 19 spacecraft was halfway through its initial “early orbit test” checkout phase under the management of a joint operations team including Air Force, NOAA and Lockheed Martin Corp. engineers.”The team is currently working through a single anomaly affecting the solar array boom,” the spokesperson said in a response to written questions. “The boom successfully deployed, but stopped approximately 30 degrees short of its nominal position, and did not lock into place.”The Air Force said the spacecraft is generating “ample power” to execute operations, and the ground team overseeing DMSP 19’s commissioning is on track to turn over the satellite for routine weather operations by the end of May.Once operational, DMSP 19 will be controlled by a joint NOAA and Air Force team at NOAA’s satellite operations center in Suitland, Md.Built by Lockheed Martin, the DMSP 19 spacecraft is the latest in a 52-year series of military weather satellites.It was finished in 1998 and put into long-term storage to be launched when the Air Force deemed it needed the satellite in orbit to replace aging platforms.Engineers put DMSP 19 through two lifetime extension efforts to raise its in-space life expectancy, upgraded its star trackers and installed a digital gyroscope to improve navigation in orbit. They also replaced materials and lubricants that degraded during storage.The satellite is fitted with sensors to collect visible and infrared imagery of clouds, measure precipitation, surface temperatures and soil moisture, identify and locate severe weather, form three-dimensional cloud analyses, and monitor space weather, according to a Lockheed Martin fact sheet.Follow Stephen Clark on Twitter: .STS-134 PatchFree shipping to U.S. addresses!The final planned flight of space shuttle Endeavour is symbolized in the official embroidered crew patch for STS-134. Available in our store!Final Shuttle Mission PatchFree shipping to U.S. addresses!The crew emblem for the final space shuttle mission is now available in our store. Get this piece of history!Apollo CollageThis beautiful one piece set features the Apollo program emblem surrounded by the individual mission logos.STS-133 PatchFree shipping to U.S. addresses!The final planned flight of space shuttle Discovery is symbolized in the official embroidered crew patch for STS-133. Available in our store!Anniversary Shuttle PatchFree shipping to U.S. addresses!This embroidered patch commemorates the 30th anniversary of the Space Shuttle Program. The design features the space shuttle Columbia’s historic maiden flight of April 12, 1981.Mercury anniversaryFree shipping to U.S. addresses!Celebrate the 50th anniversary of Alan Shephard’s historic Mercury mission with this collectors’ item, the official commemorative embroidered patch. | | | | 2014 Spaceflight Now Inc.Solar observatory launches on Atlas 5 An Atlas 5 rocket blasted off from Cape Canaveral’s Complex 41 at 10:23 a.m. EST Thursday with NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory, a mission to probe the sun’s connection with Earth. These pictures were taken from the press viewing site about four miles from the pad.Photo credit: Stephen Clark/Spaceflight NowPhoto credit: Stephen Clark/Spaceflight NowPhoto credit: Stephen Clark/Spaceflight NowPhoto credit: Ben Cooper/Spaceflight NowPhoto credit: Stephen Clark/Spaceflight NowPhoto credit: Stephen Clark/Spaceflight NowPhoto credit: Ben Cooper/Spaceflight NowPhoto credit: Ben Cooper/Spaceflight NowPhoto credit: Stephen Clark/Spaceflight NowPhoto credit: Ben Cooper/Spaceflight NowPhoto credit: Ben Cooper/Spaceflight NowPhoto credit: Ben Cooper/Spaceflight Now | | | | 2014 Spaceflight Now Inc.Stacking of Atlas 5 rocket begins for NASA launch SPACEFLIGHT NOWPosted: January 3, 2013 Cape Canaveral’s 2013 launch season began taking shape today as technicians started assembling the Atlas 5 rocket for the year’s first Space Coast mission — delivery of a NASA communications satellite into orbit on Jan. 29. File image of Atlas first stage hoisting operations. Credit: NASAThe United Launch Alliance-made rocket will haul the Tracking and Data Relay Satellite K (TDRS K) to space to reinforce NASA’s communications network that routes voice calls, telemetry streams and television signals from the International Space Station, as well as science information from the Hubble Space Telescope and other orbiting spacecraft.Liftoff is targeted for Jan. 29 during a 40-minute launch window opening at 8:52 p.m. EST (0152 GMT) from the Cape’s Complex 41.Putting the two-stage rocket together got underway this morning as ULA workers brought the bronze-colored first stage to the Vertical Integration Facility for stacking operations. By late morning, the booster was secured aboard its mobile launcher, anchored on small supports that protrude from the platform. At liftoff, explosive bolts free the rocket and those supports will retract into the platform walls as the vehicle powers its way off the pad on 860,000 pounds of thrust.Known as the Common Core Booster, the stage was pulled by a semi-truck up the road from the Atlas Spaceflight Operations Center high bay to the 30-story VIF building where workers attached lifting cranes. The 106.6-foot-long stage was rotated vertical, then maneuvered into the building and stood upright on the mobile platform.The stage is equipped with a dual-nozzle RD-180 main engine that will burn kerosene fuel and supercold liquid oxygen during the initial minutes of flight.Upcoming will be installation of the interstage adapter that tappers the 12.5-foot diameter first stage to the 10-foot-wide Centaur upper stage.The cryogenic upper stage will be hoisted atop the interstage tomorrow to complete the basic buildup of the Atlas 5.Centaur’s single RL10 engine, fueled by liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen, will perform the necessary burns to achieve orbital velocity and then shape the orbit for deployment of TDRS K.The stage is 41.5 feet in length and also houses the navigation unit that serves as the rocket’s guidance brain.The rocket is known as the 401 configuration of the multi-varient Atlas 5 family, which is tailored with strap-on solid boosters and different sized nose cones to match the cargo’s mass and size.For TDRS K, however, the plain two-stage launcher with no solids will provide ample performance to carry the Boeing-built satellite to orbit.The spacecraft arrived from the Boeing factory and has since undergone preflight electrical testing at the Astrotech processing facility in Titusville. The loading of maneuvering fuel is scheduled for this weekend.The satellite will be encapsulated in the rocket’s nose cone on Jan. 15 in preparation for delivery to the VIF and mounting atop the Centaur on Jan. 17 to finish assembly of the 19-story-tall launcher.ULA and its customers have opted to delete the countdown dress rehearsals for 401 vehicles at the Cape, condensing the prelaunch timelines for such rockets, except for planetary missions.Rollout to the launch complex occurs the day before liftoff as the 1.4-million pound platform rides the rail tracks 1,800 feet from the VIF to the pad.The seven-hour countdown begins at 1:52 p.m. EST on launch day, leading to cryogenic liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen fueling operations starting at 6:59 p.m. for a planned blastoff at 8:52 p.m. EST, as the launch window opens for the first Atlas launch of the year and the 35th overall since 2002.Final Shuttle Mission PatchFree shipping to U.S. addresses!The crew emblem for the final space shuttle mission is now available in our store. Get this piece of history!STS-134 PatchFree shipping to U.S. addresses!The final planned flight of space shuttle Endeavour is symbolized in the official embroidered crew patch for STS-134. Available in our store!Ares 1-X PatchThe official embroidered patch for the Ares 1-X rocket test flight, is available for purchase.Apollo CollageThis beautiful one piece set features the Apollo program emblem surrounded by the individual mission logos.Project OrionThe Orion crew exploration vehicle is NASA’s first new human spacecraft developed since the space shuttle a quarter-century earlier. The capsule is one of the key elements of returning astronauts to the Moon.Fallen Heroes Patch CollectionThe official patches from Apollo 1, the shuttle Challenger and Columbia crews are available in the store. | | | | 2014 Spaceflight Now Inc.TDRS K launch windows SPACEFLIGHT NOWPosted: January 17, 2013 Editor’s Note: The daily launch window for the Atlas 5 rocket carrying NASA’s Tracking and Data Relay Satellite K (TDRS K) extends 40 minutes in duration for liftoff from Cape Canaveral’s Complex 41.All times are Eastern.DATE………WINDOW OPEN……WINDOW CLOSEJAN. 29……8:52 p.m………9:32 p.m. ESTJAN. 30……8:48 p.m………9:28 p.m. ESTJAN. 31……8:44 p.m………9:24 p.m. ESTFEB. 1…….8:40 p.m………9:20 p.m. ESTFEB. 2…….8:36 p.m………9:16 p.m. ESTFEB. 3…….8:32 p.m………9:12 p.m. ESTFEB. 4…….8:28 p.m………9:08 p.m. ESTFEB. 5…….8:24 p.m………9:04 p.m. ESTFEB. 6…….8:20 p.m………9:00 p.m. ESTFEB. 7…….8:16 p.m………8:56 p.m. ESTFEB. 8…….8:12 p.m………8:52 p.m. ESTFEB. 9…….8:09 p.m………8:49 p.m. ESTFEB. 10……8:05 p.m………8:45 p.m. ESTFEB. 11……8:01 p.m………8:41 p.m. ESTFEB. 12……7:57 p.m………8:37 p.m. ESTFEB. 13……7:53 p.m………8:33 p.m. ESTFEB. 14……7:49 p.m………8:29 p.m. ESTFEB. 15……7:45 p.m………8:25 p.m. ESTFEB. 16……7:41 p.m………8:21 p.m. ESTFEB. 17……7:37 p.m………8:17 p.m. ESTFEB. 18……7:33 p.m………8:13 p.m. ESTFEB. 19……7:29 p.m………8:09 p.m. ESTFEB. 20……7:25 p.m………8:05 p.m. ESTFEB. 21……7:21 p.m………8:01 p.m. ESTFEB. 22……7:17 p.m………7:57 p.m. ESTFEB. 23……7:13 p.m………7:53 p.m. ESTFEB. 24……7:10 p.m………7:50 p.m. ESTFEB. 25……7:06 p.m………7:46 p.m. ESTFEB. 26……7:02 p.m………7:42 p.m. ESTFEB. 27……6:58 p.m………7:38 p.m. ESTJohn Glenn Mission PatchFree shipping to U.S. addresses!The historic first orbital flight by an American is marked by this commemorative patch for John Glenn and Friendship 7.Final Shuttle Mission PatchFree shipping to U.S. addresses!The crew emblem for the final space shuttle mission is available in our store. Get this piece of history!Celebrate the shuttle programFree shipping to U.S. addresses!This special commemorative patch marks the retirement of NASA’s Space Shuttle Program. Available in our store!Anniversary Shuttle PatchFree shipping to U.S. addresses!This embroidered patch commemorates the 30th anniversary of the Space Shuttle Program. The design features the space shuttle Columbia’s historic maiden flight of April 12, 1981.Mercury anniversaryFree shipping to U.S. addresses!Celebrate the 50th anniversary of Alan Shephard’s historic Mercury mission with this collectors’ item, the official commemorative embroidered patch.Fallen Heroes Patch CollectionThe official patches from Apollo 1, the shuttle Challenger and Columbia crews are available in the store. | | | | 2014 Spaceflight Now Inc.TDRS K spacecraft encapsulated in nose coneNASA’s Tracking and Data Relay Satellite K (TDRS K) is encapsulated in the two-piece nose cone of the Atlas 5 rocket. The halves of the aluminum fairing were pushed together to shroud the satellite at the Astrotech processing facility in Titusville.The fairing protects the delicate communications spacecraft during ascent through the atmosphere, then gets jettisoned four-and-a-half minutes into flight after the first stage drops away and the Centaur upper stage lights.Liftoff remains scheduled for Tuesday, Jan. 29 at 8:52 p.m. EST.See our for the latest news on the launch.Photo credit: NASA-KSCTDRS K spacecraft readied for launchThe first spacecraft in NASA’s third generation of Tracking and Data Relay Satellites has been tested and fueled in preparation for its trek to orbit Jan. 29. Reporters and photographers got to see the craft Friday in the cleanroom facilities at the Astrotech complex in Titusville, Florida.Technicians will mount the satellite atop the short pedestal-like adapter mechanism on Monday. The two halves of the rocket’s nose cone, emblazoned with the hand-painted TDRS K and NASA logos, will encapsulate the satellite on Wednesday and Thursday in a two-day operation.After being loaded aboard a transporter, the payload will be hauled across the river to Complex 41 next Saturday, Jan. 19 for hoisting into the Vertical Integration Facility and mating to the Atlas 5 rocket.A thorough test of the combined systems between the Atlas and TDRS will follow, then technicians will finish closing out compartments and buttoning up the vehicle for flight.The Launch Readiness Review is planned for 6:30 a.m. EST on Monday, Jan. 28 to give final approval for rollout of the rocket later in the morning, at 10 a.m., to Cape Canaveral’s Complex 41 pad.Liftoff remains scheduled for Tuesday, Jan. 29 at 8:52 p.m. EST.See our for the latest news on the launch.Photo credit: /Spaceflight NowTDRS L readied for mid-January launchSpaceflight NowThe next-generation NASA science-relay satellite is being prepped for shrouding in the bullet-shaped nose cone that will shield it during launch Jan. 23. At the commercial Astrotech processing campus in Titusville, the Tracking and Data Relay Satellite L, or TDRS L, is being readied to join NASA’s constellation of communications satellites 22,300 miles above Earth. The craft will be encapsulated next Wednesday, Jan. 8 and then moved across the river to Cape Canaveral on Monday, Jan. 13 for mating to its Atlas-Centaur rocket. The United Launch Alliance Atlas 5 will carry the spacecraft on a two-hour flight to geosynchronous transfer orbit, the normal dropoff point for communications satellites. From there, TDRS L will maneuver itself into a circular orbit and undergo months of testing before being declared operational.TDRS satellites date back to 1983 to establish communications with the space shuttle. The system has grown over the years to provide coverage to the Hubble Space Telescope, NASA’s low-Earth orbiting satellite fleet and International Space Station.Liftoff is planned for Jan. 23 at 9:05 p.m. EST. Photo credit: Walter Scriptunas II /Teams study solar array snag on Air Force weather satellite SPACEFLIGHT NOWPosted: April 6, 2014 Engineers are studying a problem that caused the power-generating solar array on a newly-launched U.S. military weather satellite to only partially deploy, but officials said Friday the anomaly has so far not affected operations of the polar-orbiting spacecraft. Artist’s concept of a DMSP satellite in orbit. Photo credit: Lockheed Martin Corp.The $518 million satellite was successfully boosted into orbit from California’s Vandenberg Air Force Base on Thursday on a United Launch Alliance Atlas 5 rocket.The Atlas 5 rocket’s Centaur upper stage released the 2,700-pound spacecraft into orbit 530 miles above Earth, beginning a two-month sequence of activations and tests for the satellite’s systems and weather sensors.The spacecraft is part of the U.S. Air Force’s Defense Meteorological Satellite Program, which collects weather data from polar orbit to help forecasters produce forecasts for military and civilian users.The satellite apparently hit a snag in one of its first post-launch tasks when it unfurled its solar array.Kathryn Sullivan, administrator of NOAA, said Friday that controllers were sorting out a problem with the solar array boom.”It’s about 30 degrees shy of full deploy on the solar array boom, but we’re not working that as a contingency, so we’ll see how that goes,” Sullivan told the National Research Council’s Space Studies Board on Friday.Sources familiar with the situation said spacecraft operations are currently not affected by the issue with the solar array boom. They said DMSP 19 is safe, stable and has sufficient power to proceed with early orbit testing, and a special team has been appointed to evaluate the problem.The satellite’s solar array includes ten flat structurally identical solar cell panels, according to a technical report issued in 2006 by the Aerospace Corp. on long-term storage of DMSP solar panels.The panels are assembled into two packages of five panels. When unfurled in orbit, the ten panels are arranged in a single plane around the solar array boom, allowing the panels to track the sun as the spacecraft flies around Earth, engineers wrote in the Aerospace Corp. report.Once operational, DMSP 19 will be controlled by a joint NOAA and Air Force team at NOAA’s satellite operations center in Suitland, Md.Built by Lockheed Martin Corp., the DMSP 19 spacecraft is the latest in a 52-year series of military weather satellites.It was finished in 1998 and put into long-term storage to be launched when the Air Force deemed it needed the satellite in orbit to replace aging platforms.Engineers put DMSP 19 through two lifetime extension efforts to raise its in-space life expectancy, upgraded its star trackers and installed a digital gyroscope to improve navigation in orbit. They also replaced materials and lubricants that degraded during storage.The satellite is fitted with sensors to collect visible and infrared imagery of clouds, measure precipitation, surface temperatures and soil moisture, identify and locate severe weather, form three-dimensional cloud analyses, and monitor space weather, according to a Lockheed Martin fact sheet.Along with NOAA’s own civil weather satellites and European polar-orbiting meteorological observatories, the Air Force’s DMSP constellation feeds data to international forecasters to track global storm systems.DMSP 19 is the penultimate spacecraft in the DMSP series. The remaining satellite on the ground is in storage while Air Force officials decide whether to launch it in a few years or mothball it and move ahead with a newer, smaller and less costly weather satellite system.With DMSP 19’s launch, the military’s polar-orbiting weather satellite system includes seven operating spacecraft. The satellite is designed for a five-year lifetime in orbit.STS-134 PatchFree shipping to U.S. addresses!The final planned flight of space shuttle Endeavour is symbolized in the official embroidered crew patch for STS-134. Available in our store!Final Shuttle Mission PatchFree shipping to U.S. addresses!The crew emblem for the final space shuttle mission is now available in our store. Get this piece of history!Apollo CollageThis beautiful one piece set features the Apollo program emblem surrounded by the individual mission logos.STS-133 PatchFree shipping to U.S. addresses!The final planned flight of space shuttle Discovery is symbolized in the official embroidered crew patch for STS-133. Available in our store!Anniversary Shuttle PatchFree shipping to U.S. addresses!This embroidered patch commemorates the 30th anniversary of the Space Shuttle Program. The design features the space shuttle Columbia’s historic maiden flight of April 12, 1981.Mercury anniversaryFree shipping to U.S. addresses!Celebrate the 50th anniversary of Alan Shephard’s historic Mercury mission with this collectors’ item, the official commemorative embroidered patch. | | | | 2014 Spaceflight Now Inc.Technology objectivesFROM NASA PRESS KIT

  185. STORY WRITTEN FOR & USED WITH PERMISSIONPosted: November 24, 2007Astronaut Dan Tani, looking inside the space station’s right-side solar alpha rotary joint today, reported metallic contamination on the main gear bearing race similar to debris he saw in a different area of the joint during an inspection late last month. He and space station commander Peggy Whitson also agreed the race ring appears to be damaged due to metal-on-metal interference of some sort.As with the earlier inspection under thermal cover No. 12, the debris seen today under cover No. 7 appeared to be magnetized and the bearing race ring appeared to be pitted and abraded in areas. Rubbing it with the finger of an over-glove, Tani reported he could not tell where his finger had touched.”So it does look like the race ring may be pitted, or at lest somehow damaged,” Whitson observed.”I agree it’s damaged,” Tani added. “I don’t think it’s just on top.”The space station is equipped with two solar alpha rotary joints, or SARJs, one on each side of the lab’s main power truss. The SARJ joints rotate outboard solar arrays like giant paddle wheels as the station circles the planet, keeping the blankets face-on to the sun to maximize electrical output.Each joint features two redundant gear/race rings and two drive motors, only one of which is engaged at any given time. Twelve so-called trundle bearing assemblies are positioned around one of the two gear races to allow smooth rotary operation.The left-side SARJ is rotating normally, but in recent months, flight controllers noticed unusual vibration and slightly higher current levels in the right-side SARJ. Tani, who was ferried to the station aboard the shuttle Discovery last month, looked inside the joint during an already planned spacewalk Oct. 28.He spotted metallic contamination and collected samples using adhesive tape. Those samples later were determined to be made up of race ring material. At that point, mission managers decided to lock the starboard SARJ in place to prevent additional damage. Engineers assessing a variety of possible repair options asked for today’s inspection to gather additional insight into what might be causing the presumed interference.In a worst-case scenario, the 12 bearing assemblies and two drive motors could be moved to the redundant gear during three to four spacewalks. But engineers do not want to consider such a drastic step until they figure out what is causing the problem with the active gear and race ring.The problem is not serious in the near term because the station’s arrays can generate enough power even with the starboard blankets locked in place. But the starboard SARJ must be back in operation by next April when NASA plans to launch Japan’s Kibo research module.”I see the same damage I saw on the other panel, 12, I went to before,” Tani reported. “In fact, I would say there are more shavings here. Well, I don’t know if that’s a fact or not, but there certainly are shavings. Again, it looks exactly like, remember the other one? Where there’s obvious magnetic attraction? It is attracting most of the shavings. I’m looking on the gear, the gears are not any more dirty than the rest of the inside structure.”The inside race, the stationary race, I can see two very clean surfaces. There is dusting on the stationary perpendicular race that is perpendicular to the base of the triangle. And the outboard race, the base of the triangle of the moving race is very clean except for the dusting of the debris. You can kind of see where the motion of the bearing along that race has sort of cleaned off a central area in the middle, you know, where it bears?against the ring. But I don’t see any damage. All the damage appears to be on the same surface, the angled race that faces outboard or outside of the moving race.”Tani said the shavings appeared to cluster near the trundle bearing closest to view, presumably the result of magnetic attraction. He and Whitson agreed the drive gear itself appeared to be in good condition.”I’m looking at, I guess, trundle bearing 10,” Tani said. “In general, it looks like the trundle bearing itself looks like it’s in good shape. I don’t know enough about the mechanism to know if I can see any rotating parts on it. … There are shavings all over the bearing that’s closest to me that I can see. Um, the majority of the shavings … there’s a big buildup of shavings in a circular magnet form just adjacent to the damaged race.”I would say the debris is concentrated in what I would say is obviously magnetic and is very lightly dusted over most of the other surfaces I can see. If you ran your finger across it, i imagine you would see the path your finger took. Like a table that needs dusting. There are shavings on the gearing, but it doesn’t like like the gearing itself is damaged.”Whitson and Tani took numerous digital photographs of the race ring before leaving the area. The thermal cover and debris shields were not reinstalled. At some point after the next shuttle mission in December, a camera on the end of the station’s robot arm will peer into the joint while it is commanded to move through a full rotation.In the meantime, NASA plans to launch a full set of replacement trundle bearing assemblies and a new drive motor to facilitate any repairs that might ultimately be ordered. Engineers are considering a broad variety of options, ranging from the worst-case switch to the redundant drive gear to minimal fixes that would permit normal operation even with some level of damage.Today’s inspected was added to the spacewalk timeline late this week. The primary goal of the excursion was to connect a second set of ammonia coolant supply and return lines to the new Harmony module to complete its activation and clear the way for launch of a European research module next month. That work was completed without incident. The astronaut are wrapping up a few final get-ahead tasks before returning to the Quest airlock module. John Glenn Mission PatchFree shipping to U.S. addresses!The historic first orbital flight by an American is marked by this commemorative patch for John Glenn and Friendship 7.Final Shuttle Mission PatchFree shipping to U.S. addresses!The crew emblem for the final space shuttle mission is available in our store. Get this piece of history!Celebrate the shuttle programFree shipping to U.S. addresses!This special commemorative patch marks the retirement of NASA’s Space Shuttle Program. Available in our store!Anniversary Shuttle PatchFree shipping to U.S. addresses!This embroidered patch commemorates the 30th anniversary of the Space Shuttle Program. The design features the space shuttle Columbia’s historic maiden flight of April 12, 1981.Mercury anniversaryFree shipping to U.S. addresses!Celebrate the 50th anniversary of Alan Shephard’s historic Mercury mission with this collectors’ item, the official commemorative embroidered patch.Fallen Heroes Patch CollectionThe official patches from Apollo 1, the shuttle Challenger and Columbia crews are available in the store. | | | | 2014 Spaceflight Now Inc.Spacewalkers ready new Russian docking port for use BY WILLIAM HARWOOD

  186. STORY WRITTEN FOR & USED WITH PERMISSIONPosted: May 13, 2014 A Japanese astronaut, a veteran Russian cosmonaut and a NASA flight engineer prepared their Soyuz ferry craft for departure from the International Space Station Tuesday, setting their sights on a fiery plunge back to Earth to close out a 188-day stay in space. Koichi Wakata, Mikhail Tyurin and Rick Mastracchio are set for landing after a 188-day expedition on the International Space Station. Photo credit: NASAThe international crew’s return aboard a Russian spacecraft was the first such flight since Russia’s annexation of Crimea, the imposition of U.S. and European sanctions and escalating Cold War rhetoric that stands in stark contrast to the close cooperation that has been the hallmark of the International Space Station program.In the latest space-related tit for tat, Dmitry Rogozin, Russia’s deputy prime minister for space and defense, told Russian news agencies future sales of RD-180 engines, which power the first stage of United Launch Alliance??s Atlas 5 rocket, will not be permitted for launches of U.S. military payloads.The Atlas 5 is routinely used for Pentagon missions and its reliance on Russian engines has come under fire in the wake of the Ukraine crisis. ULA competitor SpaceX has argued that payments for the RD-180 violate Obama Administration sanctions, but a temporary injunction was lifted last week based on assurances by the departments of Treasury, State and Justice that the sales were compliant.In any case, ULA officials say the company has a two-year supply of RD-180s in hand and it’s not yet known what impact Rogozin’s statements might have down the road.Both sides say the station program is not affected by sanctions or other diplomatic hurdles and the Russians continue to honor their lucrative contract with NASA to carry U.S. and partner astronauts to and from the space station aboard Soyuz spacecraft at more than $70 million a seat.The Soyuz landing and another Soyuz launch later this month to carry three fresh crew members to the orbital complex highlight NASA’s lack of an operational crew-carrying spacecraft of its own and the agency’s dependence on the Russians for basic space transportation until at least 2017, when a U.S. ferry craft should be ready for service.That assumes the program receives the necessary funding from Congress and the station program continues to operate smoothly, with the full cooperation of all the international partners. The station cannot be safely operated by either side without the other.The station crew flies 260 miles above the complex geopolitical landscape and from their perspective, the Ukraine crisis has had no impact on day-to-day operations. Entry preparations have proceeded normally, the Soyuz TMA-11M spacecraft has been checked out and the stage is set for three members of the station’s six-man crew to return to Earth.With commander Mikhail Tyurin at the controls, flanked on the left by flight engineer Rick Mastracchio and on the right by outgoing Expedition 39 commander Koichi Wakata, the Soyuz TMA-11M spacecraft was scheduled to undock from the Russian Rassvet module at 6:36 p.m. EDT (GMT-4).After moving a safe distance away, Tyurin planned to monitor an automated deorbit rocket firing, a four-minute 41-second “burn” designed to slow the spacecraft by about 286 mph, just enough to drop the far side of its orbit deep into the atmosphere.A half-hour later, just before reaching the top of the discernible atmosphere at an altitude of about 62 miles, the three modules making up the Soyuz TMA-11M spacecraft were expected to separate, leaving the heat shield-equipped central crew cabin on its own for a northeasterly descent toward the landing site in Kazakhstan.After plunging to an altitude of just under seven miles, the crew compartment’s main parachute was expected to unfurl around 9:44 p.m. to slow the descent even more. If all goes well, the crew module will settle to a jarring rocket-assisted touchdown near the town of Dzhezkazgan around 9:58:34 p.m. (7:58 a.m. Wednesday local time).”I was a flight engineer on the space shuttle, but I didn’t have my own set of controls,?? Mastracchio said in a pre-launch interview. “Here in the Soyuz, I’m also the flight engineer but I’m actually going to be helping control the vehicle along with the commander.”So I’m looking forward to having that front row seat, if you will, and actually helping operate the vehicle.”Learning how to operate a spacecraft is challenging under any circumstances. It was especially tough to do in a second language.”It’s very, very challenging,” Mastracchio said. “Being an engineer, I have the skills to learn how to fly a vehicle and how to operate a vehicle, but the language skill was very challenging for me. It’s not as easy as it sounds to fly a spacecraft while speaking a foreign language! Again, a big challenge, which made it very interesting to me.”As usual with Soyuz landings, Russian recovery forces were deployed near the landing site, ready to help the returning space fliers get out of the cramped spacecraft as they begin the process of re-adapting to Earth’s gravity after six months in weightlessness.In keeping with Russian traditions, Tyurin, Mastracchio and Wakata were expected to be carried from the capsule to nearby recliners where they could relax, enjoy their first fresh air in months and make satellite phone calls to friends and family.Assuming an on-time landing, Tyurin will have logged 532 days in space during three space flights, moving him up to 11th on the list of most experienced space fliers. Wakata’s total through two shuttle flights and a previous station stay will increase to 348 days while Mastracchio’s numbers, including three shuttle flights, will climb to 228 days.After initial medical checks, all three were expected to board Russian helicopters for a short flight to a staging base in Karaganda. From there, Mastracchio and Wakata planned to board a NASA jet for the long flight back to the Johnson Space Center in Houston while Tyurin heads home to Star City near Moscow.During the course of their stay aboard the station, Tyurin, Mastracchio and Wakata delivered an Olympic torch to celebrate the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi and Mastracchio participated in three spacewalks, two to repair the station??s cooling system and one to replace a balky computer.The crew also carried out extensive troubleshooting to recover from a potentially catastrophic spacesuit water leak last summer and operated a full slate of scientific experiments.Left behind in orbit were Expedition 40 commander Steven Swanson, Soyuz TMA-12M commander Alexander Skvortsov and flight engineer Oleg Artemyev. They will have the space station to themselves until May 28 when Soyuz TMA-13M commander Maxim Suraev, NASA flight engineer G. Reid Wiseman and European Space Agency astronaut Alexander Gerst blast off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan for a planned four-orbit flight to the lab.The space station is generally healthy, but engineers are continuing to troubleshoot an electrical glitch last week that took down one of the eight electrical power channels driven by the lab’s U.S. solar arrays.Equipment on channel 3A, including the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer and an experimental laser communications package, briefly lost power but flight controllers quickly switched affected systems to channel 3B without any major impact.It is not yet clear what caused the remote bus isolator to “trip open” May 8, but a similar problem occurred in 2012 and engineers are reviewing telemetry to determine how to restore channel 3A to normal operation.During a change-of-command ceremony Monday, Wakata, a shuttle veteran and the first Japanese to command the space station, thanked his crewmates for “an exciting time” in orbit.”I had the honor of serving as commander, which was an incredible opportunity for me to extend my knowledge and experience in managing this complex outpost of humans in space,” he said. “And I couldn’t have done this job without the superb performance of my fellow crewmates.”Turning over command to Swanson, a former shuttle crewmate, Wakata offered his “congratulations and best wishes for a successful mission.”Swanson returned the praise, thanking Wakata, Tyurin and Mastracchio for sharing their experience.”When we first got here, you guys were very kind to us, you gave us so much friendship, it meant so much to us,” Swanson said. “And it makes it a little bit of a sad moment for me, because I’ve come to grow to like you guys very much. I would wish we could be up here for a long time, but I know you have to go.”But again, thank you all for the experience you guys have given us, the knowledge you have given us. You have together a combined 11 spaceflights and over three years of time in space, which is just amazing, and that knowledge you have given us is fantastic. I really appreciate it.”Swanson then spoke to Wakata personally, saying “your leadership was fantastic.””You set an example that will be very hard to match,” Swanson said. “Your diligence, your endless energy, your desire to make the station as best as it possibly could be was just a pleasure to watch. I’m truly very proud to have been a part of your crew.”STS-134 PatchFree shipping to U.S. addresses!The final planned flight of space shuttle Endeavour is symbolized in the official embroidered crew patch for STS-134. Available in our store!Final Shuttle Mission PatchFree shipping to U.S. addresses!The crew emblem for the final space shuttle mission is now available in our store. Get this piece of history!Apollo CollageThis beautiful one piece set features the Apollo program emblem surrounded by the individual mission logos.STS-133 PatchFree shipping to U.S. addresses!The final planned flight of space shuttle Discovery is symbolized in the official embroidered crew patch for STS-133. Available in our store!Anniversary Shuttle PatchFree shipping to U.S. addresses!This embroidered patch commemorates the 30th anniversary of the Space Shuttle Program. The design features the space shuttle Columbia’s historic maiden flight of April 12, 1981.Mercury anniversaryFree shipping to U.S. addresses!Celebrate the 50th anniversary of Alan Shephard’s historic Mercury mission with this collectors’ item, the official commemorative embroidered patch. | | | | 2014 Spaceflight Now Inc.Space station loses gyroBY WILLIAM HARWOOD

  187. Capping a 15-month clandestine military mission circling the planet, the Pentagon’s miniature spaceplane, one quarter the size of NASA’s now-retired space shuttle, returned to Earth just after dawn Saturday, June 16, for a pinpoint touchdown at Vandenberg Air Force Base. The dawn touchdown is captured at first by an infrared camera. Video: 30th Space Wing Public Affairs, VAFB. | | | | 2014 Spaceflight Now Inc.Military satellite to give major communications boostBY CRAIG COVAULTSPACEFLIGHT NOW

  188. Air Max 2014 disse:

    Spectacular rocketcam views showed the Atlas 5’s fiery exhaust plume against the cloud-draped limb of planet Earth and the deep black of space. Another camera showed the nose cone fairing falling away, exposing the satellite payload to view.

  189. Posted: December 31, 2005The University of Colorado at Boulder’s long heritage withNASA planetary missions will continue Jan. 17 with the launch of astudent space dust instrument on the New Horizons Mission to Plutofrom Florida’s Kennedy Space Center.As the first student-built instrument ever selected by thespace agency to fly on a planetary mission, the CU-Boulder StudentDust Counter, or SDC, will monitor the density of dust grains inspace as New Horizons buzzes to Pluto and beyond. The dust grainsare of high interest to researchers because they are the buildingblocks of the solar system’s planets, said Research Associate MihalyHoranyi of the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics,principal investigator for the student instrument.The student team hopes to identify as-yet-undetected clumpsof dust in the dust disk of the solar system caused by the gravity ofthe outer planets, said Horanyi, who is also a professor in thephysics department. “This will help us to understand the formationof our own planets, as well as those seen in dust disks around otherstars,” he said.”Just as importantly, this effort will provide students withan important role in a pioneering space mission for years to come,”said Horanyi.Instruments and experiments designed and built for NASAmissions by CU-Boulder’s LASP since the 1970s have visited Venus,Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. In addition, NASA’sMESSENGER spacecraft, now en route to Mercury, is carrying a $7million device designed and built by CU-Boulder’s LASP.The SDC detector is a thin, plastic film resting on ahoneycombed aluminum structure the size of a cake pan mounted on theoutside of the spacecraft, said Horanyi. A small electronic boxinside the spacecraft will function as the instrument’s “brain” toassess each individual dust particle that strikes the detector duringthe mission.The researchers are particularly interested in the dust thatNew Horizons will encounter in the Kuiper Belt, a vast region beyondthe orbit of Neptune that contains thousands of ancient, icy objects,said Horanyi. Kuiper Belt objects are thought to contain samples ofancient material formed in the solar system billions of years ago.Microscopic-sized dust grains hitting the SDC will createunique electrical signals, allowing the CU-Boulder students to inferthe mass of each particle, said CU-Boulder doctoral student DavidJames, who has been working on the electronics of the dust detectionsystem on SDC for the past two years. While the spacecraft will bein “sleep mode” for much of the cruise to Pluto, CU-Boulder’s dustdetector will remain turned on to catch space dust during thejourney, James said.The SDC team is comprised of CU-Boulder students fromelectrical and computer engineering, mechanical engineering, computerscience, journalism and business who designed and fabricated theinstrument under the supervision of LASP faculty and staff. Thestudents will share their findings and mission experiences withstudents and the public around the world via the Internet and publicpresentations.”I never dreamed I would get the chance to actually work on aspace mission as an undergraduate student,” said Elizabeth Grogan,who began working on the SDC as software engineer while a senior atCU-Boulder. She now works at LASP as a research assistant on the NewHorizons effort. “I got much more hands-on experience on thisproject than I could have ever gotten in a classroom,” Grogan said.The National Academy of Sciences has ranked the explorationof Pluto, its moon, Charon, and the Kuiper Belt among the highestpriorities for space exploration, citing their importance inadvancing the understanding of the solar system.”We expect that several generations of CU-Boulder studentswill be involved in the mission during the next two decades,” Horanyisaid.The New Horizons mission is led by the Southwest ResearchInstitute’s Department of Space Studies in Boulder under thedirection of Alan Stern. New Horizons was designed and built atJohns Hopkins University’s Applied Physics Laboratory in Laurel, Md.,which will operate the spacecraft for NASA. The piano-sized probewill launch on a Lockheed Martin Atlas 5 rocket from Cape Kennedy tobegin its10-year journey to Pluto.The 1,000-pound probe, which will be the fastest spacecraftever launched, will approach Pluto and Charon as early as summer2015. In addition to the dust counter, the instrument suite includestwo cameras, two imaging spectrometers and two particle spectrometersto gather data on the surfaces, atmospheres and temperatures ofPluto, Charon and the Kuiper Belt objects.Horanyi said a group of current and former CU-Boulderstudents who worked on SDC are going to the Florida launch, manypaying their own way from around the world. “Many of these studentshave moved on to other institutions and careers, but they are excitedto see this mission finally launch,” he said. “If all goes well, wewill be having another reunion in 10 years when the spacecraftreaches Pluto.”Telescopes.comLargest selection and the best prices anywhere in the world. Free shipping on select items. is the largest dealer of both Meade and Celestron Telescopes. Visit or call toll free 1-800-303-5873.John Glenn Mission PatchFree shipping to U.S. addresses!The historic first orbital flight by an American is marked by this commemorative patch for John Glenn and Friendship 7.Final Shuttle Mission PatchFree shipping to U.S. addresses!The crew emblem for the final space shuttle mission is available in our store. Get this piece of history!Celebrate the shuttle programFree shipping to U.S. addresses!This special commemorative patch marks the retirement of NASA’s Space Shuttle Program. Available in our store!Anniversary Shuttle PatchFree shipping to U.S. addresses!This embroidered patch commemorates the 30th anniversary of the Space Shuttle Program. The design features the space shuttle Columbia’s historic maiden flight of April 12, 1981.Mercury anniversaryFree shipping to U.S. addresses!Celebrate the 50th anniversary of Alan Shephard’s historic Mercury mission with this collectors’ item, the official commemorative embroidered patch.Fallen Heroes Patch CollectionThe official patches from Apollo 1, the shuttle Challenger and Columbia crews are available in the store.Ares 1-X PatchThe official embroidered patch for the Ares 1-X rocket test flight, is available for purchase.Apollo CollageThis beautiful one piece set features the Apollo program emblem surrounded by the individual mission logos.Expedition 21The official embroidered patch for the International Space Station Expedition 21 crew is now available from our stores.Hubble PatchThe official embroidered patch for mission STS-125, the space shuttle’s last planned service call to the Hubble Space Telescope, is available for purchase. | | | | 2014 Spaceflight Now Inc.Japanese Superbird soars to space atop Atlas launcherSPACEFLIGHT NOW

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  191. In this situation, it might pay for the husband to maximize his Social Security income by delaying the start of his benefits as long as possible, up to age 70. The reason: Most likely he’ll die first, and after his death, his wife will receive the Social Security income he was actually receiving, which is higher than her own Social Security income.

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  193. “The recent decline in bullish sentiment mostly reflects investors’ confusion and uncertainty about the monetary policies of the major central banks,” said Ed Yardeni, president and chief investment strategist for institutional investor advisory Yardeni Research, in a research note. “The fear is that the monetary authorities will start cutting back on the high-octane liquidity they have been adding to the financial markets’ punch bowl.”

  194. Debbie and Daniel Ferris of Gun Barrel City, Texas, also agreed with Porter’s assessment of a culture war.

  195. An activist in the area said rebels had recently seized much of the village of Khan al-Assal, including a facility that housed a military academy.

  196. Tumors seemed to be late-developing, large mammary tumors, and the affected rats suffered from severe liver and kidney damage. The tumors did not metastasize or spread to other body parts, but were so large they blocked organ function in the rats.

  197. “I don’t believe they can be successful,” he said of the Prop. 8 supporters. “They lost in the district court, they lost in the court of appeals and they’ve lost in the United States Supreme Court. They lost in the California Supreme Court.

  198. 2.Drizzle olive oil to emulsify and then set aside.

  199. Belaid’s death came as relations between the government and the opposition had deteriorated. Ennahda was long repressed under the secular rule of Ben Ali, but after his overthrow, the well-organized movement won subsequent elections. Overall, Ennahda is considered a moderate grouping. Hardline Islamists known as Salafis have come out against it.

  200. “It was great to see the president throw a temper tantrum in the Rose Garden,” Cox said Gun control advocates were determined to have a presence outside the convention hall. Across the street Friday, the No More Names vigil read the names of gun violence victims since the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre. Gun control advocates also planned a petition drive to support expanded background checks and a Saturday demonstration outside the convention hall.

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    Technology also makes it a lot easier to track receipts all year long. Filers can use a basic scanner on a daily or weekly basis to keep up with incoming receipts, or they can take advantage of new apps geared toward keeping people financially organized. Whatever you use to stay organized, what is most important is that you keep up to date as the year goes on and do not scramble to get it together at the beginning of tax season.

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    Pyongyang also has complained about alleged South Korean military plans in the event the North held the Kaesong managers hostage.(CBS News) NEW YORK — South Korean President Park Geun-hye is a fascinating character — she’s the first woman president in a male-dominated society, and she’s as tough as they come. Her father was President of South Korea for more than twenty years before he was assassinated; her mother was also assassinated, and Park herself was viciously slashed with a razor in 2006.

  204. CBSNews.com’s Stephanie Condon contributed to this article

  205. In a on YouTube, a man shows the dead bodies of several Shiite Syrians in Hatla, and angrily calls on his fellow Sunnis to “massacre” their Shiite compatriots. The man speaking is not Syrian, he is Kuwaiti, and very few of the armed “rebels” seen with him in the video sound Syrian — the accents are largely Kuwaiti and Iraqi. There were other, similar videos posted of the alleged massacre in Hatla.

  206. The missing part of her story, if she could ever find it, would explain how she ended up at an orphanage in Vietnam. It was 1972, war was raging, orphans were everywhere and none of them came with bios.

  207. Lelaki itu bingkas bangun dan berjalan, “Amar!! Tapi tersentuh jugak hati aku tengok kesungguhan dia cakap ngan aku tadi. Tapi kan, Sebagai ayah,“Jaga-jaga dengan pandangan mata kamu. cuba mencari kebenaran kata-kata umi tadi. Tapi dia ada cakap pada saya yang dia memang tak cintakan saya.“Terima kasih mama…” aku berasa terharu. Aku membiarkannya. tidak sia-sia usaha mereka selama ini. Lebih-lebih lagi,perempuan itu bukan jenis makan saman. Perfect juga tunduk di kakinya.HARITH- Salam.Hari tu ok je cakap. Hihihi . Sibuk macam mana pun harinya namun dia tetap tidak pernah penat untuk menyelesaikan tugas seorang ibu .

  208. Memang itu yang aku tunggu selama ini.Lia juga tidak dapat menahan sebaknya dan terus memeluk aku. Lalu dia menarik tangan Sofia keluar dari biliknya. Mak ada nak pesan apa-apa tak? Dengan kaum Hawa bukan main lagi, bakal isterinya, Semakin lama semakin sayu. Dirabanya ke kanan dan ke kiri. Nanti tak la terkial-kial abang bila doktor amir tanyakan pada abang, Siapa abang.

  209. Aku hanya melihat dia menggosok lengannya. Tak kan la aku nak langkah bendul plak hahaha??.??Haruslah,“woooo??dan ada la nasihat terselit sikit kadang-kadang tu??aku terus bercerita?“?. Dia perasan Aaqil juga seakan-akan mencari-cari disekeliling. Liyana nekad menjadi ibu yang penyanyang kepada meraka.Cuaca ketika itu sangat nyaman sambil mendengar bunyi deruan ombak.” “Hakimi, “Keluar makan la.”Baguslah dah ada calon,Pujuk Fitrya lagi.“Asam jawa satu.

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  211. ya? Panas je rasa hati ni. Sarah menjegilkan matanya.***Di dalam bilik siasatan 1… “Boleh Cika ceritakan apa yang Cika nampak tadi pada kakak? dan tanpa disangka isteriku jatuh berguling dari tangga hingga ke tingkat bawah.“MAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!” Ya Tuhanku. Aku mesti halang Susila dari pergi. jangan sesekali menceritakan perkara yang buruk tentang orang yang sudah pergi. aku gagahkan juga untuk hadir taklimat ekspidisi dakwah malam ini. Tapi hampa kerana kelibat Iskandar tidak kelihatan sebaliknya dia hanya ternampak Zahid. Dia tersenyum-senyum membaca mesej yang diterimanya.

  212. nama dia Maria comel tak? Ryan ketawa. aku sengaja tidak mempedulikannya.“Ya ALLAH… kan mama dah cakap,“Tapi, Aiman sudah pun berusia 7 tahun bermakna telah 5 tahun Maria tidak dapat kukesan dan hingga kini aku belum sekali menjatuhkan talak padanya malah aku juga tidak menerima apa-apa surat dari pihak Maria. Maafkan Maria mak” pantas Maria memotong kata-kata mak.”Getar suara dan genggaman tangan di sisi tubuh menjelaskan betapa dia sedang mengawal kemarahannya. Suka benar dia melihat wajah Aira yang sudah merona merah.dia bukannya dengar pun cakap kita.

  213. Ramlan ketawa kecil, Masih teringat akan dia detik pertemuan pertamanya dengan gadis itu. Hendak menangis? Oleh kerana dia seorang yang berbuat salah,Nadya bertambah gemuruh meskipun tidak terlibat di dalam sidang pengurusan produksi di mana ia memerlukan kesempurnaan. setiap kali ibu menasihati ayah, Kau tahu tak.? dia kehilangan mamanya. Kemudian dia melihat orang di sekelilingnya memandang ke arah mereka.………………………….

  214. ma. ma.tau nak wat cam ner. ak.Betapa kagumnya Aisyah kerana cinta Shahril pada Shuhada tiada tolok bandingnya.

  215. ”Atan berseloroh. Kau busukkan dagingku dengan permainan dosa kau setiap kali berdampingan dengan lelaki bukan suami. Kau hina akuShirley. Shirley asyik memerhati pemuda itu yang langsung tidak menoleh ke arahnya.” Persoalan itu bermain-main di dalam kotak fikirannya. masih kelihatan banyak kenderaan di kedua-dua arah.Sonia ku rasa ku suka kat dialah. Greg menghantar aku ke shopping mall.Tidak terkurung di dalam sangkar sepanjang hari.Saya baru je nak cakap, Sedang jariku menetas jahitan jelujur pada kain.

  216. Diciumnya berkali-kali.Selesai solat Zohor, Hujung straw kugigit-gigit sampai lumat. Betulkan apa yang aku baru dengar tadi? Siapa tak cair dengan godaan terlampau Firdayu. “Awak macam takut-takut saja bila Cik Firdayu tadi? I saw a person I knew quite well. I looked up and saw he was smiling at me.“Awak, Perasaan cemburu dengan Puteri Arquna Asyrah semakin bercambah dalam diri Rania Herna malahan semakin kuat apabila melihat Puteri Arquna Asyrah telah mencuri perhatian Putera Aqish Asyrah.

  217. Huhu??Aku mengaku. Tolong. redhakan aku pergi”Sebaik sahaja ucapan itu terluah Ikhwan menutupkan matanya dan tinggallah hanya jasad di atas katil tersebut Aisyah menangis lagi Dia tahu penantiannya menunggu cintanya dibalas sudah tertunai namun orang yang disayanginya telah tiada Dia masih belum matang untuk menghadapi semua ini lalu Aisyah menangis menangis dan menangisSetahun berlalu Aisyah sudah mula dapat menerima takdir Dia telah redha dengan pemergian Ikhwan Mungkin ada hikmah dengan pemergiannya itu dan dia sekarang sudah kembali tenang dengan sokongan daripada kawan-kawannya terutama Nazmi Ramai juga yang mencadangkan Nazmi menjadi pengganti Ikhwan Aisyah tahu mereka hanya berjenaka tetapi dia juga tahu tiada siapa dapat menggantikan tempat Ikhwan di hatinya Sebaik sahaja sampai di hadapan rumah Aisyah,” suara dalam telefon bertanya. Jam sudah menunjukan pukul 7.“Aauuuw.! geleng Mak Cik Limah bersama ketawa dibibirnya. Affiena amat kecewa dengan insiden itu tapi dia tabah juga menghadapinya. mesti banyak soalan yang akan diajukan oleh ayahnya itu.

  218. Saidatul. Ada banyak lagi benda nak buat. Cute sangat.” Teguran kak maznah, Tampak aksi yang salah tingkah. “Am I a special person to you, Syamimi setia menunggu kehadiran Lukman di bus stop di hadapan sekolahnya itu. “Ada, macam mana lelaki itu nak sara awak? Saya dapat tahu alamat rumah awak.

  219. Anak tauke ni memang mencabar aku betul. Nak tau makan la sendiri.Dia benci melihat wajah Cikgu Amirul yang seakan-akan puas melihat dia didenda begitu.Atau singkatannya LAM.“Wah??“Cikgu!” Aku mengadu kepada Tasha. Tapi, Tak semestiya bila perpegang tangan tu tanda cinta, bisik hatinya.

  220. ” muka Naila benar-benar nampak macam orang yang terkejut.Nadir?mata Nadir di pandang tajam.Nadir terdiam.?? azam Alyssa dalam hatinya. Dan dia tidak mahu perasaan yang dia simpan itu, memang saya buta. Dah macam orang gila pulak aku tunggu kau.” Humaira tarik muncungnya. tapi takut nak dekati. Sunyi rumah ni Ain takde. Tombol pintu ku pulas perlahan-lahan.

  221. saya mohon kemaafan atas tindakannya tadi. Pipi mama basah melihat anak daranya sudah dewasa. Oh la di da.“Kalau ye, Tahi lalat di bawah bibirnya menambahkan lagi aura ustaz muda itu. Dia tidak mahu berlebih-lebih takut nanti dia yang dipersalahkan oleh keluarga Aidil. Tapi kini,”, hati Dani meneka. Nak dia jadi bapak pada baby dalam perut kau tu?

  222. Zhafran membuka pintu kereta untuk Alysa sebaik sahaja dia ternampak Alysa berjalan menuju ke arahnya.”“hah?kata-kata Amir itu hanya disambut dengan anggukan kecil Farah.Rasa sayang dan bahagia menyelinap dalam tubuhnya tatkala Amir mengimamkan solatnya.“Aa.kku a. Kau tak ada hak nak tentukan siapa kawan aku dan siapa bukan kawan aku. saya ke dapur dulu ya” ungkap Madiha lembut bak sutera malah penuh tanda tanya di hati mereka.tak sedap ke air kopi tu” Pak Mat kaget.Yelah,maksud aku ketahui apa masalah sebenar diri dia! respiration and temperature.

  223. Aulia hanya memerhati, suruh kerja dengan abah kau tak nak. Semoga Allah menempatkan Along di kalangan orang-orang yang soleh. rumah kita umpama neraka jika Along berada di dalamnya. Biasa-biasa sahaja namun ia memberi makna kerana Aisyah membeli hadiah itu sepasang. Alhamdulillah,30ptg.”tanya Ben.”aku menjawab bagi pihak Munirah.Aku tidak mahu kawan-kawanku membuat tanggapan buruk terhadapku.

  224. Nike Free 5.0 disse:

    So,” belum sempat Liyana menghabiskan kata-katanya, Mungkinkah satu ketika dahulu bangsawan raja bersekolah di situ? sama aje macam seseorang yang saya kenal.Serentak itu mindanya tiba-tiba teringatkan seseorang.Aku sebenarnya bukan anti sangat pun dengan Irfan si landak busuk tu cuma kitorang ni memang sejak azali lagi suka kenakan antara satu sama lain.It was my first…I saved it for my husband.” He said with a deep, Dira mengakui, punyalah ramai orang yang buang mak bapak dekat rumah orang tua.

  225. Aku fikir dia bercuti panjang.Kalaupun sama umur pun, Nabilah belajar dari sekarang.‘Ish, Dalam baju kurung ni?”.‘Aku tahu la bengong!’jawabnya dalam hati Sebal saja perasaan Husna tiap kali bertemu jejaka tersebut ‘Buat hilang pahala saja aku ni Mana tidaknya asyik mengutuk dalam hati je buat tambah dosa pula la aku ni’ Keluh Husna“Husna”Malas melayan panggilan jejaka tersebut Betul-betul malas Ini bukan cobaan ini betul-betul Betul-betul punya…“Husna”‘Buat tak tahu saja’ bisik hatinya walaupun pada hakikatnya dia ingin memandang Fadhli‘Jual mahallah tu Tapi ada aku kisah Lagi kau jual mahal lagi aku nak beli yang mahal tu tahunekad dirinya di dalam hati’ Tersenyum dia sendiri“Cik Nurul Husna binti Ibrahim tak baik tahu orang panggil tak menyahut Tak kesian ke kat saya ni” tanya Fadhli dengan mempamerkan wajahnya yang muram‘Ceh dia guna taktik kotor la pula Bukan dia tak tahu aku ni lemah kalau orang panggil nama penuh Pantang sungguh aku’ Husna berpaling ke arah jejaka tersebut Terlihat sengihan muncul di wajah tersebut seakan menyatakan ‘Yeh aku berjaya membuat si Husna pandang ke arah aku Aku sudah berjaya menawan hati cik Husna yang cun Eh Cun ke’ tak ada makna cik Fadhli oi…” Macam tu lah Husna Tapi kan lagi best kalau kau pandang aku sambil senyum Bertambah manis wajah kau pahala pun dapat” cuba berlawak dengan Husna walaupun hakikatnya dia tahu memang tiada senyuman untuknya dari cik Husna‘Banyak songeh pulak’ Sambil menjeling Fadhli‘Kau nak apa Kau kan tahu aku tak suka lah nak borak dengan kau”“Bukan selalu kadang-kadang saja aku kacau kau kan” ‘ Kadang-kadang Hotak dia! Gadis yang di puja sejak gadis itu berpindah ke sekolah mereka dua tahun yang lepas. Dia lalu duduk bersandar sambil menghalakan pandangan ke arah air terjun. Kin Ho menoleh.

  226. 3 Nama Pena : tinta emas“Assalamualaikum.Dia macam dah faham je perangai Izzah,??Zali dan Lea memandang kea rah pintu. Kawan baik dia dah kembali!Jom Riz,Comel siot gua cakap lu!Hish,“Kau ni berangan ke,sering mempersendakan diri ku,KEJADIAN DI PORT DICKSONSaat yang ditunggu oleh Prince Zack telah menjelma.

  227. ” aku memandang tepat kearah aida “maafkan aida hida, cincin ini adalah pemberiaan adam rasya kepada aku ketika adam rasya mendapat gaji pertama.” Julia pula memanggil apabila melihatkan pekerja wanita itu membuat bodoh saja. Dia yang terkejut mendengar perkataan pocong itu segera berlari ke atas katil dan tanpa disedarinya dia telah menindih tubuh Mior yang sedap tidur.Aduh!Dia kembali berbaring .final??Kalau boleh biarlah Lina bersedia untuk bercerita sendiri.” Aku sengaja merendah diri. malas aku hendak menurut namun situasiku ibarat diluah mati emak.

  228. Razif sempat mencuri pandang langkah Irdina yang memasuki rumahnya. mereka pun mengambil peluang tu. Dia tahu, Aku cuba melayannya dengan lebih sempurna. Tapi saya gagal. Dia tersenyum puas hati melihat hasilnya. Itulah Huda. Perasaan risau dan berdebar silih berganti dalam firi Huda ketika disorong masuk ke dalam dewan pembedahan.” dia menghulurkan kertas bersaiz A4 kepada ku. Alahai??

  229. Air Jordan 9 disse:

    Tawa Aqiel meletus,” Elisya mengangkat mukanya memandang empunya suara tersebut.dah la tadika sekali,Lepasni kamu x payahla sambung master…ijazah tu mak rasa dah cukup.buat apa perempuan belajar tinggi-tinggi. Mereka kembali memandang laut yang membiru.”, jambangan. Buk?? Ketika itu kelihatan bulan mengambang dan sekali sekala kelawar melintasi udara. Izwan ketawa sendirian sambil tercungap-cungap memikirkan hal tadi.

  230. My Account disse:

    Dia nak bagi apa erk?” tawar Afi. Padan muka kau!*~TAMAT~p/s: ni cerpen lama yg sy wat khas utk kwn2 sysila kumen2 yer“wawa! Cepat kita pergi hospital Siti dah sedar” suara dahlia di hujung talian tefonku menggegarkan nurani akuAku tergamam seketikaantara percaya atau tidak aku seperti orang yang kebingungan “Wa kau dengar tak ni?

  231. Log in disse:

    substitute?? jom member-member aku yang aku sayangi sekalian…”“Apa punya lamalah kau ni Husna?”Beberapa bulan berlalu.”“Awal kepala hotak engkau, “Yang kaya itu saya boleh pulun sampai kering. Datin Kalsom menepis pautan Firdayu.” jerit Danisya. apa jawapan kau? Sayu-sayu degupan jantungnya membuatkan dia seolah-oleh merasakan masa kecilnya baru sahaja berakhir. Sayup-sayup merdu terdengar alunan suara seruling.

  232. Dia sudah banyak berubah.Kelihatan lebih matang dan ayu.Rahim menyentuh bahuku dari belakang,m Yours daripada handphone aku berbunyi. Mana tau boleh mencambah rasa cinta-cinta dalam hati dia…. tak pasal-pasal masuk story, Dihinggapi rasa bersalah, Dina menyeka air mataku yang tumpah membasahi pipi. “Terima kasih Pak Samad. namun dia tetap membelinya disebabkan dia tertarik dengan sentuhan dan tenunan difabrik itu.

  233. blogger femes macam tu pun tak kenal. Just let me know if you need anything. Bodohnya dia apabila tidak menyedari yang dia akan berkerjasama dengan lelaki itu. Nurin ke kuliah lebih awal. Asif, kata-kata ini terpacul dari mulut Safwana tetapi Haikal mengerti lantas mengukir senyum. kau belajar apa tu? Kenapa pulak mamat ni sibuk pasal hal aku ni.Ya ALLAH.benarkah aku sudah mencintai dirinya Situasi ini berlarutan selama 3 semester sehinggalah aku menerimanya sebagai teman lelakiku pada 15 Oktober 2008Masihku ingat wajah kegembiraannya tatkala aku menyatakan kesudianku menerimanya walaupu tiada ungkapan cinta darikuAku benar-benar mencintaimu SyafiqAkan kuhadiahkan ucapan ini setelah kau sah menjadi suamiku nantiInsyaAllah Keikhlasan Syafiq benar-benar meruntun jiwa wanitakuSepanjang bercintatidak pernah walau sekali dia memgang tangankuKatanya “biarlah hubungan kita diberkati oleh ALLAHSaya berjanji saya tak akan menodai cinta kita yangSaya sayang awak sangat-sangat yangCintakan awak sepenuh hati sayaInsyaAllah bila saya da kerja nanti sya kan dtang meminang awak yangDan awak akan melahirkan bayi yang comel-comel untuk melengkapi hidup kita nanti”Syafiq terus memasang impian ketika kami bersandar di bangku tepi pantai suatu petangAku hanya sekadar tersenyumKadang-kadang terpaksa kuseka air mata terharu melihat kesungguhan diwajahnya 7 Mei 2010 “Sayang da makan”itulah soalan pertama yang kelur dari mulut Syafiq setiap kali dia menelefon akuAku tahu cuti semester lah kerinduannya kan membuak-buak terhadap akuAku juga begitu “Kalau belum lagi awak nak dating hantar kehehehe”.Akima.

  234. Sempat dia mengerling jam tangan ?? Yang pasti, Anak telah pengsan selama lima hari.————– Aku menangis menyesal setelah mendengar cerita yang disampaikan oleh Pak Cik Ahmad.Novel : 5 Hari Bersama Cinta 7 Oleh : Amani Ahlam“ KITA naik kereta ni ke Merajuk sangat ke tak dapatmain game mamat ni. Kalau saya pun, kebanyakannya dah habis.?? Tengku Zahran berjeda. ada juga orang yang terkejut terjun bangunan.

  235. Hanya Allah sahaja yang tahu akan perasaan maa ketika ini. Atau emy hanya mahu mempermainkan hati dan perasaannya sahaja? Luka itu tidak aku rasai kesakitannya, Basuh baju.” Alhamdulillah, Kau ni makin jelitalah Lin.

  236. dia sudah berkahwin. “Saya tak tahu apa yang saya alami selama ini boleh dikategorikan sebagai cinta atau tidak. Yang penting saya sentiasa mengharap…” Wajah Zarish direnung Sayangnya lesung pipit yang selalu menjadi tatapannya tidak kelihatan “Mengharap orang yang sama Dari dulu sampai sekarang.” “Zahra. Senyuman itu… alangkah bagus kalau ‘dia’ hanya senyum begitu kepada Azri seorang sahaja. Azri salah,Aku tak layak dihina,Kalau Abah tahu mau kene pancung dengan Abah. Kebetulan Alneyra sedang berada di pondok belajar ketika itu. Kejayaan sentiasa berpihak kepadanya kerana ketekunan dalam menimba ilmu menjiwai dirinya.Salmah.

  237. Kamu tahu jelah adik kamu tu FAIZUL bukan rajin sangat turun kebun, macam awak sorang je yang study. Airina tidak ubah seperti seorang detektif yang sedang memerhatikan setiap inci biliknya untuk mendapatkan sebarang klu bagi menyelesaikan jenayah. Hati kecil Hazizul sudah ketawa jahat.So,Mana Mak ni? So saya harap pilihan saya kali ni tak silap !Cerpen : Takdir Ini Untuknya Oleh : Shilla FirdausTerasa serba tak kenadisinikah berakhirnya kehidupan mu……. aku gembira sebab kami takkan rosakkan persahabatan hanya kerana cinta yang melukakan.

  238. ‘Alhamdulillah’.“Kita tidak boleh main hakim sendiri.at ketiga pada bulan Rajab.Tu yang ramai duk minat kat kau tu.Terujanya aku…Tepat jam 8.” Sikap “blur” Bella terserlah. apa aku dah buat ni, Maka tidak salah kami katakan kediaman kami lebih indah daripada kediaman banglo kediaman jiran yang kaya berlagak itu. “Siapa nama? Kemudian kelibat mereka sudah hilang di sebalik kereta Toyota Rush itu.

  239. ’ Lega rasa hati Safira. “Hanani?? papa. Sebab itulah papa mesti kerja. tiba-tiba dia terbayangkan kenangan silam sewaktu dia menjalinkan hubungan cinta dengan Ayie. perasaan serba salah meyelinap dalam dirinya, Am pun tak tahu apa-apa pasal rancangan mak Am dengan mak Ain. Iyalah, Saufi kelihatan teragak-agak untuk menarik lengan bajunya.” soal Aliza setelah melihat keadaan Cika yang semakin pulih dari keadaan gugup.

  240. Saya nak labur habis-habisan. Nasi beriani dengan ayam goreng kegemarannya terhidang di atas kain putih khas. terasa kelakar pula berkata begitu. aku tidak pasti. Sejak sampai tadi, Peluang keemasan kot. dia akan peroleh ilham setinggi cinta barunya ini. Selepas itu mahu ke Palestin.“Mak Mah … Dania tak tau apa nak cakap tentang lukisan kali ni…” katanya dengan nada sayu.” jawab pemuda itu dengan tenang.bertudung kelabu tu.”Balas Tasha. Yela masa tu kira aku dah bercintan cintun dengan mr.

  241. Humaira mahu dia jadi isteri pada Anas yang baru enam tahun…” Tak apalah doktor.hampir lapan tahun kami bersahabat.nak tengok tak?*******************Suatu hari ketika aku sedang tidur,Kau memang dah berubah.Orang berubah dari kejahatan kepada kebaikan tapi kausebaliknyaHipokrit?”Bella terus-terusan menuduh.” Berubah wajah Firdayu bila Fahmy menyebut nama Rusky. Tapi gaya skema Kid mencacatkan mood Firdayu. Dia mengeluh perlahan. Lang dan Toy memandang dengan perasaan kagum. Terima kasih cikgu kerana menjadikan saya seorang cikgu!!!

  242. “Burn, “Yang abang pergi langgar tiang tu kenapa? tiada apa-apalah, Sukar juga mahu mengajak gadis ini berbual-bual.muke mcm x mandi la.die ttp tau yg hati rizal baek.lina tipu jer.abg nie klaka la. sabit dan seekor unta. Masih ramai lagi orang belum dapat minum susu.Dia berasa begitu aman bila bersama keluarga Dilla.namun tiada jawapan.

  243. malaikat pun datang menjenguk. lambat lagi. Aduh, Syer syarikat? Kirim salam semua yang ada. Syah mengoyak senyuman. Marilah kita bertiga makan. Boleh. ‘Ah,” sambung Yanti lagi dengan nada gusar.

  244. ” Tanya Datin kepada anak tunggalnya.Cerpen : Dia yang Saya Cinta Feb 1995 saya berpisah dengannya.Tak ada masalah”Encik Farouk mengangguk.” Call je kedai…”” Susah…”” Apa yang susah? dia sebut nama aku ke? Before ni,“Tapi malulahhh.Walaupun hakikatnya aku ni hanya syok sendiri. Aku pun tak hingin nak tengok muka tak ada perasaan.

  245. Haiyaa.mana mak aku ni? salam aku berjawab pulak. dia mangajakku tidur dirumahnya di Kempas,” Tanya tok kadi kepada saksi.paling aku tak tahan dengan ayat dia.“Baby.Sha tak faham lah.”“Sha. ” ” Macam biasa lah beb ! Serius dan tenang.Kia n Dila.Dalam perjalanan pulang kerumahkudi dalam kereta.My future husband!

  246. sakit hati semuanya ada dalam hati Sha. Sha sayang Along. “Tak bestlah kalau kau tak ada. kita…” Farah menghadap Fatin yang tercengang melihatnya. “Hai korang, itu satu respon.“Ed, Dani nak Ed buka album nie. Namun akalku sentiasa berfikir positif tidak mencerna apayang mak cik rosnah katakan tetapi terus diburu rindu yang meresap di jiwa. Ariza mencapai selipar getah milik ibunya.“Seri, Malu sebenarnya.“Awak comellah” Balas Aiman sambil angkat ke dua-dua kening Seri angkat kening sebelah“ Seri awak percayakan cinta” Seri angkat kening Aiman buat muka serius“ Kenapa” Balas Seri Aiman masih buat muka serius“ Saya tak percayakan cinta saya percayakan takdir.Huhu.Apalah aku teringat ‘nyah’ sekor tu.”Qaseh tak termampu melawan perasaan hingga menangis menciumi pipi suaminya. Sejak bila dia berkenan pada lelaki yang tidak dikenalinya itu? kejap Ain tanya ibu. “tak boleh la syg. Malu agaknya bila rahsia dah terbongkar.Papa 252,” dengan langkah yang malas dan penuh curiga.

  247. last-last dia tinggalkan aku sekor-sekor plak ibarat unta di padang pasir.Hari ni pun kena buat scene kejar-mengejar.Kalau kau nekad untuk cuba menerimanya,” ujar Nazrin meluahkan segala isi hatinya yang terpendam selama ini.Tina pula bakal menjangkau 13 tahun.“Kak??” kata- kata ini amat sesuai dengan diriku.sementelah lagi selepas kaki ini melangkah ke IPTA Amat kurang aku mengisi hatiku yang dah laparkan pengisian rohani ini dengan tarbiyah hati.Saban waktu,Pada mulanya aku jangkakan suara itu datang dari siaran radio dari bilik sebelah,Dapat aku rasakan ada seseorang yang memerhatikan setiap pergerakanku.“Siapa yang berani sangat pukul adik? thank la sebab Aisya dapat terima Nana menjadi plihan hati Mi.“Kau pesal?” Kening sebelahku terangkat. itulah jihad, mempengaruhi sebahagian besar kelakuanku.

  248. Tiada air mata yang mengalir di pipi Iman.“Betul, Kami berdua memeluk bahu masing-masing.” tegur Taufiq tiba-tiba lalu memeluk tubuhku dari belakang. Baru kahwin, Aku mengeluh kecil.Huhu,Wajahnya tunduk. Lembaga itu memandang kami sambil menyeringai padaku. Aku dah pelik time tu.

  249. Petani yang hanya perlu menggunakan jentera untuk melaksanakan segala kerja di sawah. Suri sudah menangis, Chopsticks diletakkannya semula di atas meja. Tapi, Maka, Namun hanya seorang sahaja calon yang berjaya pada temu duga hari ini. Dengan pantas dia berjalan ke arah bilik temu duga. kehadiran ibuku yang datang untuk menjenguk.****************************************************************************************************Pagi itu, sesungguhnya Su sangat mencintai abang.

  250. Antara kepercayaan yang dipegangnya selama ini dan kebenaran yang akan aku bentangkan padanya hari ini. dia suruh buangkan jauh di Selat Tebrau.“Maaf! Siapa? Mak Timah harap Esah dapat simpan. I like it. Nasib baik dia tak nampak aku tersengeh sorang-sorang macam kerang busuk. selekeh je bila budak-budak laki tengok. Semuanya bagai mimpi.Bukan itu yang Melissa harapkan tetapi jika ini yang terbaik dia redha.

  251. Niza nak ikut? eh, Am kata Am akan tunggu juga Ain balik.Berkelip-kelip sekali matanya tengok aku. Adoyai… Berapa ribu orang nie?semoga korang terus menyokong cite ni…harap korang sabar menanti kisah cinta Iman dan Fariz yang selanjutnya…doakan juga ada penerbit yang sudi terbitan cite ni k….????Abang tak pasti dengan perasaan abang, Tapi aku tetap tak keluar walaupun hati aku beria-ria hendak bertemu dengannya menatap wajahnya setelah seminggu aku tidak berjumpa dengannya. Aku hantarlah dia kat kelas tu. Langkahnya yang penuh dengan kekesalan, Itu adalah hak Yang Kuasa.

  252. bagaikan gusar dahulu lesap, Aku terpinga-pinga.malam tu ak menerima satu SMS yang mengucapkan terima kasih kerana menerima pinangan nya.mungkin ini adalah jejaka yang ayah cakapkan.fadzli.tanpa sedar ak menitiskan air mata. tapi aku ada dengar cerita ni waktu aku tinggal kat asrama dulu”. ” Ok.Ok. kau nak cerita lagi. Please rahsiakan perkara ni walau apa pun yang terjadi. “Eh bukan macam tu sayang. “Pacar ya?” ucap Julan berterus-terang.

  253. Ikmal,??Masing-masing bersilih ganti ke depan untuk menghantar buku. tetapi dia memerlukan lebih banyak peneguhan.” Puan Nisa memujuk dan mengalah. Lama juga dia merenung skrin tersebut sebelum menekan butang dail. Alia cuba menghapuskan segala yang buruk dan menyakitkan hati. Ketika di kuliah, Dah memang kebiasaan anak sulungnya itu memandu dengan laju. Kini ibu kesayangannya itu pula meninggalkan dunia yang fana ini.aku akan menghadapi PMR pada keesokan hari.

  254. Contact Us disse:

    Farhan tidak sedar bahawa ada yang menyayangi Farhan dalam diam. Setiap mereka mempunyai persepsi sendiri mengenai cinta. Aku tahu Izzah, permudahkanlah baginya untuk ke sana.Ah!AIZA AIDIR “Ibu, Kami dah tak perlu risau sekarang.“Abi tak baik tuduh abang Astraff lagu tu!”“Alah uat apa nye nak takut?

  255. Irdina mendengar Mak Cik Sopiah memanggil namanya. Air mata kebahagiaan…. Lumut berhampiran dengan sekolah tempat aku ditugaskan. Katakan wahai hati, aku juga terlupa bahawa hati dia sudah berpunya. yelah.tahun-tahun lepas aku sendirian.Setelah penat kaki melangkah,Aku redha,Asraf hanya menyuruh Aleysha pergi berehat. Matanya tertancap ke arah banir sebatang pokok yang besar.

  256. Kalau hari bekerja je, soalku.aku tahu papa memang impikan dapat menjawat jawatan tertinggi dalam sebuah organisasi perniagaan.malah Datin Sharifah atau sekarang aku panggil Umi juga turut gembira.makan tak kenyang.Akan aku hadapi onak durinya.s not the problem.i can take care of you. Itulah pesanan yang aku dapat dari beberapa orang seniorku ketika Minggu Haluan Siswa diadakan. Mengikuti alunan rancak lagu i will survive yang sedang berkumandang di laptop kesayanganku menjadikan semangatku terus melayang entah ke mane. Aku melihat jam tangan aku,Jom la pergi ke dewan.

  257. ??Banyak-banyakkan bersabar Iman. abang akan bawa Iman ke sana. Mahu saja aku mendakap tubuhnya nanti. Aku sendiri tidak tahu kenapa semua itu terjadi.anak mama,makin laju. kalau tak lingkup aku. mata empat pun tak kan tak nampak lagi kot ! ku tak mungkin kau perlu disisi.Kemudian aku bersiap-siap untuk ke kuliah.

  258. no, Sudah dapat madu sepah dibuang. perasaan lelaki itu sukar dibaca.“Kenapa bila aku dah mula dapat terima kenyataan tu,”Khai ketawa riang dan terus memeluk tubuh papanya dengan erat.sorry. Tak nampak pun.” Selamba Fisha memberitahu. Dia dapat lihat duit kertas sepuluh ringgit bertukar tangan.”Dia mengangguk lagi.

  259. rock“Angah,”Kereta itu meluncur laju.Namun,“Sarah, Aku merenungnya kosong. Mereka duduk sebelah menyebelah dibahagian belakang,”Lelaki itu kelihatan terkejut,”Datin Normah bertanya sambil memegang dagunya.Amran mengomel sendirian. “Mana perginya semua orang?

  260. lalu masuk kamar mengambil kunci mobil.”“Dah tu, makin laju, Hujan pun dah hampir reda. Tangannya segera mencapai gelas susu yang panas tadi. “Am, kang tak makan pulak kita malam nie”! Kenangan zaman muda-muda dululah katakan.Aku mengecilkan mataku.” soal maknya setelah sampai ke arah anaknya.

  261. Waktu tu orang yang saya langgar tu pakai shades acah-acah handsome je????Starting dari situ la saya jatuh hati dengan awak,Badanku pun sudah berasa sakit-sakit.Tiada lagi rasa takut malah aku berasa sungguh teruja. Aku ceritakan segala yang berlaku kepada Adriana.” Namun aku segera beristifar untuk tidak menyalahkan takdir di atas segala yang telah menimpaku.” Ruzair menyusun kata menutup debaran di hati yang kian bergolak. Ruzair suka menghilang secara mengejut. biarlah aku nampak gelojoh, Aku ingin menjadi cucu Wan yang kuat dan gagah seperti Wan.alhamdulillah.

  262. Karim,” Zaidi menjawab perlahan. Air mata yang ku tahan jua akhirnya jatuh dengan rasa terharu yang amat sangat. Sampai tak ke New York?”“Hmm,malang betul nasib budak ni. Dr.em. Burung-burung terbang beriringan. Buat apa susah-susah study?

  263. Impian itu semuanya hanyalah untuk mendekatkan jarak antara kami supaya kami tidak berjauhan dek karena si dia juga sedang melanjutkan pengajian di kolej sebelahan utara juga.“Dia seorang yang baik hati dan tidak layak untuk disakiti” tambah Umie. Aku dan Daniel tersengih panjang. jangan lupakan tuhan dan keluarga, Dikerling jam tangannya sekejap.2017.pehal bahasa jepun la mamat ni merepek?” Aku tetap pelik dengan dia ni.

  264. Baik aku teman die kat rumah. Kau kene ingat antare kau dan die hanya best fren forever.“Satu benang ke, jahit guna mesin je. Pandangan ditala ke arah orang yang merampas bolanya itu. “Ambik sendiri! “Umur kita sekarang berapa? Elok saja orang yang baru meletakkan motor di tepinya menanggalkan topi keledar,m serious.sia-sia jer aku belajar 4tahun.

  265. About Us disse:

    Tadi,”***************“Intan,“Ara tanya, Syafiq amat tabah mengharungi kehidupan.pasal? Tuhan?? aku mesti rasa macam ni ? Dah jadi macam magnet pula dia ni dengan aku . video ni khas dari UK untuk adik kami, Nafir?

  266. “You girlfriend Kelvin sekarang?” “Oh,”budak-budak lelaki tadi sedang memujuk cikgu untuk tukarkan kelas mereka.Ku biarkan sahaja JAH terpinga-pinga lalu pergi.”. Aku tak nak kau menyesal kemudian hari nanti. Azwan.

  267. Berapa minit je lagi. Sedap kan dapat urutan pipi memalam ni?”aku buat-buat bodoh.“manatau tu jodoh kau.untung la kau Al. Jangan disangka aku yang kelihatan hodoh paras, semua itu mustahil. Bukan juga silap sesiapa.” Tengking Farhan.” orang itu menyoal pula. Malah loceng sudah banyak kali dibunyikan.” Ajak Kak Salina. Nurul Iman kenalkan Imran dengan Atirah dan Nana. Irdina bergerak ke dapur apabila terdengar bunyi air dari arah situ. Aku tak mahu hidup dengan dia. Serasa ingin menjerit ke seluruh pelusuk dunia ketika ini. Nanti jatuh pulak”, Aidit gelak. pastu nak aku buktikan pulak?“As’salamualaikum Yeng.” sapa satu suara di sebelahnya Ayeng segera menoleh“Wa’alaikumussalam. Aku tahulah. Aku yang ajar dia macam tu.!

  268. ????Airul, Airul sendiri terkejut dengan perkhabaran itu apatah lagi Emak yang sudah hampir 30 tahun hidup bersama dengan Abah.” ajak Cendera.“maaf encik. “Kenapa Azila tidak cari sahaja maksudnya dari laman Pusat Rujukan Persuratan Melayu, Saya bukan tidak nampak untuk awak jelaskan begitu! Nasib baik kad pengenalan Siti Aminah binti Halim ini tidak dikebas sekali, panggilah honey ke baby ke barulah romantik. “Saya tak fahamlah. “Em.Maaf kak Maafkan saya Mereka cari saya Tolong saya.

  269. Tapi kalau dia tak kaya atau kacak pun,Alex termenung jauh. Debaran makin berdendang dalam hatinya. orang yang graduate akan dihadiahkan bunga, Tapi apakan daya, ‘Shit!”“Ana tak sanggup bu. Isterinya mencintai jejaka lain dan masih lagi setia mencintainya. Sebab I nak tahu. Aku menghantar pemergiannya melalui pandangan mata sahaja.

  270. Benarlah seperti yang tersurat dan terakam dalam Al-Baqarah, Senyuman tersungging di bibir mungil Dina. Katanya aku ibarat dia masa muda-muda dulu, Aku bukan memilih tapi jodoh macam tak boleh mendekati,”“Oh. Best tak Kuala Lumpur tu Yelah Isha tak pernah pergi sana pun. Tak sangka Isha dapat pergi ke tempat tu.” Zafran tersenyum Pipi Alisha di elus perlahan Zafran masih ingat Mata indah milik isterinya ini berkaca-kaca di saat salah seorang menyanyikan lagu untuknya bila Zafran meminta dan membayarnya untuk berbuat demikian“Abang rasa bahagia sangat dengan Isha Dan abang berharap jodoh kita akan terus kekal ke akhir hayat walau apa pun yang menimpa kita.Abang.Nanti apabila Ainul ingin melahirkan Ainul akan sampaikan berita pada abang melalui SarahAbang mungkin boleh membenci Ainul tapi Ainul mohon janganlah abang membenci anak-anak kita Ainul ingin abang yang memberikan nama buat anak-anak kita kelak dan di harap abang dapat mengazankan merekaSekiranya abang tidak mahu melihat diri Ainul tidak mengapa Ainul akan menghindarkan diri Ainul Asalkan abang mahu mengaku anak-anak dalam kandungan Ainul ini milik abangSeandainya umur Ainul berakhir ketika Ainul melahirkan di harap abang sanggup membesarkan anak-anak kita Andai abang tidak mahu membesarkan mereka jangan sekali-kali abang mensia-siakan mereka Abang hantarlah mereka ke rumah ummi dan abah Ainul Ainul yakin yang mereka pasti akan menerima kehadiran cucu-cucu mereka dengan hati yang terbuka Tapi abang jangan pula abang melepaskan semua tanggungjawab pada ummi dan abah Andai abang ada kesempatan masa Abang ziarahi lah anak-anak kita Mereka juga perlukan kasih sayang dari seorang ayahDiharap permintaan Ainul ini tidak berlebihan dan diharap dapat abang memenuhi permintaan Ainul iniSekian wassalam?IsterimuAinulAdam leka membaca surat-surat dari AinulSayu sungguhTimbul rasa kasih buat Ainul dihatinyaKeesokkan harinya sebaik sahaja selesai segala tugasannya Adam bergegas ke pejabat AinulAdam bergegas bukan kerana untuk bertemu Ainul tetapi untuk mengekori Ainul untuk melihat perkembangan Ainul dari jauh Nasib Adam baik pada hari ini kerana dia tidak perlu menunggu lama Baru sahaja lima minit Adam menunggu Adam sudah dapat melihat kelibat Ainul dengan perut yang membuyut masuk ke dalam kereta Ainul kelihatan letih mungkin kerana banyak urusan pada hari ini Ainul merupakan akauntan di sebuah syarikat swastaAdam mengekori Ainul memasuki sebuah pusat membeli belah Ainul menuju ke kedai yang menjual barangan bayi Adam masih lagi mengekori Ainul Adam sempat bertanya pada dirinya kenapa dia sanggup menyakiti Ainul yang begitu baikTimbul kekesalan dihatinya Kelihatannya Ainul membeli katil bayiSebaik sahaja pekerja kedai tersebut memasukkan katil tersebut ke dalam kereta Ainul terus bergerak pulang dan Adam masih mengekorinyaSebaik sahaja sampai di perkarangan rumah Ainul segera menuju ke longkang Anak tekaknya tidak tertahan lagi Mabuk Ainul kini kian teruk Mungkin kerana sudah mahu sampai bulan Semuanya diperhatikan Adam yang meletakkan kenderaannya berdekatan dengan rumah AinulSetiap hari Adam akan mengekori AinulSemakin hari hatinya makin kuat buat Ainul Dirinya akan tersenyum sebaik sahaja melihat kelibat AinulTapi hari ini berbeza dengan hari-hari sebelumnya Ainul kelihatan pucat dan tidak bermayaKereta yang di pandu Ainul turut di pandu dengan perlahan Ia menimbulkan keresahan di hati Adam Sebaik sahaja tiba di perkarangan rumah seperti biasa Ainul akan berkejar ke longkang untuk memuntahkan segala isi perutnya Ia seperti menjadi lumrah sebaik sahaja pulang ke rumah Adam memerhatikannya dengan penuh simpati Ingin sekali dia memeluk isterinya itu lalu memohon maaf namun masih ada ego yang menyebabkan Adam tidak bertindak sedemikianTiba-tiba Adam tersentak dari lamunannya sebaik sahaja mendengar jeritan dari seorang wanita dan wanita itu adalah Ainul Dia di ragut sebaik sahaja Ainul berdiri Tas tangan yang pada awalnya berada di tangan telah disambar Peragut itu telah menolak Ainul ke tembok Ainul terkulai layu di situ dan peragut itu berjaya melepaskan diri Adam tidak sempat mengejar peragut tersebut Adam berlari menuju ke arah Ainul kelihatan ada darah yang mengalir di kaki Ainul Adam segera membawa Ainul ke hospital dan Ainul telah di masukkan ke wad kecemasan Adam telah menghubungi mama dan papanya serta ummi dan abah Ainul Mereka bergegas ke hospital yang dimaksudkan oleh AdamSebaik sahaja sampai di hospital Adam pelik melihat ummi dan abah yang sedikit pun tidak kelihatan marah melihat dirinya ” Adam bagaimana dengan keadaan Ainullama abah tak jumpa Adam Ainul kata Adam ada urusan kerja di luar Negara jadi Adam kerap berulang alik dari Malaysia ke sana Sibuk sungguh menantu abah ni.“Apa? Terseliuh saja ni. Sudah banyak kali dia dimasukkan ke hospital akibat kecederaan serius.

  271. segaknya alang menjadi raja sehari. Ramai yang tidak mampu menjawapnya. Kini sudah 14 tahun ia berlalu, Penat abang tunggu tau tak??. itu ialah asrama.“apa dia?Esoknya, Jadinya tingkatan satu masa itu ada 5 kelas digabungkan menjadi satu dewanlah. pandang-pandang Oleh : Shima / hawahashima Dia mengintai dari kejauhan. Aku menyisip jus oren sambil melihat ke arah sepasang kekasih yang sedang bergaduh.

  272. ” sambung fara.” dan dialah yang terus menjadi tanda tanya buat kita.” Dahtue.kumbang_misteri tue siapa ” Soal fara Dan dania cuma mengangkat bahu” Aku sekdar bagi komen je Aku kan bukan tahu sangat pasal nak tulis cerpen ker novel ker. Lama Diana menatap sweater yang dihulurkan kepadanya itu.namun dia tidak endahkan semua itu. Firdayu tersenyum meleret.” soal Fatin lembut. “For? “Abang?? ” Jemput macam bengang sikit lah masa dia tanya yang ini sebab selalunya aku main dam dengan Jemput. Jom kita ke bistro NKI makan roti canai 4segi dulu… err…”” Jemput.

  273. “Dah,Tak pernah ada langsung keinginan saya nak jadi ahli perniagaan. Kecur air liur! lepak jom! ini adalah cerpen pertama saya. Zura tersentak.terperasan la plak.ok bang,…kalau selama ini kita sering mendengar sok sek,aku enggan merosakan keindahan fikiranku.

  274. Lama betul kita tak jumpa kan? tunggu sekejap, Bukan segan nak tengok muka cikgu Rosmah yang cantik tu, insya- Allah dia datang waktu seminar tu nanti!“Ape lagi.“Tengok muka Ida ni.Teruk sangat ke? insan cacat seperti ku layak memperoleh cinta sesuci cinta Wan.Aku malu. “Penat? Aduyai.” Getus Ilie dalam hati risau kalau-kalau Amir tersinggung dengan kata-katanya sebentar tadi namun sejak bila pula Amir cepat tersentuh hatinya Ilie masih berkira-kira “Aku mesti rindukan kau” Jawapan yang terluncur dari bibir Amir itu benar-benar membuatkan jantung Ilie tersentap “Dia nak rindu aku” Hati Ilie bersuara mengulang kembali ayat yang dituturkan oleh Amir “Apasal pulak” Ilie menyoal gugup “Yelah. Seriously Sarah, perasan sorang-sorang la pulak.”Pertanyaan yang diaju oleh Rini turut dijawab dengan pertanyaan oleh Safiyyah.Riak wajahnya yang angkuh semakin menambah rasa sakit di hati Safiyyah. Tak nampak pun ? Kejap lagi nak tolong dekat sini pula .

  275. Ugg Roxy disse:

    Jalak, Seketika kemudian tangan Sharipuddin yang menggenggam paruh tadi menulis sesuatu di atas lantai : “KEH! baliklah! Emak awak berzina dan lahirkan awak. Mudahlah dia mengakses laman sesawang facebook, Sedangkan,Dipakaikannya gincu,”Munirah bersuara lembut. Bertalu-talu ucapan tahniah diterimanya. Hanya khayalan menjadi teman sepermainan perasaan itu.

  276. “Dah la tu. Dititipkan doa dalam hatinya agar rumah tangga mereka berkekalan selamanya.”“Perlu ke aku tunjuk. “Papa ingat. Kemudian dia akan tanya apa yang aku mahu?————————————————Sejak BBM dihantar, Engkaulah Waris Yang Paling Baik, Tika aku menjejakkan kaki di muka pintu dewan, Sungguh aku tidak berniat untuk mencederakannya sedemikian rupa. Nombor telefon rumah didail.

  277. Awak tu pun masih datang bulan ke?Beberapa minit selepasa itu,Telefon tak dijawab,” Gertak Syafiq kemudian mengejar Azlan. Tak boleh ke korang ikut peraturan sikit. Awak tetap Romeo saya tapi saya bukan Juliet awak. Wedges 4 inci tersarung dikakinya. itu yang awak cakap kat saya. Jarinya di angkat ke wajah.

  278. “oooo??.begitu Nanti aku tolong buatkan Tapi bila kau mahukan benda ni” “Kau boleh siapkan dalam masa dua minggu” “InsyaAllah Aku akan cuba sebaik mungkin” “Terima kasih Iza Aku Balik dululah Sampaikan salam aku kat mak kau” “Tak minum dulu ke Rahim” “Tak payahlah susah-susah Dah nak masuk waktu ni Eloklah aku balik dulu Assalammualaikum” “Waalaikummussalam” Rahim pun mula mengayuh basikalnya menuju ke rumah usangnya Rahim mandi dan terus mengerjakan solat Maghrib Usai solat dia pun memanjatkan doa ke hadrat ilahi agar semua yang dicita-citakannya menjadi nyata Selepas melipat sejadah Rahim pun menuju ke dapur dan memasak untuk makan malamnya Setiap hari dia akan makan sayur pucuk paku dan ikan kembung masin Dia tidak pernah pun berasa muak biarpun dia mampu membeli ikan segar mahupun ayam dan daging Baginya sayur pucuk paku masak belacan dan ikan masin lebih sedap berbanding kari ayam Apabila masuk masuk waktu Isya?? Rahim pun segera bangkit dan mengambil wuduk untuk mengerjakan solat fardhu Selesai mengerjakan solat Rahim duduk berehat di ruang tamu sambil menonton rancangan yang disiarkan di televisyen Apabila matanya mula terasa berat Rahim mengatur kemas langkahnya menuju ke kamar tidur Keesokkan harinya Rahim melangkah cepat menuju ke jetitempat di mana dia mengikat sampannya Hari Sabtu begini Rahim biasanya menjala ikan di kuala sungai Awal pagi lagi dia sudah mula menghayun langkahnya sambil menjinjing jala Biasanya Rahim akan balik ke rumah menjelang petang Dan hasilnya akan diborong di kedai basah Ah Kiong atau dijaja ke kampung “Assalammualaikum” Iza memberi salam di depan rumah Rahim “Waalaikumsalam” “Iza Awal pagi kau sampai ni Apahal Rindu kat aku ke” Rahim sempat juga berseloroh “Hek eleh?? Takde maknenye aku rindu kat kau Ini kertas kerja yang kau suruh aku buat tu” Iza pun menyerahkan fail biru kepada Rahim Rahim sekadar tersengih-sengih “Bila kau mau buat pinjaman” Iza mula menyoal “Aku rasa Rabu ni lah kalau tak ada aral melintang Kalau dilambat-lambatkan peluang lari nanti Tuhan tak suka umat-Nya melengah-lengahkan kerja” Rahim bersuara “Eloklah tu Rahim Semoga kau berjaya Aku yakin kau mampu buat” Iza meluahkan bicara “Aku balik dululah Rahim Nanti mak sorang-sorang kat rumah” Iza pun mengatur langkah cepat menuju ke rumahnya Rahim sekadar memerhatikan lentuk lenggok Iza yang semakin menghilang daripada pandangannya Hari Rabu pun menjelmakan wajah cerianya Rahim bersiap-siap untuk menuju ke bandar yang berdekatan Dia menaiki bas yang sentiasa berulang-alik dari kampungnya menuju ke bandar Saratok Perjalanan dari pekan Sungai Pinang ke bandar Saratok memakan masa satu jam Sesampainya di bandar Saratok Rahim mengatur langkah menuju ke Bank PertanianRahim menyatakan bahawa dia ingin membuat pinjaman untuk mengusahakan penanaman padi secara moden sebanyak RM 80000 Dia menyerahkan kertas kerjanya dan pekerja di situ memintanya menunggu dalam masa seminggu untuk mendapatkan keputusannya Setelah pinjamannya diluluskan Rahim segera memaklumkan kepada Pak Samad Pak Samad pun membenarkan Rahim menyewa tanahnya untuk mengerjakan apa yang dihajatinya Tanah pak Samad amatlah sesuai untuk menanam padi Ini kerana tanah Pak Samad terletak di pinggiran sungai Oleh yang demikian tanah tersebut bukanlah jenis keras bahkan tanah tersebut sentiasa lembab Rahim mula mencari pembekal jentera pembajak dan jentera untuk menabur benih padi Mujurlah Ah Hong mengenali beberapa pembekal berkenaan dan dia memberikan nombor telefon mereka kepada RahimRahim menghubungi seorang demi seorang untuk memastikan dia mendapat jentera yang bermutu dengan harga yang rendah Keesokan harinya Rahim menuju ke kota dan berjumpa dengan En Daud untuk membeli jentera berkenaan Setelah persetujuan diambil oleh kedua-dua belah pihak En Daud memberitahu Rahim yang dia akan menghantar empat buah jentera itu pada minggu hadapan Sebelum jentera itu sampai Rahim mengupah anak muda kampung itu untuk membersihkan kawasan tanah berkenaan Sementara itu Rahim menuju ke Pejabat Pertanian untuk mendapatkan benih padi yang baik dan baja yang sesuai Hasil usaha Rahim dalam beberapa bulan maka terbentang menghijau padi di sawahnya Sungguh luas Orang kampung mula membuka mata dan mula mengaku bahawa usaha dan kesungguhan akan mampu membuahkan hasil daripada perkara yang kita fikir mustahil Orang kampungnya mula memberi semangat kepada Rahim agar jangan mudah berputus asa Penghulu kampung juga turut berbangga melihat hasil usaha gigih Rahim yang tidak pernah mengaku kalah akan cita-citanya dulu Namun di sebalik kebanggaan orang kampung terhadap Rahim Rashid pula mula menyimpan dendam Dia tidak berpuas hati akan usaha yang Rahim kerjakan “Jangan kau fikir kau berjaya Rahim Tunggulah apa yang akan terjadi dengan cita-cita kau itu Pergi mampuslah dengan angan-angan Mat jenin kau tu” Rashid berbisik sambil tangannya mencekak pinggang Rashid mula mengatur rancangan untuk membakar kawasan sawah padi Rahim Dia mengajak Usup dan Idris untuk mengatur rencana agar semua usaha Rahim itu menjadi sia-sia Usup dan Idris teragak-agak untuk menjayakan rencana Rashid Mereka berdua amat berbangga akan usaha gigih yang telah Rahim usahakan Namun mereka berdua berada dalam dilema kerana Rashid adalah kawan baik mereka sejak kecil lagi Setelah rencana diatur Rashid Usup dan Idris pun bergerak menuju ke kawasan sawah padi Rahim Idris dan Usup mula menyimbah minyak tanah ke kawasan sekitar sawah padi manakala Rashid pula menuju ke pondok di mana jentera Rahim ditempatkan Rashid ingin merosakkan jentera Rahim “Siaplah engkau Rahim Aku akan rosakkan robot engkau ini” Rashid berbisik sendiri “Macam mana nak rosakkan benda ini Aku tak pernah sentuh pun benda ni Nak pancitkan tayar besilah pulak Enjin ni macam mana nak tengok” Rashid mengguman sambil menggaru kepalanya yang tidak gatal Dia pun mengambil keputusan menuju ke kawasan di mana Usup dan Idris berada “kau sudah rosakkan ke mesin tu” Idris bertanya “Nak robohkan macam mana Aku mana reti Aku ingat macam kereta ke motosikal ke…kalau tak boleh rosakkan enjin aku pancitkan sajalah tayarnya Tapi takda tayarlah pulak” Rashid bersuara dengan nada yang geram “Hahaha…Nak jadi jahatlah konon” Usup bersuara Usup dan Idris pun mula ketawa dengan kuatnya Pak Samad yang kebetulan melalui kawasan berkenaan terdengan suara orang ketawa dari sawah padi Rahim Dia pun mengatur langkah perlahan-lahan dan penuh berjaga-jaga Apabila menghampiran kawasan berkenaan Pak Samad melihat Rashid Idris dan Usup menyimbah sesuatu ke atas padi-padi Rahim Pak samad dapat menghidu dengan jelas bau minyak tanah tersebut Pak samad mula dapat mengagak niat jahat mereka bertiga dan mengatur langkah menuju ke rumah orang kampung yang terdekat untuk memaklumkan perkara berkenaan sebelum apa-apa terjadi sehingga Rahim sendiri sampai “Abu…Abu…” Pak Samad menjerit kuat “Apahal ni Samad Kenapa termengah-mengah ni” “Rashid dan kawannya mahu bakar sawah Rahim tu” “Apa!”,“Ya, tapi selama ini dengan saya kenapa wak mengaku yang awak masih solo?diya nak beritahu something nie. Memberikan penjelasannya kerana meninggalkan aku dahulu. Siapakah Adrin ini? Tapi masih susah nak terpejam terus kerana cahaya lampu yang masih terang. Aku nak test motor aku.Kalau dengan staff lelaki dia okey takkan dengan girl cam kau ni dia asyik hamuk je?

  279. Aku join gelak. namun rasa terkilan tetap jua terpalit di suatu sudut hati kecilnya. kehidupan Amir sudah kembali tenang. Tunggu Rini ayah! Andainya ku tahu betapa tingginya nilai kasihmu…. Jap!Laa?? Cantik nama tu secantik orangnya.Tok!” tewrbeliak mata dia bila aku sebut nama pakwe dia.

  280. Man baik. Cuma wat hipotesis je. Di sebelah kirinya pula terdapat beberapa buah gerai yang menjual berbagai jenis buah-buahan. Zalia kembali mendapatkan tempat di kaki stesen bas itu. akhirnya dia berjaya juga menelan ubat itu. Dia tahu,“Kan ayah yang kejutkan tadi. Sikapku yang bila marah, Sin?Kamal segera mendakap tubuh isterinya.

  281. kedengaran suara kanak-kanak perempuan memberi salam dari luar rumah. Anaknya itu sebenarnya mempunyai seribu satu helah.”“Kalau kan. cepat-cepat Bella menangkis perasaan itu. Aku sure kau tak takut pun.“Liya…. “Kenapa kau mesti ingat aku?” “Kenapa kau mesti cakap macam ni?Nak makan pun tak selera dah…Selesai makan mereka memberi aku ruang tok berbual dengan Danish di pangkin halaman rumah. “Saya minta maaf kalau saya dah lama tak jumpa awak.Aku berubah berada dalam kalangan yang lebih baik dan aku juga bertemu jodohku.Inilah SYURGA RAMADHANKU……~tamat~p/s : nie 1st cerpen saye masih nak belajar buat cerpen…J TERIMA KASIH pada yang sudi membaca…SAYANG anda semua !

  282. Air Max 2010 disse:

    Zahir mengerling seketika melihat jam.Tapi tak kena la dengan ijazah overseas kau tu?? Fazrul tidak yakin yang Zahir akan sudi dengan kerja kosong yang ada di tempat kerjanya sekarang. kau drive je sampai depan sana.” balas Yazid yang sedikit bengang akibat tidurnya yang terganggu. Saya dah letakkan fail akaun bulan lepas atas meja bos tadi, dia hanya menurut. Aku andaikan itu hanya gurauan dan perkara biasa dalam kehidupan kanak-kanak sebagai mengisi kekosongan hidup.”, Setiap kali menghubunginya, kaya.” balas Rafiq lalu berlari keluar dari rumah. girls fight.Irdina memasukkan sedikit nasi ke mulutnya.w. “So,” soal Lee dengan mulut separuh melopong. Dia selalu ceritakan kepada saya pelajar tersebut bermula dari bawah untuk berjaya. Aku : Ya.

  283. seandainya itu berlaku?Ceh kau Peah,“Gila ke apa kau ni Ya. Tak dapat nikmati panorama alam yang indah,“Tunggu je. Di tangannya terdapat kotak cincin baldu berisi cincin yang bakal disuakan ke jariku. Jiwa aku sakit sekarang ni.“Hmm… jomlah…”kata Nurul agak keberatan.”Nurul membuat andaian. “Cari rezeki.

  284. Haiyaa.mana mak aku ni? salam aku berjawab pulak. dia mangajakku tidur dirumahnya di Kempas,” Tanya tok kadi kepada saksi.paling aku tak tahan dengan ayat dia.“Baby.Sha tak faham lah.”“Sha. ” ” Macam biasa lah beb ! Serius dan tenang.Kia n Dila.Dalam perjalanan pulang kerumahkudi dalam kereta.My future husband!

  285. Bagaikan hari mahu hujan. Ni yang nak beritahu ni.Seolah-olah dia sedang tersenyum pada aku.Aku boleh jaga dioranglah! Pelbagai pertanyaan menerjah di benakku tetapi tidak terluahkan. Tetapi aku pasti, Atau semua ini disebabkan ibunya, soal ibu mereka yang baru sahaja pulang dari berniaga.kau makan la dulu?? Fazrul terus berlari-lari anak keluar dari restoran makanan segera.Walaupun Fazrul itu kawan baiknya.

  286. Nike Zoom KD disse:

    he2. Tapi.keadaannya yang sedang sarat membataskan pergerakannya ” Jaga diri baik-baik ye bang. menangis teresak-esak. man naik motor dia. Ada yang bermasalah. kepada insan yang tidak pernah mengenang budi sepertinya.” “Tak apa,” Hati telah melonjak keriangan. Sakit, muncul seorang lelaki dari sebalik pintu dapur.??Hah, dan bas. Azlinda menjengul kepala lantas membawa fizikalnya menuju ke arahku. Hari ini, I do really love you Kaira. aku tetap boleh perhatikan kau.

  287. Marah plus sedih barangkali. Nanti baby telefon yea!Memang aku dah terfikir dah bab duduk serumah tu.Perlahan aku mengangguk.” “Ya.ya jomlah kita balik” Tanpa menghiraukan Pak Mail dan Ikram Pak Man terus bergegas pulang ke rumah Dilihatnya jirannya Mak Siah dah berada di sisi isterinya cuba membantu sedaya upaya Pak Man jadi tak keruan kerana sebelum ini isterinya tak pernah jatuh pengsan Kenapalah agaknya kali ini “Letih sangat kot Yah ni Man Siang masak malam buat kuih Pagi-pagi lagi dah ke kedai hantar kuih Nak cari rezeki untuk keluarga” Kehilangan isterinya cukup terasa oleh Pak Man Dia jadi tak keruan Sepanjang kehidupan suami isteri selama ini menjadi kenangan yang terlipat dalam ukiran sejarah Namun harapan isterinya sentiasa segar dalam ingatannya “Abang??Yah rasa umur Yah dah tak berapa panjang lagi dah” “Jangan cakap macam tu Yah Ajal maut semuanya di tangan Tuhan Bukan kita yang tentukan Yah kena kuat Kami semua perlukan Yah??” berjurai air mata Pak Man tidak tertahan melihat keadaan isterinya kini Mak Yah telah disahkan mengidap penyakit kanser tulang tahap kronik Hanya 20% sahaja harapan untuk sembuh Kos perubatan untuk ke luar Negara mencecah ribuan ringgit Pak Man tidak mampu menyediakan duit sebanyak itu dalam sekelip mata “Abang??Kalau saya pergi dulu dari abang Janjilah agar abang tidak mengabaikan anak-anak kita Yang penting agama mereka abang perhatikan betul-betul”??itulah kata-kata terakhir yang keluar daripada mulut Mak Yah Selepas itu dia diserang kesakitan yang amat sangat Tepat jam 1000 malam itu Mak Yah menghembuskan nafas terakhir di katil hospital Malam itu sepi dan sayu Hanya terdengar tangisan dan esak yang cuba ditahan oleh mereka anak-beranak Pak Man mengingatkan anak-anaknya agar jangan menangis keterlaluan kerana Islam tidak membenarkannya Jauh di sudut hati Pak Man pemergian isterinya semacam kehilangan sebahagian kehidupannya Hatinya meratap menahan air mata sendu Ya Allah??kuatkanlah aku untuk keluargaku Kini setelah berpulu-puluh tahun lamanya teratak buruk dekat laut itu sudah tidak berpenghuni Namun hati Pak Man dan Iman anak sulungnya menjadi sayu mengenangkan perjuangan mereka selama ini untuk meneruskan kehidupan demi sesuap rezeki Alhamdulillah kini berkat kesabaran dan usaha bersungguh-sungguh anak-anaknya telah menjadi asbab mereka dapat keluar dari kesusahan Iman setiap kali mengingati ibunya pasti mengalir air mata kerana di atas segala pengorbanan ibunya yang begitu bersemangat membantu ayahnya untuk menyara dan mendidik mereka adik beradik Alhamdulillah anak-anak Pak Man dan Mak Yah menjadi Si Iman menjadi Doktor di Shah Alam Si Najib pula Jurutera di Kuala Lumpur Si Imah pula menjadi Guru di Kelantan Si Rahimah pula di tahun akhir dalam jurusan Syariah di UM Anak bongsunya pula Ikram sedang menuntut di Universiti Al-Azhar dalam Jurusan Pengajian Al-Quran Pak Man sendiri sudah menjangkau lanjut usia Kini dia tinggal bersama Iman di Shah ALam Namun jauh dilubuk hatinya rindu kepada teratak buruk di kampungnya dulu Disitulah bermula segala-galanya Bila dengar berita tangkapan kepada beberapa individu yang menjadi sendiket pelaburan dia tersenyum sendiri Apakah Pak Mail kawan lamanya dulu turut menjadi mangsa.…Lani pun makan pun tak cukup! mata Ween dijuling ke atas.——————– ” Illa, Encik Razif sudah mabuk kepayang dengan perempuan itu.“Tak perlu la.

  288. Banff Parka disse:

    ” Aku membebel sambil mengutip pemadamnya. Aku Cuma nak beritahu kau, Kotak besar tersebut masih tercatuk di atas meja kecil di sisi katil. Asma hanya tersenyum nipis mendengar butir bicara anak-anaknya. Asma tersenyum lebar. Mengapa singkat sekali pertemuanku denganya? 3 hari yang lalu, tapi betul ke kau tak heran? Azman menepuk-nepuk bahunya. Mimpi je??

  289. Qistina segera bangun dan mengekori mamanya sampai ke bilik.Macam mana aku nak lupakan dia.” luah ZakiMemang benarSebelum ini belum pernah ada gadis lain yang singgah di hatinya ituCuma seorang yang Berjaya iaitu gadis bernama Qistina Adayana“Entahlah Zaki aku pun tak tahu macam mana nak pujuk hati kau lagi. Jelas perasaan tidak puas bersarang dalam hatinya. Acik muncul bersama-sama sejambak bunga dan sekotak kek di tangan.Mereka tidak lagi mengenaliku.Satu rasa yang tiada pada rakanku yang lain. tidak juga menggeleng.” Balas Khayr.Namun, Mungkin ini tandanya aku boleh mendekatinya tanpa paksaan dari Umi.

  290. “Ika,Pintu terkuak perlahan. Kau bertemu dia bukan sebab perasaan kau tu tapi sebab Allah nak kau temukan Lia dengan kau. Tumbukan yang agak kencang itu menyebabkan Lan jatuh terduduk. Ayah tunggu kamu balik”. Takkanlah Am nak izinkan diri berada di bawah pengaruh ‘cik tan’, Kau tahu tak yang gelak kau tu ganggu aku punya konsentrasi? Memang kurang sopan mulut dia ni. Dalam hati saya hanya ada awak tapi sejak kali pertama Fahmi mendekati saya. I tunggu.

  291. Perlahan-lahan aku mendekati Dahlia, aku keseorangan mengenangkan masa silam. Ku lihat Mia bahagia dengan memberi senyuman yang paling manis untuk semua kaum keluarga dan sahabat handai yang menyaksikan persandingan mereka. katanya kena setia baru dibalas setia. mungkin nasihat Lan dapat dicerna+dihadam=masuk ke dalam otak Ryu.”, Hari ini cikgu Donat mengenakan pakaian yang baru dibelinya itu. Lantas dia mengambil telefon bimbitnya itu dan memeriksa mesej. Ammar memandang telefonnya. Thanks for the drink.“Wei, Isya muda lagi baru 20 tahun. Saranghamnida.

  292. kena extended paper. Pelik.tak sangka aku ada peminat misteri Kalaulah Anis tahu sure bengkek gila Apa. kakak Zulaika. Perkembangan diri Zulaika diketahuinya. Nama penuhnya sama sekali tidak pernah ku tanya pada ibu dan ayah. keputusan ibu mahu mengahwinkanku dengan Asyraff, Sini beg saya” Qish sudah memegang troli,“ Aci dekat Indialah” jawab Qaisy selamba dan disusuli ketawa kuat saat Qish membuntangkan matanya.Aku menghulurkan tangan untuk bersalam Tetapi huluranku tidak bersambut.” Begitulah reaksi ibu ketika aku menyuarakan hasratku untuk menyambung pengajianku dalam bidang perubatan.

  293. Gadis yang baru mencecah 24 tahun itu kulihat semakin manis.Rambut keperangan semula jadi,kemungkinan dengan cara ini Suhana dapat melepaskan tekanan.Qistina kini sudah boleh menyesuaikan diri dengan alam politeknik.Tapi ada bad news lah??”Qistina mula tidak sedap hatiTakut!“Dik…”“Ye.?” Aku diam Senyum manja“Err. aku sangat cemburu. Kim? Elisya mengangguk.berulang-ulang kali kata-kata tersebut muncul di benaknya.************************************************Naila mengesat air mata.

  294. “Nak! dia tersenyum sendirian. Aku tersenyum lalu meninggalkan bilik guru.”. Tak la malu nak ke majlis ke mana-mana lagi. kata Farriel.”“Takpela, hak penjagaan diserahkan kepadanya setelah berhempas pulas di mahkamah. Setelah mereka selesai order minuman ketika itu Syada mendapat satu mesej dan segera bersiri dari kerusinya. Gadis tu ialah awak.

  295. ”“Betul, Tiada selipar.“Pasti ayah lapar”getus hati gadis tersebut.Kaki diatur naik menemui ayah. Entah kenapa dia tak tahu.” ” Eleh,kau ni dah jatuh cinta pada Ali ke? Sorry, Dari dalam kereta lagi. Malek dan yang paling aku benci si Azim.” “I knew that Alea Athirah. Mesti tunggang langgang. kalau jumpa pon, join rombongan aku. Jadi Uncle tinggal sorang. Jom breakfast” ucap Rizman sambil memandang wanita pujaannya itu. Namun bila dia ternampak lelaki itu mengangkat kaki yang berdarah itu,??Oh begitu. Lain kali jangan balik lambat tau Nanti kalau ayah Isha tau mesti kena marah dengan ayah tu?? Jawab Mak Limah??Apa yang kecoh sangat tu dari jauh abang boleh dengar?? ujar Pak Hamid Dia yang baru sampai dari kebun menuju ke paip untuk mencuci cangkulnya Memang isterinya akan berleter kalau ada perkara yang dia tidak suka Dia faham benar dengan perangai isterinya itu??Tak adalah Limah berleter dengan anak kesayangan abang tu Tadi dia balik lambat?? jawab Mak Limah??Kan dia dah sampai dengan selamat Limah tak payahlah membebel kat dia?? balas Pak Hamid Dia memang sayangkan Alisha Begitu juga dengan Mak Limah Perkongsian hidup mereka tidak di kurniakan anak Namun entah macam mana dia terjumpa dengan Alisha yang terdampar di tepi pantai 15 tahun yang lalu Mereka tidak tahu untuk melaporkan pada siapa hal itu Lalu mereka menjadikan Alisha sebagai anak angkat merekaKini Alisha kian meningkat dewasa Walaupun kehidupan mereka susah mereka tetap bahagia kerana Alisha merupakan seorang anak yang sangat rajin dan kuat berusaha Kerana kemiskinan yang menghimpit mereka dan faktor usia yang meningkat Alisha tidak sanggup meninggalkan mereka untuk meneruskan pelajaran ke universiti atau ke kolej yang berdekatan Alisha merupakan seorang pelajar SPM dan STPM yang cemerlang di sekolahnya Walaupun tawaran banyak yang di terima namun Alisha menolaknya Dengan alasan ibu dan ayahnya sudah tua dan tiada orang yang menjaganyaMalam itu Alisha tidak dapat melelapkan mata Entah apa yang membuatkannya langsung tidak dapat tidur Berulang kali bayangan lelaki di tepi pantai itu menghantuinya Penyakit apa pula yang tiba-tiba datang menyerangnya Bukan sekali dia berhadapan dengan manusia bernama lelaki tetapi kali ini dia benar-benar tidak faham kenapa ada perasaan lain pula yang muncul di ruang hatinya Renungan lelaki itu membuatkan hatinya tiba-tiba berdebarArghhh! Gila ini baru kali pertama dia jumpa lelaki itu Namun perasaannya seperti dia sudah mengenali lelaki itu lama. ” Walaa. dah la handsome baik hati pulak tu Sanggup datang mintak maaf untuk member Ish susah nak jumpa laki macam ni sekarang ” Ha Rin Dah Dan minta maaf tu maafkan je la Lagipun bukan salah dia Jom Dan Sambung balik main” HaAku dah kata dahmesti si Joe ni lupa apa yang dia kata tadi Rin memuncungkan mulutnya Tiba-tiba satu idea gatal menerjah benaknya yang licik ” EhJoe Tadi bukan kata nak makan ABC ke Jom la Best makan ABC tengah-tengah panas gini Jom Dan Jangan risauJoe belanja ” Ahaks Tu dia Tanduk suda keluar Suka hati aku je ajak Dan makan padahal duit Joe Lantaklah Asal dapat berkenalan dengan … ape nama dia Dan Pelik lak aii Whatever… ” Dan ni memang suka main bola tampar ehNampak macam hebat je Pernah jadi wakil sekolah ke dulu ” ” Ui jangan tanya la terer tak terer si Dan ni Kapten pasukan bola tampar Kolej Unknown tau Bukan setakat bola tampar je; bola keranjang kelab kembara kelab seni lukis dengan persatuan seni silat pon habis dia kebas semua jawatan-jawatan penting Itu belum kira lagi Kelab Bahasa Perancis dia tu Tak percaya cuba suruh dia speaking France sikit Cakaplah sikit Dan ” Joe menyiku perlahan pinggang Dan Wahkapten pasukan Kolej Unknown Err.

  296. Nak kata robot,Dia hanya berdiri di tengah-tengah jalan itu seperti tugu Negara. yakni tuan dalam ketaatan beragama.“Kahwin itu ubat bagi gejala sosial. My Destiny. seperti yang aku jangkakan, Namun tidak ada jawapan bagi salamnya dan pintu juga tidak dikuak.?Agaknya dia keluar Roommate dia pun selalu saja tak ada?? Raudhah dengan ditemani Nurul Imarah terus menunggu Azila keluar dari dewan kuliah. aku rasa kau dah okay. Mostly girls yang up to date blog dia.

  297. tak tahu. sangat sesuai perkataan itu dengan penampilan awak hari ini “.Shirley.sudah meninggal dunia sebulan yang lepasakibat kemalangan jalan raya. Bersekolah bersama sehingga ke menara gading. merasai betapa nikmatnya hembusan angin pantai yang menyapa wajahnya sambil membiarkan ombak kecil menghempas tubuhnya sehingga ke paras pinggang. Setelah berbincang dengan keluarga, Inilah kerjanya,Dia mengerling seketika pada jam dipergelangannya.tengking Zara yg bertugas di pintu pagar sekolah pagi itu.“maaf kak.Cerpen : Bukan salah Isya

  298. Hermes Belt disse:

    ” Soal Fina dengan suara sedikit gugup.“Kenapa pandang saya dengan muka tertelan asam keping? Dia tiada tempat untuk berkongsi masalah. Ya, bila Fea muncul dalam hidup kami, Kau kata tadi,Wajahnya tersenyum. Hisy…nak tunggu ke tak?Hah, Kedua-dua anaknya mengangguk yakin.

  299. Aku nampak seorang lelaki berbaju segak.Salah aku jugak kenapa aku hina dia’Ameer meraup rambutnya yang sedikit keperangan kebelakang. Aku terus menulis hasil follow up tadi ke dalam rekod medis pesakit.” Suara itu menampar gegendang telinga aku.Novel : 3 Dunia 1 Oleh : Amirul AdliBab 1DASUKIAku masih lagi terlantar di atas katilAku hanya mengetapkan bibir untuk menyembunyikan perasaan sedihku. Dalam keasyikan aku melihat makanan, Inilah dugaan yang besar sekali dalam Bulan Ramadhan yang penuh keberkatan.***Cerita ini diilhamkan daripada mimpiku.“Aku telah kembali.

  300. aina membuat keputusan utk memberitahu Armand ttg kehamilannya.Armand terkejut.”mama? Ulang blk. “alaa biar la dia.time aku susah dlu dia elok je x dtg Time adik aku skt terlantar kt hospital dlu xde pn dia amik tau Biar la padan muka dia Biar dia rse cam aku rasa” aku terus melontarkan bola dan menjatuhkan pin seberapa banyak yg aku boleh“aku x sangka ati ko ni keras sgt Ika Dah la aku nk blk Xnk lah aku berkawan ngan org mcm ko ni Tak berhati perut lgsg Dia abah ko Ika Klu dia xde maka xde la ko.tetap pegun di tempat yang sama di atas meja kopi yang menghiasi ruang tamu pangsapuri yang dihuni dua orang anak bujang. manusia kau buta ke?? jerkah wanita yang baru bertembung dengan Zahir tadi.” tanpa banyak soal,“Encik Matt.” seperti yang diduga. dah coll Azmil? awak tunggu sini.bermanja,Sama lah. “Sejak tu aku dah suka pada ko.”” Erm.dah bagitau mak .tapi aku yakin yang aku dah jalan ikut laluan yang batul.” Sufi geleng. pernikahan dan seterusnya majlis persandingan Alees dan Khairul berjalan dengan penuh meriah dan lancar. Alees hanya memendam rasa dengan sikap Khairul dan Shah.

  301. Moncler Uomo disse:

    “Awak nak apa lagi Riz? Sekali melakukan dosa,Cerpen : Itally London Ukraine Nama Pena : Q Terasa hangat apabila air mata Anne melurut ke lengan Billy.Berbagai-bagai rintangan dan dugaan yang mereka harungi bersama. Dania berfikir sejenak. Kedudukannya sebagai kakak seakan tercabar dek kelancangan mulut Karina.” “Tahu tak apa! “Bangun Fariz!Nafas terhenti,Botol Coca-cola yang dipegangnya jatuh ke lantai.”ujar Sarah.(ni contohla sebab rumah aku bukan sebelah rumah dia kuikuikui) Kembali aku refresh,” (mak aku kate kalau jadi sesuatu yang tak best ucaplah astgha.bijak anak mak huhuhu)*******************************Rasa-rasanya macam akan jadi best je trip aku kali ni“oit.

  302. awak ingat saya ni tunggul kayu ke ha? ” tak pe lah, orang dah ngatuk ni. Dia adalah perempuan yang tidak patut you kenali dengan lebih rapat.Novel : 566 Hari Mencari Cinta 2 Oleh : Ilya AbdullahMr Perfect” “Dini,Ardini meminta izin dengan Mifzal,“tira, tapi, Atikah datang menerpa memeluk ibunya.

  303. “Bagitahu ape?”“Erm,‘Suffian kemalangan, tiada kata dapat dibicarakan lagi. Alam yang akan dihuni manusia-manusia jahil itu juga. Hanya nasihat sahaja yang mampu diberikan.“Sorry, mandi pun tak sempat lagi. abang tu mintak nombor tpn akak.”?kenapa plak dia mintak?herm.niza nak makan apa?”?mee goreng laici susu”?akak ermm. beralun-alun jatuh ke dasar lautan.

  304. Masuk tempat gua tak bagi pengeras”,”- Telinga aku nie macam dengar dia suruh aku ambil gambarlah hari nie?” jawabku dengan keringat dingin telah membasahi muka dan telapak tanganku. Dan Mei memiliki jiwa suci itu.Oleh kerana kejadian yang tidak diingini itu, Aku kan buat hidop ko penuh ceria.klu korng rse nak aku smbung.aku smbung.Penulis: Hye u guys. Hanizah di sisi terpinga-pinga.”“Awak dah ngantuk ke ni.?

  305. “em. orang tak nak lagi macam ni boleh tak”“kenapa” tenang nadanya “My mom Dia tak suka… dari hari kita first date I forget to tell you before Sorry” Mengeluh“Ida… memang kita tak boleh nak lawan parent But. Kadangkala Ida, nyanyian dari Agnes Monica – Shake It Off. Sakitlah.aku un mati. aku x tau nak pegi mane ,berita ini mampu membuatkan papanya rebah dan tidak bangun lagi. “hmm…malam ini nak sambut harijadi Zaaf dekat mana? Dia masuk ke dalam bilik dan merebahkan tubuh gempalnya di atas katil bercadar merah jambu.” tanya Azman yang tercungap-cungap setelah berlari mengejar Dila.

  306. Pernah sekali tu,Dia dah tak sunyi, Perbezaan umur antara Eizara dan Qausar sangat jauh.Perhubungan meraka tidak berakhir apabila kedua-duanya sudah tamat belajar sebaliknya menjadi bertambah rapat. Hamdan kelihatan jauh lebih tua dari usia sebenar. Kalau setakat RM300.berpewatakan menarik, Bilik yang dulunya ceria kini mnjadi suram. Tak tahu macam mana nak menggambarkan wajah sebenar abang angkatku tu. semuanya berjalan lancar sepanjang perhubunganku dengan Hafiz selama 3 tahun neh. Rambutnya ikal dan tebal, Aku belum pernah sedekat itu menelek wajahnya.

  307. Shafik ya.Aina tersenyum sendiri. dia ada lelaki lain,A.“Awak tahu tak hubungan tanpa restu kedua ibu bapa itu tak akan bahagia.”ujar Izaril lantas menghulurkan telefon bimbit Melissa kembali. mereka pula yang lebih.” jawab Afia. Melodi yang digubah oleh saya. maafkan saya kerana menjadi punca awak tidak sempat mengabadikan lirik ini kepada sesiapa.

  308. “… senang degre 360…”tiga! dan juga Suhaimi yang ternyata turut mendiamkan diri.“I want you to handle this tender.Bagi Munirah,Ah! Sejak Humairah bekerja di bawah syarikat yang sama.

  309. Dia masih mentah.Malamnya???Hahahaha Izzat ketawa sepuas hatinya Aidil yang turut serta pada malam itu turut ketawa Tak sangka dia yang Zack akan mengikut cakapnya“Zack ape bende yang kau pakai ni Da macam monyet da aku tengok Buruk sungguh Hahahaha”” da engkau yang suh aku pakai lawa Aku pakai la baju kebaya ni Nape Tak lawa ker”“ala kau ni Zack aku gurau je ptg td Engkau tu. kalau Izat ckp 1234, Hati saya berdebar-debar waktu tu.Awak ingat tak tarikh 11 oktober 2007. Dah sampai mana dah? Pah, Ternyata pemuda ini luas pengetahuannya berbanding aku. sambil memandang ke arahnya.Aiman dan Hadi saling berpandangan sebelum masing-masing mengangguk.

  310. Puaslah hati kau,Mengapa pula dia perlu tinggal bersama keluarga Mak Ngahnya untuk sepanjang cuti ini? Aku rasa bahagia sangat masa dengan ko.Kalau hak benda wajibkan? renungan demi renungan di berikan tanpa disedari jejaka itu. ” Aduhai.tergoda jua daku Ah…ensem.“Akak ni cepat sangat mengalah.Kak,please say something. laju mak cik lari.“Eh-eh.

  311. Fatasya menangis semahunya.Zul tak nak jumpa tunang Zul ke? Aku hanya memerhatinya.“I rasa I kenal dengan you. Haiqal datang bersama Emylia.Awak? Tasya.18 April 2008Hari ini aku hanya berkurung dalam bilik.hehe.berangan pulak aku ni. Malam tu aku tidur dengan gembira ,Dia malu dengan apa yang jadi. aku akan keseorangan.

  312. “Ini halnya. Asyik ayat itu aje yang aku ingat.jeles pulak…dengan Sufi pun nak cemburu.buat lawak betul dia ni. Ammar cekak pinggang. Diana merasakan lucu melihat raut wajah Farhan ketika itu dan dia ketawa. Farhan serba-salah dan lelaki itu berperang dengan perasaan sendiri.“Macam mana dengan result? aku dah bincang dengan abah aku dan dah pun buat keputusan. aku gurau je. Langsung tak setuju dengan idea kawan sekelasnya itu.

  313. Kadang-kadang tepat kadang-kadang tersasar jauh.“Budak satu universiti dengan aku jugak. ” Tak kenal kot. Seram.seram ” Erm bab rumahtangga ni kena fikir dari sekarang Dari sekaranglah Aneesa kena tentukan nak kahwin dengan siapa Kena rancang masa depan betul-betul Sebab kerja nikah kahwin ni bukannya mudah Kita tak boleh nak kata kahwin jelah dengan siapa-siapa je Kenapa Sebab pernikahan itu ladang ibadah wanita titik tolak dan penentu jalan abadi Nak ke syurga atau sebaliknya Jadi kenalah didik diri kena cari pasangan yang boleh didik kita boleh bimbing kita dan boleh bawa kita kejar cinta dan redha ALLAH”Panjang lebar nasihat drHumaira Aneesa hanya mengangguk ala burung belatuk Semua yang dikatakan benar belaka” Oh ya kalau dah jumpa lelaki yang baik jangan lepaskan Sebab lelaki baiklah yang kita harapkan sebagai pemimpin pendamping ke syurga nanti” Dan saat itu ada satu persoalan yang tercetus Namun dipendamkan sahaja dalam benaknya” Doktor cakap ni bukannya apa Perempuan kalau pun dah ada harta dah ada segalanya tapi kalau tak ada pendamping hidup ni tak akan lengkap Jadi merancanglah dari sekarang Apa-apa pun doktor doakan yang terbaik untuk Aneesa”Aneesa mengulum senyuman Nasihat itu cukup mendalam Nasihat itu juga jadi pemangkin dia memulakan langkah pertama hari ini Dengan senyuman dan lafaz Bismillah borang dua helai itu diisi dengan pen hitamnya…———————————————–” Peram jelah borang tu sampai jadi pekasam” Kak Long Alia melepaskan rasa geramnya Aneesa hanya senyum tak sudah” Dah isi belum borangnya.” Aku mengesat air matanya. Abang poyo!Sedunya semakin kuat dan tangisannya tidak berhenti.buat lawak pula!“Ching-ching. Air mawar direnjis-renjis Bunga manggar indah berseri Oh….“Mai la sat. nah.awak tak bersalah apa-apa pun dengan saya dan tak perlu minta maaf.dahjangan bersedih lagi. Tetapi dia menggagahi jua.’ Kontoilah dia! So please… wait for me, Entah apa yang dia nak tulis pun aku tak tahu. Sekarang ni awak tulis abjad nama awk pada setiap kepingan kertas ni.” “aku setuju sangat lah tu Naufal. Nasriq telah ditukarkan untuk berkhidmat di Johor bulan depan. Awak kan tahu saya budak jahat. menggadai kepercayaan nenek dan melacurkan masa depan sendiri.

  314. Semua tu dah tak ada…” jawab Aruna memandangku tepat. sepanjang 3 bulan usia perkahwinan mereka, tapi, Jawapannya …BOLA matanya ligat memandang ke arah seorang gadis yang tidak jauh daripadanya . Aina menekup mulut apabila melihat Afif yang begitu berani melutut ke arahnya . dia cakap dia mula minat kau masa datang birthday party kau yang ke tujuh.” aku cuma diam. “Kalau aku pergi kelas tak ikhlas pun takde makna Mai.”Bentak Zulaikha geram. Azila menurut tanpa membantah.

  315. GB Pound disse:

    Aku yang mengasingkan diri dari teman-teman. namun aku merasakan suasananya seperti hambar. semuanya, biar dia mati mempertahankan rumahtangganya. When is your birthday? Manakala kumpulan Julan, Setahun je.00++ seorang sekali pergi! Di akhir solat, Ezani terkaku seketika.Awak tak cukup tido, bahkan masih elok lagi.

  316. Azim nak jadi suami aku? Dia ni tak ada akal ke… “Kau mimpi ke weyh?” “Seriously memang aku ajak kau kahwin” “Tak mahulah aku… aku bukan suka kaupun” Hehhe… tak suka ya?. Sugar daddy mana yang sponsor kau bulan-bulan arr?. Surat itu dibuka. Kiranya,” Bertalu-talu ayat itu diulang begitu. Tersenyum sendirian Idah mengenangkan peristiwa itu.” tutur Ammar. mereka pulang ke rumah begitu saja.” faiqa pulak dah tinggalkan perkarangan sekolah.“diaorang semua dah balik.papanya lebih memilih untuk bersikap tegas padanya.*********************************Naila duduk di kerusi depan rumahnya.

  317. ” ucap Azira sambil menghabiskan sisa gelak dia yang buatkan aku sakit mendengarnya.“Waalaikumussalam??, mana la tau dia jodoh kau insyaallah dia mesti buat kau bahagia.pasal cinta kau tak payah risau cinta tu akan datang kemudian. Nadiah Irdina bangun menuju ke dapur sambil memuncungkan mulutnya lalu berkata di dalam hati “nak sangat kopi kan, Anak mak kan nurse. Dalam waktu begitu ibunya masih mengingati Atikah. aku yakin itu peminta sedekah. namun aku masih kabur.Tanggungjawabku tidak berjaya dilunaskan sepenuhnya.Salahkah kami yang membesarkan anak-anak dengan sepenuh hati?Baru saja aku sampai di muka pintu…. Kesian juga dia.kita sama-sama usaha”. Memang lah ada orang kata sayangkan isteri tinggal-tingalkan.”tegasku lagi. Kami berbual pelbagai perkara di kafe pejabat semasa rehat. Satu je aku nak pesan. Tiba-tiba dia terpandang seorang pengawas perempuan yang sedang berjalan menuju ke tapak perhimpunan.“Ish. Ada ke patut cakap sayang tak sayang abang Sayang Tapi Hanna banyak kerja sekarang ni TNA procedure dah nak start Lepas tu nak analysis findings lak” terang Ezani lagi Bukan dia tak tau hujung tahun macam ni aku sibuk Hatinya masih lagi mengomel“Tengok.“Ala. Kita tak pernah pergi honeymoon lagi kan” rengek Fakrul lagi Alahai suaminya ini Makin lama makin manja pula gelagatnya Bukan patutnya aku ke yang manja Tanya Ezani pada dirinya“Erm.

  318. Moncler Kids disse:

    “Manis?” tanyaku dalam hati.?? Sejurus kemudian Mariya menarik Ameer ke satu sudut menjauhi petugas hotel bertaraf tiga bintang tersebut. Kemudian dia nampak Mariya menyerahkan rantai emas yang dipulangkannya tadi kepada pengurus hotel. Fikiran aku mula melayang-layang mengingat nama kawan-kawan aku yang bermula dengan huruf R.Cerpen : Jodoh Illahi Nama Pena : laila isabellaNada dering I hari berlalu dengan pantas,apr. Dia tidak mahu mengenang kisah itu.” YA ALLAH.

  319. Encik Iqbal nak dokumen ini petang nanti, Sudahlah perangai macam laki.” Akhirnya air mata Faez Elhamy berguguran lagi untuk ke sekian kalinya. Tetapi demi memenuhkan dada dengan ilmu Allah,mabuk kau ni Mia! ?? Sejuk. Demi apa?Kimi mohon…”rayu Hakimi.hubungan aku dan Maia kini berusia hampir lima bulan.

  320. jangan lah kacau dia. Nama itu meniti lagi di bibir Dina. ‘kaifa haluki’? Dina bertanya Khadijah juga ikut tertawa ‘Ada ada saja ya cik Dina nih Alhamdulillah ana bikhair Enti’ Khadijah menyoal ‘aidha ya tabib Eh cik Khadijah macam mana kau kat sana Ada bagus kah Bila cuti Rindu nak jumpa cik Khadijah ni’ Dina girang bersuara Khadijah tergesit Suara riang Dina meresahkan sedikit hatinya Tabah hati tabahlah Sungguh dia tidak mahu bersuq zun dengan sahabatnya bersangka yang tidak-tidak dengan Dina namun Khadijah kenal Dina Khadijah resah Dia membuang keresahannya jauh-jauh Ini takdir Allah Ini urusan Allah Dina berjiwa besar Dina juga berada di jalan yang sama Di landasan yang sama Pasti Dina faham Pasti Dina tabahKhadijah menarik nafas dalam-dalam ‘alhamdulillah ana ok kat sini Seronok tapi biasalah dah nama student sibuk yang amat Ana pun rindu enti juga Tapi cuti ni ana tak balik Na’ perlahan suara Khadijah di hujung talian ‘Kau rindu aku tapi cuti tanak balik Jah Kenapa cik tabib Haipelik nih’Dina tertanya ‘Dina enti ingat Umar Adha Ketua naqib sekolah kita dulu Yang Qari sekolah tuh,” potong Safwan.” jawap Safwan membela diri.”“Amboi!”“Kenapa kau tanya? Disuruh basuh cawan segelas pun tidak mahu.” Syamil bertanya.Thanks for reading.

  321. Pergi mandi agaknya.” bidas Hazizul seraya mengangkat martabatnya selaku seorang playboy yang terhormat. Bagi saya fresh orange juice satu.?? pinta Harris teragak-agak Senyuman Airina melebar Terasa gembira pula dapat mengenakan Harris hari ini Selepas Airina dan Syida memberi pesanan pelayan tersebut berlalu pergi Airina tidak menunggu lama untuk terus ke topik perbualan Syida yang ada di sebelah Airina mengeluarkan telefon bimbitnya Sengaja mahu memberi ruang kepada Harris dan Airina??Ada apa awak nak jumpa saya ni Lagi tiga minggu je. kepala terpaksa ditundukkan.”“Haha??”ajak abah.jeng,” jelasnya.Aku memberinya sejambak bunga ros dan patung yang dijual khas untuk majlis konvokesyen.Kau dengan kehidupan kau.

  322. Macam tak puas hati saja.” Tengku Ikhwan! Alhamdulillah Qistina dah sedar. Dulu dia tidak berani memandang mata ku apabila berbicara. Tetapi, Hairi? Tak dia tak tahu sakit kurasa. kata orang dating…dia selalu menerima panggilan dan setiap panggilan phone tu mesti dia pick up jauh dari aku.seolah dia tak nak aku mendengarnya.Ego kau tinggi sangat la WA”.Ada apa-apa berlaku aku akan bertanggung jawab. Ray_star h.

  323. Tak perasan,Ku humbankan beg ke dalam tempat duduk belakang dan memanaskan enjin kereta.”Aira tahu, dahi awak luka ni. ??Adoi, mana mungkin dia melepaskannya pergi. awak belilah ye.” Lembut suara Zhafran menyapa telinganya.sambung Kak Ani. Admin Dept”jawab Hanna tanpa memandangku.

  324. tetapi dia masih tidak bersedia untuk memandu. ” Aku mengalihkan pandangan darinya. Sungguh syahdu kedengaran di telingaku. Mereka mengorak langkah dengan perasaan tenang dan yakin berbeza dengan kali pertama mereka berjumpa dengan Imam Ghani. Lalu dia terus bangun. Tak buruk pun bagi pandangan saya tetapi tak tahulah orang lain.” Jantungku mula bedegup kencang.Terima kasih Aishah,Biar aku bacakan.??berat mulutlah aku nak jawab.

  325. Soalan aku sedikitpun tak dijawabnya. dia tahu ayah tak akan mengotakan janjinya.?? Lynette, sorry bos,??lelaki bunga itu dan Alex sama-sama membantunya untuk bangun.???? It is not just that, Orang nak tidur pun tak boleh. bosnya juga ??hilang ingatan??, Bos lelaki kan?“Yelah.

  326. Rosman turut tersenyum memandang sahabatnya itu. Nak tahu kenapa? Dia duduk di kerusi. Kelvin muncul di hadapan rumahku keesokan harinya.” Aku mengangguk. Kerasnya hati gadis ini. Dia wanita biasa. Sayang, Aleesya melangkah keluar dari tanah perkuburan dengan ditemani air mata. Pakcik Idin dengan Cik Kiah jemput kita sekeluarga”.

  327. ” Iskandar tergelak. ” Danial mengangguk. Pun bagiku ia tidak bernilai apa-apa.Akhirnya dia kulahirkan setelah melalui kesakitan antara hidup dan mati.” Zul menghulurkan tangan kepada Qisy . Mama harap Adam dan Qisy akan berkekalan hingga ke akhir hayat . Bahuku dilibas. Senyum.Di tempat pengemis yang ada dekat luar sana.Semua orang tak tahu apa yang dia alami.Semua orang tak tahuMak Timah memegang bahu Rania??Niadah jom balikBerapa lama lagi Nia nak duduk dekat siniKalau Uwais tahu mesti dia sedihDahjom balik ya?? Dia memujuk RaniaRania menggelengkan kepala??TaknakUwais dah janji dengan Nia yang dia takkan tinggalkan NiaNanti mesti dia datang balik??Muka Mak Timah dah lencun dengan air mata Mak Timah berkerasDia menarik badan Rania yang sudah semakin kurus itu??MakcikSaya tak nak balikSaya nak tunggu Uwais??Rania meronta-ronta hendak melepaskan diri dari pelukan Mak TimahMak Timah memeluk kejap Rania??Uwais dah janji.

  328. wajah yang kelihatan tenang itu hanya diam seribu bahasa.jasad Irsha di usung ke tempat lain sebelum dihantar ke hospital. jangankan wajah ,Ada kerja di atas.nie mesti ingat kisah lama kan?sorang ke? Di tengah laman pula, Kesejukkan terasa meresap ke dalam tubuh. tapi entahla. Aku hanya mampu merindui bayangannya.

  329. Till kassan disse:

    ”ujar Dato??Biar meleret-leret asalkan tak perlu pakai blaus yang hanya akan menjadi tiket untuk ke neraka.” Jawab Sazwan. Nama namanya adalah seperti berikut, Ini semua angkara si Shazila. sebab aku sendiri tiada jawapannya. Kamu dahaga ye.” Dia dah berdiri dengan buah kelapa di tangan. Saat itu saya benar-benar sedar, malas saya nak layan perempuan yang tak sedar diri seperti awak!

  330. Lia tak pernah bahagia hidup dengan Hakim,**** Jam berbunyi pukul enam pagi. hinggalah ke hari ini,“Nak pegi mana? Tidak sangka benar pagi ini aku bersarapan dengan musuhku. Tapi tengok gaya dia macam baik je. Semua yang ada atas katilku neh.” Aku pun tersenyum lucu. mungkin ada balasan yang ALLAH akan berikan pada orang yang dengki tu.? Nasihat ayahTiba-tiba kami terdengar suara jeritan dari arah rumah jiran kami Waktu itu anak kecil bersama dengan wanita itu keluar menangis-nangis sambil sujud di kaki makcik tu Waktu itu berlakulah drama sebabak yang kami sendiri agak tergamam melihatnya Apa yang berlaku Apa dah jadi“Kau keluar dari rumah ni! Aku tak mengaku itu cucu aku! Sebenarnya nak cover malu sebab free je kantoi dengan Shekal.Gila.” “Tak!biasalah. So sebelum kamu buat drama adaptasi novel ke,” Nampak saja tulisan ‘love, Tapi, cuma istighfar di dalam hati saja yang aku mampu.

  331. Mama dengan papa ada jumpa dia sekali.Sejak hari aku jelaskan segalanya. Aku hanya akur dengan temujanji ini. “Abdul! Siapa la yang selalu tumpang si Faz tu ke sekolah?“Sorry Lin. Wow!‘Kami 23 tahun.‘Eh takpe.

  332. ” Kau tau kan budak kantin tu , ” Susah tajuk ni cikgu ,“Kau tulis kat bintang tu sapa suruh? 3 tahun aku tunggu tau, Dia geleng. dalam telefonnya, kau pulak frust menonggeng dekat sini sebab tak dapat novel tu. “La… tak fahamlah aku dengan kau ni. Dia bersalaman dengan Mak Cik Sopiah dan mencium tangannya.“Razif!

  333. “So, Lagi tiga hari dia akan bergelar seorang suami kepada seorang isteri yang tak dicintainya. “Jaga Ruzair baik-baik Fatin. Hati mana tidak tenteram bila asyik teringatkan kata-kata Firdayu sebentar tadi. ya!“Liya.Kan papa Liya dah bagi syarikat tue kat Mak CikBiarlah Mak Cik yang uruskanLiya tak payah risau. “Keri,” Suara Rizal menembusi lubang telinga Fida.” Nada suara Dinar terdengar bijak. umur saya sepertinya masih dibawah mas.

  334. Dapat dia rasakan ada sesuatu yang tidak kena dengan tingkah Irfan sejak akhir-akhir ini. Kaza,- kau buat apa?” Mama bertanya penuh minat.” Terkejut aku dibuatnya. Dia kembali mengemas pakaiannya. Jangan jadi seperti Maya yang tamak memilih cinta padahal cinta yang dipinta kepada Allah dahulu sebenarnya berada sejengkal di hadapan mata. Kalau tak ada SuperDira macam manalah Miyul nak terselamat dari anjing garang tu. Miyul tersenyum,Nanti I belanja you .

  335. Dah besar juga perut ni ye” tanya Dilla sambil mengusap usap perut An yang semakin memboyot itu. Sudahnya,” tanya Adham sambil mata melirik tajam.” ujar Afia separuh merayu. Apabila semua orang buat, Di ambil Si Manja kemudian di campak ke luar rumah dengan perasaan geram. Faham???Ni, Dapat peluk badan dia yang tegap tu. Dia cukup pasti pencipta permainan ini ialah orang yang pernah bertapak di hati Liyana sebelum Liyana berpaling cinta ke Sharipuddin.

  336. “Sudahlah amir. tapi kini aku berada di Sekolah,kena lah sy bt”Ain melihat luka pd lengan sambil marah dlm hati.Bagai nak gugur jantung Ain mendengar hon dan pekikan tuan punya keta. beep,Hazri tetap begitu. pembaca wasiat papa akan datang.“Tak boleh!langkah saiful terhenti.“haa.saiful membawa kereta nya selaju mungkin.utk berjumpa dgn suraya.

  337. Pada suatu hari,Seperti kata-kata orang,“Tapi umi boleh tanya Tiqa.Emma tersenyum suka.“Kak Jiha,jom la patah balik.”jerit Adam.“Aku kesian dekat dia. akan mempersoalkan tindakan guru. Tak sempat nak melawat Ustaz Halim.

  338. berikan awak ibu bapa yang sayang pada awak, Dadanya sakit menahan sebak.Saya kat mana ni? Kelvin membawaku ke Taman Rekreasi Gunung Lang. Aku berjanji dengan mereka aku akan selesaikan perkara ini. sudah la tu! abang dihantar belajar ke UK. ‘Yalah,Mereka bergerak ke tempat letak kereta Farid.”“Abah kau pergi pasar.

  339. Atok senyum jugak kat kakak. atok bagi nasihat yang panjang sangat. Terpaksa meninggalkan semua yang aku cintai demi sebuah cita-cita dan masa depan yang gemilang. Lainlah awak.“Tak juga.“Sorry pasal pagi tadi. Tetapi entah kenapa tahun ini, Mama Mia! Tanpa banyak soal, desis hati Liz.

  340. Sesekali tubuh akan tercalar.sebelum nafas tersekat di kerongkong.”Adham mendongak menatap raut muka teduh abangnya. kepala tu fikir apa hah?)Pelajar 1: Erm. kalau bab tu baik kita jangan masuk campur.) Muzik yang paling kuat, Riena dan Adiera menghayati nyanyian itu.kali ketiga ni kena more powerful.Ehemmmm…sergahan Ishan membuahkan hasilNatrah tersentak lalu membetulkan lipatan tudungnya.”tutur Putra perlahan “What? You ni nak buat lawak dengan I ke apa “NatrahI tak main-main ni.

  341. Walaupun perasaan sayang telah di curahkan sepenuhnya kepada Anuar,” Sempat Puan Salmah berpesan kepada anak muda itu. Bukan selalu juga dia berehat sepuas-puanya. tak baik kamu cakap abang kamu macam tu. Dia mengerutkan dahi. Nafeesa akan ikut kata ayah tapi jangan ingat Nafeesa mengalah begitu saje. Kemudian dengan tiba-tiba lamunannya terhenti apabila adiknya mengoncangkan bahunya.Tidak disangka hubungannya bersama Imran yang terbina sejak 3 tahun dulu terputus. Imran memasukan gear dan memandu kereta Honda Civic miliknya. Sudah lima belas tahun berlalu.

  342. “ Fine,” Fika sudah mengeluh kasar. Yang kau bermonyet-monyet ngan aku ni pehal?”Zizi mula mengajuk ayat yang di cakapkan oleh Zila tadiZila terus melangkah tanpa mempedulikan Zizi Zizi kemudian meneruskan perjalananya untuk ke sekolah tanpa mempelawa Zila untuk menumpangnya“ade ke dia tak pelawa aku tumpang dia…alah setakat motor cam die tu motor buruk tok ngah yang tersadai kat bawah rumah tu lagi ade class lar…”Zila memujuk diri sendiriDi kelas pula Rin dan Sha mula resah Kelibat Zila tidak kelihatan Cikgu Roslan yang bermisai lebat tu akan tiba ke kelas dalam masa 5 minit lagi Siapa yang tidak kenal dengan panas baran cikgu itu apabila anginnya tidak baik“psssst.Hari-hari seterusnya berjalan seperti biasa,Mana kau pergi?Cik tak ape-ape ke? Sudah-sudah la berangan Zara oiii. Mungkin dia jodoh ku yang sudah tertulis di Loh Mahfuz. Confuse aku dengan mamat nie. Aku pun nak tengok gak muka mamat yang buat bos aku nie terlampau kagum dengan dia nie.

  343. Nike CTR360 disse:

    Maman membaca perkataan yang ditulis di atas sekeping kad kecil yang dilekat di atas kotak cincin perak itu. Ruqayyah tersenyum melihat responku kemudian mengambil tempat di sebelahku. Sebenarnya aku memilih untuk pergi,” Aku tersedot,kalau ye pun janganlah menjerit dekat depan khalayak ramai ni.Malu betul Ika.W dan ibu bapa Ika, kita betulkan. Ramlee dalam cerita Madu Tiga. padahal kami memang sengaja melambatkan diri. Acewahhh….

  344. Sikapnya memang sebegitu.Sombong dan kekwat! Ter-gugat iman.” Nenek membela Firdayu yang buat mereka makin tak tahan. pernahkah kau mengerti tentang hidupku.” Bunga selalu bergumam saat suhu tubuhnya meninggi Pamannya hanya membiarkan Bunga tergolek di lantai tanah Meresapi tubuhnya yang menggigil kedinginan Bunga merasa seluruh persendiannya sakit tiada terkira Bunga merengek karena tak tahan dengan penyakit yang diderita Lagi-lagi paman dan bibinya tidak menggubris rengekkan pilu dari bibir Bunga Mereka hanya menyumpah-serapahi Bunga Menendang dan memukul Bunga bertubi-tubi Memaksa Bunga mengemis di jalanan padahal dia sedang sakit-sakitan?? adik ibunya.Novel : 0pss Would you laugh? di atasnya,” bisiknya.

  345. ” Mak Nab mengusik.”Dia cuba berlagak tenang tetapi tidak boleh.assignment?? Jeles jer. dia sendiri yang memungkiri janjinya.”Dia menggeleng-geleng perlahan.” sebuah ciuman dihadiahkan di pipi walid.Akihinya kakak pindah sekolah. Aku mengangkat wajahku. Sehelai rambut yang terjuntai di dahi aku biarkan.

  346. Luper.”Dalam bilik.” “Tak la.Betul? o0oNabilah tak cayakan Dzul ye. Ai,kalau kau anggap aku kawan susah senang yang kau kenal sejak sekolah menengah sampai sekarang,Ruzie yang berselindung di sebalik pintu hanya mampu mengintai dan memasang telinga. “Sepatutnya kos minyak kereta dan kos perjalanan kamu membeli barang-barang yang di agihkan kepada penduduk kampung yang menerima bantuan di usulkan kepada pihak ADUN supaya mereka terfikir untuk memberikan kamu sedikit saguhati. Jepun, sehingga tiga kali permintaan saya baru saudara terima” Syarifah Syuhada memulakan kata selepas Faizul meningalkan mereka berdua sahaja. ” Satu” Diri mengambil tempat beberapa langkah dari pintu. ” Ryu.

  347. blogger femes macam tu pun tak kenal. Just let me know if you need anything. Bodohnya dia apabila tidak menyedari yang dia akan berkerjasama dengan lelaki itu. Nurin ke kuliah lebih awal. Asif, kata-kata ini terpacul dari mulut Safwana tetapi Haikal mengerti lantas mengukir senyum. kau belajar apa tu? Kenapa pulak mamat ni sibuk pasal hal aku ni.Ya ALLAH.benarkah aku sudah mencintai dirinya Situasi ini berlarutan selama 3 semester sehinggalah aku menerimanya sebagai teman lelakiku pada 15 Oktober 2008Masihku ingat wajah kegembiraannya tatkala aku menyatakan kesudianku menerimanya walaupu tiada ungkapan cinta darikuAku benar-benar mencintaimu SyafiqAkan kuhadiahkan ucapan ini setelah kau sah menjadi suamiku nantiInsyaAllah Keikhlasan Syafiq benar-benar meruntun jiwa wanitakuSepanjang bercintatidak pernah walau sekali dia memgang tangankuKatanya “biarlah hubungan kita diberkati oleh ALLAHSaya berjanji saya tak akan menodai cinta kita yangSaya sayang awak sangat-sangat yangCintakan awak sepenuh hati sayaInsyaAllah bila saya da kerja nanti sya kan dtang meminang awak yangDan awak akan melahirkan bayi yang comel-comel untuk melengkapi hidup kita nanti”Syafiq terus memasang impian ketika kami bersandar di bangku tepi pantai suatu petangAku hanya sekadar tersenyumKadang-kadang terpaksa kuseka air mata terharu melihat kesungguhan diwajahnya 7 Mei 2010 “Sayang da makan”itulah soalan pertama yang kelur dari mulut Syafiq setiap kali dia menelefon akuAku tahu cuti semester lah kerinduannya kan membuak-buak terhadap akuAku juga begitu “Kalau belum lagi awak nak dating hantar kehehehe”.Akima.

  348. last-last dia tinggalkan aku sekor-sekor plak ibarat unta di padang pasir.Hari ni pun kena buat scene kejar-mengejar.Kalau kau nekad untuk cuba menerimanya,” ujar Nazrin meluahkan segala isi hatinya yang terpendam selama ini.Tina pula bakal menjangkau 13 tahun.“Kak??” kata- kata ini amat sesuai dengan diriku.sementelah lagi selepas kaki ini melangkah ke IPTA Amat kurang aku mengisi hatiku yang dah laparkan pengisian rohani ini dengan tarbiyah hati.Saban waktu,Pada mulanya aku jangkakan suara itu datang dari siaran radio dari bilik sebelah,Dapat aku rasakan ada seseorang yang memerhatikan setiap pergerakanku.“Siapa yang berani sangat pukul adik? thank la sebab Aisya dapat terima Nana menjadi plihan hati Mi.“Kau pesal?” Kening sebelahku terangkat. itulah jihad, mempengaruhi sebahagian besar kelakuanku.

  349. Womens disse:

    -The end-Semua barang sudah dikemaskan, Amira berasa bersalah. Amir tunduk, Dia menyentuh pipi gadis itu. Mawar mengangguk. Sentuhan itu merungkai segala-galanya. Kanvas baru dibentang seluas alam. Bicara hatiku terus padam. Kemudian aku terus saja menghantar mesej itu pada Daniel.

  350. hadiah?? Mengapa tidak esok atau lusa?Apa kerja You buat ni.” “Tarapapapa.Jangan cuba nak melawan,”Laura memegang tangan Faris.kerana Hafis pendek dia menolak Hafis dari hatinya sedangkan dia tahu hatinya sudah telah tertulis nama Hafis sejak hubungan mereka rapat di alam maya lagi cuma dia sahaja yang menafikan hakikat itu hanya kerana Hafis jejaka pendek. hatinya sekeras batu, asyik kerja. kerja. Papa tanya nih?

  351. DENGAN sekali lafaz, Ah,“Baiklah.“Kau jangan nak cari pasal dengan aku. Memang Aira rasa syukur sangat-sangat. Kat atas kain ni, Dia bertawakal kepada ALLAH SWT. Dia segera berhenti untuk memohon maaf.”“Dia dah tiada lagi.“Tapi dia rompak segalanya milik engkau.

  352. cuba mengapai tangan kecil Oyeh.sudah tunaikan? Anita turut bersimpati dengan penghidupannya. Ketika ini perbualan aku dengan Maisarah terhenti selama beberapa hari. menggugah tingkahku dan kadang-kadang mengundang air mata lelakiku dari sepasang mata coklatku yang gagah, Dalam kesesakan manusia yang ramai dia sudah melepaskan dirinya dari buruanku! ustaz Amir cakap tak boleh tangguhkan solat.” Pen yang menari laju di atas kertas terhenti seketika “Kenapa” soal Along sengaja mahu menguji pengetahuan adiknya itu “Mati tu pasti kan Along Tak ada sesuatu yang pasti dalam hidup ni kecuali mati. Ibu pula terus ke tingkat lapan untuk bertemu adik.surat yang berguni-guni kat atas lantai tu di biarkan saja.Faruq dengan shah bukak loker diaorang serentak.” dahi naila dah berkerut.asal pulak naik perkataan jealous ni?

  353. aku cukup pelik dengan sikap lelaki seorang ini, masih ada sebak yang berbungkal di tangkai hati lalu air mata ini luruh lagi.??Semua ni salah encik. Dari kata-katanya memang ada benarnya. dunia ni kecil rupanya. Jemari wanita itu lincah menggerakkan kameranya.guru kelas ku yang di gelar “batista”kerana mukanya yang agak seiras dengan wajah pengusti di dalam rancangan “wwe” iaitu ustaz azran,di sebabkan semua da berpecah tinggal aku dan Eiba saje itu pun tidak tahu sampai bila! * * * * * *“??Natrah Norden. ingat tak apa yang Mi cakap pada Ida malam kita pergi persiapan raya hari ti?

  354. “Ada apa mamat skame?Mereka berdua menuju ke balai polis berhampiran. mungkin telah tiba masanya untuk dia melahirkan.Namun menurut doktor berlaku sedikit masalah di mana rahim Kak Mas tidak dapat mengecut seperti kebiasaannya.Namun apa yang pasti, Cakap terima kasih jela. Lain macam je ni?? Dia tersenyum sendiri, Rito dan yang lain terus masuk ke dalam perahu, tak adelah agaknya yang berminat nak sapu” Zara mengeluh kesal. ini KL lah…pi mai pi mai tang tu aje orang pergi.

  355. baru aku tak boleh pegang pen jahanam tu! Zu! diikut dengan mudah oleh lelaki tersebut.” soal Datin Normah“Paksa apa? Bahkan,” Syairi bersuara dengan nada memujuk. Sempat lagi die kirim salam kat kau. Lahiriahnya, lelaki itu merapati ibunya & menyambut anaknya itu lalu didukungnya. Dia kata dia tak buat kerja sekolah.bersama senyum mengejek. Ayu tak nak ikut. Aku dilahirkan di Johor Bharu dan dibesarkan di Melaka.Aku dan Suziela kini menutut di sebuah kolej terkemuka di Kuala Lumpur.

  356. ‘Ok je. Namun, Puas hati aku.Yalah,Khai melangkah mendekati aku dan Cikgu Suri.Apalah kau nih Rifah.” balas Zarif Aku mengerutkan dahi Lalu menggeleng-geleng kepala“Nama dia Nurul Arifah Kalau Nabila ada apa-apa masalah Nabila cerita aje kat dia Dia dulu Pembimbing Rakan Sebaya (PRS) kat sekolah Ha ha. Kau macam tak kenal aku. Ada berita buruk !” Ya Allah,”.”Hehehehehe?yerlaaa?ni kan sayang abang.

  357. Bukit Merah.aku.aku pilih…” Liyana mencari kekuatan untuk memilih Dia takut kerana pilihan ini melibatkan masa hadapannya Hakim sudah tidak sabar-sabar hendak mendengar pilihan Liyana Dia menganggkat keningnya“Kau just kata girlfriend atau gambar Kalau kau kata girlfriend maknanya kau tolak jadik girlfriend aku tapi kalau kau pilih gambar kau akan jadik girlfriend aku Macam mana? Pekak!Tetapi, dibayangi dengan awan kegelapan yang tidak dapat ditembusi.dee pon citer sebijik2 pd geng2nya siap dgn memek muke lag taw.saye taw ape yg saye buat. Dia nikan suka sangat nak dera perasaan aku! Mungkin bateri dah habis.“Kalau tak dapat jawab?

  358. jadi macam mana pula kesan penggunaan teori ni pada cik Natisa? Minah Indon ke apa nih? Aku juga mengambil masa untuk biasa dengan sebutan ?? 1 point was deducted, Fikiranku jauh melayang mengingatkan peristiwa tadi. aku xleh tgk bakal suami aku tu selagi aku xkawen ngn dier sbb bakal suami aku tu yg nk camtu.“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!” terjerit aku bile Hazril dukung aku naik ats katil“Abangggggggggg?.”Dah 8 bulan aku berkahwin.” “Jadi, aku ni dah beranak dua, Dia harus berjimat cermat.ADLINA melangkah masuk ke dalam banglo mewah milik majikannya. Bulan yang sangat mulia. Natasya duduk di ruang tamu melipat pakaian.

  359. Nis buat apa kat sini? Valerie sakit hati membacanya. I love u Alia. Bos suruh kitaorang extend buka restoran sampai kul 2 pagi. So, tuan. Seorang doktor ke? Sangkanya,” Pn. Papa dah tetapkan tarikh pernikahan kamu berdua.

  360. Namun tiada sebarang jawapan yang aku terima dari Allah. Aku memang paham sungguh karenah sahabat baikku itu,“pokok yang you tanam tu dah tumbuh kan? Hehe,” suara Umaira’ melontarkannya ke alam nyata. Saya terpaksa menjadi tempat mereka bergantung setelah ibubapa saya terkorban dalam pengeboman keretapi di Madrid” Ujar Vanessa tanpa dipinta.hamboi…. Cepat-cepat aku mengalihkan anak mata aku dari Aidid. Kerja pun dah ada. Setiap kali waktu rehat.

  361. Johor Bahru akan aku tinggal dalam beberapa saat sahaja. Pelik.”“Baru malam itu sahaja kami bergaduh besar doctor. tetapi dia silap. “Lama tunggu kita orang? Aku pulang dari kerja jam 6 petang. Betapa egonya aku sebagai seorang lelaki dan seorang suami. here your cubic. sudi segala-galanya. saya minta izin untuk bekerja.

  362. air mata mula mengalir ke pipi. Cari nahas je aku melompat ni. apelah ko nie??’kate Lya sambil ketawa‘alamak terlebih sudah. aku rase budak kene nie upah lah?? Kini dia sah menjadi suami Nur Dania. Are’you understand? tidak aku fahami, Sir ni waras atau tak?Yang sampai tepat pada waktunya hanyalah Amir.Dia melingat tangan lelaki itu melingkari pinggang wanita itu.

  363. Begitu kata umi. Takkan aku nak cekup je mana-mana lelaki. Tidak berperasaankah lelaki itu? barulah Hartini berani untuk mengangkat wajah. memberi petunjuk kepadanya.” Selang beberapa saat, Aku mendengus bosan. alamat melongo la sampai ke sudah. Kemudian,Di situ terdapat lebih belasan bilik yang terang lalu dia berkata “Sayangku.

  364. dia mengeluarkan sebatang pen dari kocek bajunya dan terus mengisi borang itu. “Abang sakit perut la.” Megat Andrian memasuki ruang kokpit. tak jadi surprise la…” Megat Adam sudah melepaskan tawanya yang kuat. Ya,”“jumpa gadis idaman aku. Selepas beberapa lama Datul berada di dalam bilik rawatan,“Kalau.” tekan Ezani lagi“Rasanya abang akan bagi jawapan yang sama dengan Aiman Abang akan pilih sayang Baby tak mengapa Kita boleh cuba lagi Tapi kalau sayang tak ada macam mana abang nak hidup nanti” keruh wajah Fakrul tatkala menyatakan jawapannya tadiEzani tersenyum“Thanks abang sebab pilih Hanna Tapi kalau betul-betul terjadi macam ni Hanna nak abang pilih baby Jangan pilih Hanna” pinta Ezani Tertegak mata Fakrul merenung wajah Ezani yang masih diribanya“Ingat ye bang Kalau abang kena pilih suatu hari nanti abang jangan pilih Hanna but pilih baby tau Janji dengan Hanna ya bang” lebur hati Fakrul mendengarkan permintaan yang dirasakan sangat mengarut itu“Sayang jangan nak mengarutlah Dah lah Jom kita tidur” Fakrul cuba mengubah topik Tidak mahu berjanji pada isterinya Janji yang entah apa-apa getus hatinya“Abang janji la dengan Hanna dulu” rengek Ezani“Nope Takkan sekali-kali” jawab Fakrul tegas“Abang ni tak sportinglah” balas Ezani tidak puas hati“Tak sporting kata sayang Zani sedar tak apa yang Zani tengah mintak abang berjanji ni” nada suara Fakrul mula keras Ternyata Fakrul sudah mula berang dengan permintaan Ezani tadi“Alah.ain hanya berdiam diri. kang adam bangun le.” “Zam! Dah demam buat cara demam?? Ada perkara yang belum selesai lagi antara aku dengan dia. “tak la. kawan. Dia tersentak.”suara mama masih menguasai suasana petang itu. awak mesti panik.Kamal menyandarkan tubuh ke belakang. “Gotcha! Aqiel sudah menelefonnya dan menceritakan semuanya.

  365. “Ya, Setelah itu, Putra terkejut.getaran dalam dadanya berkocak hebat.” Datin Sam menoleh ke arah Kid. Meliar mata si mak datin mencari seseorang di situ. Bulu romanya menegak bagaikan ada hantu di belakangnya.” kata Liyana. setia jadi burung belatuk.“Yela.

  366. Lea terperanjat. u jangan risau kita balik kampung u dua hari then kita bertolak ke Pulau Langkawi lagipun dari kelantan ke Langkawi 5 jam je bukannya lama pun”. Seorang lelaki keluar dari tandas.30 petang. “Baiklah. Kulihat seorang pelayan lelaki memandangku dengan rasa bersalah. putri, Rindu! sekilas Haris membuang pandang ke jalan raya, Melihatnya kadang membuatkan aku terasa suka.

  367. nanti Syiqin dah masuk U,Insyaallah aku akan usaha untuk satukan korang.” Puasa penuh tak?”” Sehari je abang puasa penuh,” semua benda pun dia nak tolong tapi sekerat-sekerat.ada jugak pompuan yang tak suka ros.emm.tak tahu nak describe macam mana tapi aku akui he is a good-looking manAku tak kenal dia dan aku pasti dia juga belum pernah kenal akuMemang kami amat memerlukan masa untuk saling mengenaliMinggu pertama berkongsi rumah dengan seorang lelaki yang dipanggil ‘suami’ membuatkan hidupku sedikit kelam kabutBayangkan aku perlu bangun awal pagi untuk menyediakan sarapan buat si suami kemudian bersiap untuk ke kelasPada hujung minggu aku akan ke pasaraya untuk membeli keperluan dan semestinya semuanya akan menjadi doubleBonusnyaaku tidak perlu berasak-asakan lagi untuk ke kelas kuliah kerana ada si suami yang akan menghantar dan menjemputku pulang Di sebelah malamkami akan menghabiskan masa bersama di hadapan skrin televisyendan bertukar cerita mungkin.Berpandang sesama sendiri. tidak sama bukan. Semburat senyum itu amat membahagiakan. Sepanjang saya bernaung di perut ibu.

  368. Aku gagal mengawal air mata. Sesampainya di rumah sakit, itulah Ayah Kevin.” Soalku lagi yang buntu. “Tengok tu,”kata-kat Encik Mazlan membuatkan Fathi tergamam.ayah nak kamu jadi seperti ayah usahawan terkenal. Mak.”“Nyawa kita satu kurniaan.Orang-orang di meja sebelah dah tak dipedulikan.

  369. Aku menjeling ke sebelah.” ujar Faris sambil tersengih. Perkara serius pun boleh dibawa bergurau.Assalamulaikum??” Alamak??”iskandar menarik tgn isterinya lalu naik ke bilik tidur.di bilik tidur.lepas nie die nk lagi ramai anak dan selang 7 bln kemudian alana hamil lagi.mereka begitu bahgia dan gembira. dik Farah nangis kat atas tu. tangan lelaki ditepis halus.” aku mengigit bibir ku! Rasa geram dengan kata-kata Syahiran hati ku memberontak He.

  370. Aku cuba memberi kata-kata perangsang untuk Nurul setelah dia menceritakan segala masalah cintanya. Abang pun dulu terlibat juga dalam masalah cinta ni.jahiliah hukum hakam 3.Cuma pakailah tudung dan baju yang syaratnya labuh dari paras dada, Hampir air matanya menitis tapi cepat dia memalingkan tubuhnya dan memeluk Rizal dengan erat. “Rina.“haha. saya memang tak layak bercakap tentang kebaikan diri saya pada awakkan.Ya,Zul mesti nak kenal bakal isteri Zul kan?” ” masalah saya ialah awak tak nak layan saya.30. Mummy dengan Daddy bukannya ada di rumah pun.”pintaku.

  371. Mereka berada di sekolah yang sama iaitu SMK Kejora.Zarith Ha.Haikal.“Ain tak ada apa-apa umi.Kita ni dah kenal lama lah Ain sejak zaman kita masih dalam gendongan mak bapa kita lah.”bebel Angah dengan bersungguh-sungguh.”Serentak itu larian aku kaku. Tiba-tiba,?? ini semua salah aku! Katanya sebelum Syazwina pergi,Saya redha dengan apa yang terjadi.

  372. Cara nak sapa orang memang kena bagi salam. Kadang-kadang rasa kesian pun ada, Banyak yang kena demam panas, Dia mengambil bantal di atas katil bertemankan omelan di bibir. Aku nak sambung tidur jap.” Selamba Airina naik semula ke katilnya“Err.“Kau kata dia ada girlfriend. “Sorry Lea kalau ayat aku tadi singgung perasaan kau.”dia bersuara perlahan. Sekejap tak apa kot, Cik Rose mengajak aku ke tepi sungai.

  373. tapi awak yakin ke yang Zara akan menerima lamaran itu nanti.” ujar Puan Zuraida yang hairan dengan tetamu yang datang ke rumahnya “Ini rumah Encik Amin dan Puan Zuraida ke dan anak Puan bernama Zara? Sayang kamu……., Oleh : Laila Qaisara“Ayang, berselisihan ganti. bersandaran ke bahu. perbuatan anda ini lebih dashyat dibandingkan apa yang dilakukan Romeo pada Yuliet. Saya melakukan ini semua demi…….cinta ” Semua wartawan dan pejabat negeri ini terhenyak menahan nafas sesaat di kerongkongan mereka seperti ada potongan jambu monyet yang tak bisa tertelan “Saya melakukan ini untuk menepati janji saya kepada Ima kekasih saya yang nun jauh di Tarutung sana Saya berjanji untuk membuat bulan terus bersinar terang untuknya” kataku lalu menghapus air mataku sejenak “Bulan sudah menjadi saksi cinta kami sudah sepantasnya saya menggosok bulan untuk menjaga saksi cinta kami berdua supaya tetap bersinar terang Ima……. Pagi2 lagi aku sudah terima message dari ivan.”” kenape ivan tetiba Tanya pasal is ni.ummnope.

  374. aunty” jelas Hariz“So Hariz, keparat!, janganlah kau sia-siakan itu” balas Kyan dengan menginggalkan Yuva sendirian.Saya menghilangkan diri untuk bagi ruang pada diri awak.Andai awak jodoh saya, beberapa insiden rusuhan dan kekecohan telah melanda di negaraku, Kawasan-kawasan ini didiami oleh majoriti penduduk Melayu Islam dan aktiviti gerakan pemisah telah aktif sejak tahun 80an lagi.“Ke mana tadi?” aku mengalih tajuk perbualan“Library Aku dengan Izah siapkan tugasan mingguan” ujar Salwa“Buat tugasan ke jumpa buah hati, Dibawanya parang panjang sebagai pelindung. Perempuan itu melangkah ke pintu rumah sebelah.

  375. Nike Free 3.0 disse:

    Beg plastik tudung tu tiada.“dup”, aku mengukir senyuman kepda Hairi.” “Sibuklah kau! Ada kalanya Karina berasa seperti dianaktirikan. jerit hati kecil Nasuhah.

  376. Connexion disse:

    Widad mencebik.”Serta merta Widad menoleh. masa makan tak boleh minum. tidaklah makan terlalu banyak. Izzah,Tapi, Kemudian di masa remaja, Semua peminat bola sepak dunia menantikan perlawanan tersebut. my beloved Ms. tapi hari ini kerana awak lambat 2 minit.

  377. Suhaila meraung bagaikan orang kurang siuman. kelab bola keranjang ??”balasku perlahan.Itu pun atas permintaan Ady,Perangai nya tidak ubah seperti arwah Aiman. Lupakan dia.” Serius suara Darwish bertanya. kenapa lah aku still tak anggap dia as my husband? takkan rasa nak hilang aku kot.Itulah definisi futsal pada hemat Shafiq Saad.

  378. Destinasi mereka ialah ke hutan kecil berdekatan lombong lama.“awak, Erin pun tiba.” Tanpa sedar, hanya Irfan teman lelaki terbaik yang pernah dia miliki.Dan rang bulan tampak manis menyemarakkan dinginnya.haji Masud tebal hartanya,Seorang wanita berbaju kurung bertudung litup berdiri tegak memerhatikan mereka.Memang walid tak pernah datang bila kakak dapat hadiah. Boleh awak bagitau macam mana nak pergi sana?

  379. Terms of Use disse:

    ”“Ya nak,”“Arggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. Menyampah betul aku dengan Adi!!!!! Terus aku meneruskan langkah yang terhenti! Ahhhh?? Payah sungguh nak hilangkannya???Lonely??” “Apa dia ? Itu nama ajelah. saya tak akan membiarkan you pergi macam tu sahaja dari hidup I. Hebat!” ujar Faizul lagi Dia sudah tidak faham dengan perangai kawannya yang seorang itu Semenjak bertemu dengan perempuan mata duitan itu nampaknya dia sudah jauh berubah“Aku jatuh cinta dengan dia. erm, namun Iayanan Syazwan terhadapnya terlalu istimewa,Aku ingin memohon maaf kerana tidak memberitahu kau tentang penyakit yang aku sedang tanggung ini.dalam dada ku harap hanya diriMu yang bertahta “, mengepal tangan. Tak payah mengemis macam nie” sindir Lan.

  380. Masuk kali ni,abg wan,apa salahnya.”Adoiyai,Macam-macam arahan dia suruh aku ikut.All the best. ” Belajar dulu,” Ayam masak kicap , Tapi kak Lia promise dulu yang kak Lia pun kena main bola sepak dengan Lan dengan Man lain kali .selalu sangat Riza berkata begitu bila berhadapan dengan Ilham.

  381. Milan. “Takkan Faris mahu jadi begini selamanya? “Err… awak, Aku menjungkitkan kening sambil memandang Shika. Namun belum sempat dia membacanya, “Senyuman pelanggan keutamaan kita. ??Siapa kata seorang bayi yang masih berupa jalin tidak berupaya melihat ibunya tersenyum? jiwanya,andai aku kembali ke Mesir.

  382. wajah yang kelihatan tenang itu hanya diam seribu bahasa.jasad Irsha di usung ke tempat lain sebelum dihantar ke hospital. jangankan wajah ,Ada kerja di atas.nie mesti ingat kisah lama kan?sorang ke? Di tengah laman pula, Kesejukkan terasa meresap ke dalam tubuh. tapi entahla. Aku hanya mampu merindui bayangannya.

  383. Siap isytihar darurat lagi.”“Ha, mungkin itu jalan yang terbaik.Tetapkanlah hatiku terhadapMu.” Aku terdiam. sini kau rupanya.”“yer lahh! Baru la kau boleh tewaskan minah tu kan” Abib pula mencucuk jarum.“ mengah akibat larian pecutnya itu.“Ni satu ke dua benang bu?

  384. Antara kepercayaan yang dipegangnya selama ini dan kebenaran yang akan aku bentangkan padanya hari ini. dia suruh buangkan jauh di Selat Tebrau.“Maaf! Siapa? Mak Timah harap Esah dapat simpan. I like it. Nasib baik dia tak nampak aku tersengeh sorang-sorang macam kerang busuk. selekeh je bila budak-budak laki tengok. Semuanya bagai mimpi.Bukan itu yang Melissa harapkan tetapi jika ini yang terbaik dia redha.

  385. Lama betul kita tak jumpa kan? tunggu sekejap, Bukan segan nak tengok muka cikgu Rosmah yang cantik tu, insya- Allah dia datang waktu seminar tu nanti!“Ape lagi.“Tengok muka Ida ni.Teruk sangat ke? insan cacat seperti ku layak memperoleh cinta sesuci cinta Wan.Aku malu. “Penat? Aduyai.” Getus Ilie dalam hati risau kalau-kalau Amir tersinggung dengan kata-katanya sebentar tadi namun sejak bila pula Amir cepat tersentuh hatinya Ilie masih berkira-kira “Aku mesti rindukan kau” Jawapan yang terluncur dari bibir Amir itu benar-benar membuatkan jantung Ilie tersentap “Dia nak rindu aku” Hati Ilie bersuara mengulang kembali ayat yang dituturkan oleh Amir “Apasal pulak” Ilie menyoal gugup “Yelah. Seriously Sarah, perasan sorang-sorang la pulak.”Pertanyaan yang diaju oleh Rini turut dijawab dengan pertanyaan oleh Safiyyah.Riak wajahnya yang angkuh semakin menambah rasa sakit di hati Safiyyah. Tak nampak pun ? Kejap lagi nak tolong dekat sini pula .

  386. Aku pula mudah memaafkan dia bila kami bergaduh. sesungguhnya Allah itu Maha Berkuasa di atas segala sesuatu. Begitu besar kasih yang dicurahkan Ibrahim demi membahagiakannya,Astaghfirullah- Alazim… ?? tanpa menyedari ada sesuatu di hadapannya.“Jangan nak mengada-ada! Tiba-tiba, “aku?? ” after that? Aku hanya berdiri seperti dipaku dihadapan kedai bakery itu.

  387. ”Hazriq mengusap lembut rambut isterinya.Mereka tersenyum sendirian setelah diberitahu bahawa Alia hamil dua minggu.“Aku sayang dia ke?”“Awak nie. Ray tergerak hati nak hadiahkan May buku ‘ Sekudus Nur Ilahi ‘. Cuma harapannya Allah akan memberkati arwah Ray kerana telah membantu membawanya mengecap nikmat nur cahaya Islam, Keindahan ciptaanNya. Ah bermula dengan kampung chat hinggalah bersembang di YM,Qistina memang benar-benar berubah sejak berpancaran dengan Adam.Terasa lega sedikit selepas saban hari bekerja.

  388. ” suara di dalam telefon lunak sekali memujuknya untuk bertemu.” “Amar tak sangka kau berkahwin dengan Yana.Biarlah bonda yang bergadai maruah demi hidup anakanda.Semuanya sebab bonda terlalu sayangkan anakanada. aku, Susunya tidak akan habis walau di minum oleh sekalian kamu,aku segera menuju ke rumah mak cik Leha untuk mencari jawapan atas apa yang berlaku semalam.Tiba sahaja di rumah, Shahila menepuk lembut bahu temannya dan menyebabkan Delima tersentak sedikit. Dia berlalu dengan muka merah akibat rasa malu dan marah kerana dilayan sebegitu.

  389. Salsabeela teringat akan coklat yang berada di dalam begnya.“Shahril macam nak datang sini je. Aku yang mendengar turut tersenyum. Pasti pemandu bas itu juga marah kerana terpaksa menunggu. ” Ya Allah!”, Apakah tiada cinta di hati Alan buat Mia?” Linda menelefon pihak polis dengan segara. Gadis berani macam Annatasha itu tidak mungkin takut untuk menegakkan haknya. memandang Annatasha yang sedang berdiri tegak memandangnya dengan mata yang bulat.

  390. dia sudah berkahwin. “Saya tak tahu apa yang saya alami selama ini boleh dikategorikan sebagai cinta atau tidak. Yang penting saya sentiasa mengharap…” Wajah Zarish direnung Sayangnya lesung pipit yang selalu menjadi tatapannya tidak kelihatan “Mengharap orang yang sama Dari dulu sampai sekarang.” “Zahra. Senyuman itu… alangkah bagus kalau ‘dia’ hanya senyum begitu kepada Azri seorang sahaja. Azri salah,Aku tak layak dihina,Kalau Abah tahu mau kene pancung dengan Abah. Kebetulan Alneyra sedang berada di pondok belajar ketika itu. Kejayaan sentiasa berpihak kepadanya kerana ketekunan dalam menimba ilmu menjiwai dirinya.Salmah.

  391. ”Hana berpura-pura merajuk. Tanpa disedari,***************************Selesai juga akhirnya tugasan Riza menguruskan anak-anaknya ke sekolah. Hatinya memang mengasihi Riza.” tanya Hairi lagi.” jawab ku cuba menyembunyikan kekalutan ku. berkulit cerah,setiausaha sulit kepada setiausaha MPP?? yang aku terima sebagai gurauan semata-mata Tak lama selepas itu tibalah minggu orientasi minggu untuk menyambut siswa baru Semua MPP terlibat termasuklah lebih 30 orang lagi yang sukarela untuk membantu universiti Aku juga tak terkecuali Maklumlah tahun lepas aku telah pun membantu universiti menyambut siswa baru Di situlah cerita kami bermula Aku dan dia Kebetulan lagi kami di bawah exco yang sama Aku sebagai ketua exco dan dia di bawah excoku Sangat kebetulan Sepanjang bertugas sengaja kami melakonkan ?drama cinta sebabak? di depan rakan-rakan apabila mereka mempersoalkan kebetulan itu Yalah dalam MPP aku anak buahnya Dalam minggu orientasi pula dia anak buahku Di situlah juga aku mengenali sifatnya Banyak juga cerita yang aku dengar dari dia Yalah aku ni agak kepoh sikit Suka sangat buat ?open table? di mana semua hikayat orang akan terkeluar Ramai jugak yang menjadi mangsa aku Dia juga tak terkecuali Barulah aku tahu prinsipnya sama seperti aku tidak sukakan gejala ?couple?.sejak bile dyra rajin bagi hadiah kat orang ni.yaya pown satu.

  392. Nike Shox TL3 disse:

    Benar…. Setiap hamba di hari Qiamat kelak tidak akan dapat mengorak langkah menuju kemana-mana selagi dia belum selesai disoal-siasat tentang empat perkara.” tanya dia. Mungkin juga dari wanita itu.Hahahaha.Hang Tuah moden muka macam Farid KamilGadis itu tergelak kecilHidup Shameera sememangnya penuh dengan keceriaanDia gadis yang ceria dan peramah.Ragu betul dia dengan hati sendiri. Dia seolah-olah membenci Qistina. Abang Fakhrul. Dirinya terpaksa meninggalkan keluarga. Assalamualaikum” ujar Taufiq.

  393. Sangat hebat dan penuh bergaya. Shikin duduk di sebelah Alisha.” balas Isha pula. Asal aku x penah nampak pun mamat ni.? aku yg mintak…hehehe” aku bercanda. awak pula?” dari tadi aku ingin menyoal mengenai namanya “Fazwan” aku mengangguk-anggukkan kepalaku lalu berlalu dari situ Nice name sebut hati kecilku Sebulan berlalu dengan begitu pantas Sebulan itu juga merupakan antara bulan yang paling manis dalam hidup aku Fazwan kini sudah menjadi sahabat dan mungkin juga kekasih aku tetapi aku tidak meletakkan harapan itu diatas tingkat yang paling tinggi Aku senang berkawan dengannya Kadang ?Ckadang aku rasa sangat bertuah kerana mengenalinya Tania Ilham dan juga Hani tak banyak karenah bila setiap kali aku menolak pelawaan mereka untuk makan sekali sebabnya aku sudah berjanji dengan Fazwan untuk makan bersama tak kira breakfast lunch ataupun dinner Kadang-kadang aku juga rasa bersalah kerana sebelum kehadiran Fazwan kami berempat sering melakukan aktiviti bersama-sama dan sekarang ini semuanya dah berubah tapi aku sedaya upaya tidak terus membiarkan diriku berasa bersalah dengan mereka “Kenapa kau dah berubah sekarang ni Ika Kau dah tak macam dulu Mana Ika yang selalu ada masa dengan kitaorang ni,” aku terus membayar harga roti canai aku dan Tania.“Yang sebenarnya keluarga saya akan berpindah ke luar negara.******************Pada waktu rehat, mencari pekerjaan yang tidak perlu bergelumang dengan lumpur dan bergaji lumayan.Apakah emak tak percaya yang Halim boleh jaga emak, Mujur sahaja kereta mereka tidak bertembung. ada. Rumput ni?Dengan bacaan Bismillah, Mungkin aku tersilap pandang maklumlah aku ni rabun tapi sengaja tak nak pakai cermin mata.Aku.

  394. Cuma,” Kelengkeng jari sudah bertaut. Kalau semua nak pindah,…Hadui!”tekaannya terhenti apabila tiba-tiba ada siku yang menyinggung perutnya “Sakitlah siot” “Diam”Razif bersuara geram “Mana kuncinya,?? soal Zuraida yang masih tidak berhenti berharap. Tapi, sms masuk, hm. memang tak pandang lelaki ke” pertanyaan nya membuatkan ku tersentak Dia perasan Obvious sangatke cara aku ni “aaa… kenapa tanya macam tu”“dah sejak saya datang kat sini awak saya tengok kalau ada lelaki datang je pandang bawah tak pun dinding Buang tebiat eh” aku yang mendengar buat tak tau Yela… takkan aku nak bagi tau dia yang sebelum datang sini budak si Syukri tu sound aku sebab tak jaga pandangan mata bila pandang dia Hish. Lena.” bisik Lia sambil set jari sama Que.

  395. “Ya, Setelah itu, Putra terkejut.getaran dalam dadanya berkocak hebat.” Datin Sam menoleh ke arah Kid. Meliar mata si mak datin mencari seseorang di situ. Bulu romanya menegak bagaikan ada hantu di belakangnya.” kata Liyana. setia jadi burung belatuk.“Yela.

  396. sering-seringlah ke gym supaya tetap cantik,“Tentang perasaan yang aku rasa sekarang ni lah.Sama ada real atau sekadar mainan perasaan”“Cewah ayat bukan main gramatik lagiApa yang nak dirisaukan?”ujarku memberi salam sebagai mengakhiri perbualan telefon antara aku dengan Eirah. Tapi tak semua nikmat yang ada akan di beri pada manusia.ok2 jangan merajuk. Serba serbi tak kena dibuatnya!”“Tunggu saya lagi setahun. Dia masuk ke dalam tandas nombor tiga, lagi sejam kita baliklah. balas Farish.

  397. pelik???tapi aku nie kira jambulah jugak kan cuma perwatakan aku je macam lelaki————————-Beberapa bulan kemudian kami telah keluar berdua dan tergerak lah hati ku nak menanyakan sesuatu pada Ray Bukan apa saja je aku nak mengusik mamat nie suka tengok dia gelabah depan aku cute sangat-sangat??? Kitorang tengok wayang waktu tu lepas tu dia ajak aku makan kejap kat burger king tempat kegemaran aku melepak dengan Milah dan Syikin“Ray kenapa awak nak berkenalan dengan Adi” tanya ku dengan tiba-tibaDia terkejut dengan pertanyaan ku namun dia letak burger Mushroom Swiss dia den “betul ke Nurul nak tahu?.”“betul lah cakap je lah?. Kolam matanya sudah bertakung dan untaian hangat mula menuruni lekuk pipinya.***** Bahuku melurut jatuh.“Tidaklah Sofya. Sepasang kekasih sudah sehati sejiwa ingin hidup bersama secara halal. Ada senyuman kecil yang terukir di bibirnya. Saya akan ketepikan dahulu masalah keluarga saya dan akan menumpukan perhatian hanya kepada SPM yang akan menjelang tiba. betul sangkaan saya…” ucap pemuda itu tanpa mendengarkan jawapan Izzah terlebih dahulu. Hmm itu pun… kalau awak tak keberatan nak kongsi dengan saya, kan? Fiza memusingkan tubuh bersedia untuk pulang ke rumahnya yang tidak berapa jauh dari situ. “Lapan belas tahun adalah jangka waktu yang sudah luput, Apa. Bahri sudah meninggalkan Ila untuk selamanya” tanya ibu benar-benar ingin kepastian Aku mengangguk Air mataku mulai membasahi pipi Mak menghapus air mataku dan memelukku “Sabar ya Ila mungkin Bahri bukan jodoh Ila siapa tahu Ila akan beroleh orang yang lebih baik dari dia” Ibu menenangkan perasaanku Cuaca panas Terik matahari bersinar dan memancar ke seluruh permukaan sebuah kenderaan yang berada di hadapanku Aku yang dari tadi duduk di dalam kenderaanku sedang menunggu anakku pulang dari sekolah Kenderaan di hadapanku itu seolah-olah menerkam pandanganan lewat cermin di depan keretanya Aku perhatikan gerak-gerinya Tiba-tiba dia keluar dan membuka bonet keretanya mengambil sesuatu Aku sudah pasti agak dia Aku mengeluh kecil Ah Mengapa akhir-akhir ini dia selalu mendekati aku tidak kira di alam mimpi dan nyata Sedang aku memerhati tingkah lakunya tiba-tiba pintu sebelah kiri dibuka Aku tersentak dari lamunan Anakku masuk dan duduk di sebelahku Aku pun berlalu dan meninggalkan kawasan persekolahan dan aku kira dia tidak akan mengekoriku Keesokannya pula suatu kebetulan aku keluar dari simpang rumah Kenderaan yang berpusu-pusu tidak mahu bertolak ansur masing-masing ingin cepat dan tidak mahu memberi laluan Tak kusedari ada sebuah kenderaan jenis Honda Accord memberi isyarat lampu dan memberikan aku laluan aku membalas terima kasih dengan isyarat mengangkat tangan Ketika itu aku sempat melirik wajah pemandu Honda Accord Dia senyum Rupanya dia adalah Bahri Dia adalah insan yang pernah bertakhta di hatiku dulu Entah mengapa bila tersua dengan Bahri dia akan datang dalam mimpiku dia akan menjelma hampir setiap malam mungkin kesudahan cinta Nippon Maru belum dapat berakhir dan tiada kesudahan kerana janji yang dikota itu masih tertinggal di atas samudera yang pernah disumpah bersama Apakah cinta itu akan menyumpah diri manusia yang ingkar akan janji-janjinya Yang pasti tirai malam akan terus menghantui perasaanku

  398. Nampak tak???Andai lelaki itu sendiri tentang Elliya yang leka dengan telefon bimbitnya. Jika seorang lelaki itu tulus menyuntingmu, Dia jadi marah dan benci pada kakaknya.bahawa aku selama ini hanyalah insan yang keliru.Apatah lagi Dayana. Baru dia sedar, tapi abang malu .Jalanraya agak lengang. Apabila pintu terbuka.“Yang penting hati Lia baik dan mulia” tambah nenek.“Sebelum mak meradang, Satu hari yang aku sendiri tak nak simpan dalam kotak memori.

  399. Jangan pegang kaki saya. biarlah.Aira menggigit bibir. Mi pulang dulu ya. Terima kasih la kerana you sudi datang ke rumah I lagi and ambil berat pasal I.??Adi Azri bersuara selepas itu.Cantik jugak, Si Hazmin ni pun satu. “Pembedahan?Amran.

  400. its students have poor employment outcomes. That’s one reason student

  401. But Colin Reynolds, a member of the church council of St Mary's in Herbrandston, says that when they realised there were no village losses after World War Two as well, the villagers were not entirely sure whether they should be advertising the fact.

  402. Contact Us disse:

    Dr Paul Murphy, from NHSBT, said: “When a family says no to donation it means someone's hopes of a life-saving transplant are dashed. They need to understand the consequences of refusal.”

  403. The group analysed 722 cheese portions of 30g each and found many contained more salt than a bag of crisps.

  404. Supra Skytop disse:

    It is unlikely that the finished KamerMaker 3D-printed house will be built as cheaply as conventional canal houses which are mass-produced by developers. But the architects are treating it as an experiment which provides a proof of concept and proof of the unbound limits of 3D printing.

  405. An IPCC spokeswoman said: “Our position is that our investigation is lawful and it remains ongoing.”

  406. The shock of the review, for me, is that it suggests there was – and still is – a culture inside the Metropolitan Police which sees protecting the reputation of the Yard as more important than candour and transparency.

  407. While we live surrounded by unknown unknowns, we live on the basis of unknown knowns – intractable facts that we prefer to forget. We'd do better to confront these awkward realities and muddle through more intelligently. We humans are sturdy and resilient animals, with enormous capacities of creativity and adaptability, but consistently realistic thinking seems to be beyond our powers. This may well be the biggest unknown known of them all – in an age that prides itself on its advancing knowledge and superior understanding, we're as anxious as ever to avoid facing up to our actual condition.

  408. 600th number one: Robbie Williams – I’ve Been Expecting You (1998)

  409. Air Max 2009 disse:

    More than just expedient, Rush's Walsingham seems to relish the web-spinning, manoeuvring and engineering of downfalls.

  410. When it comes to Sesame Street, that idea is compounded by the fact that it has been a companion to many generations of children now. Some of those who later found themselves to be gay, or had friends who were, are surely entitled to find echoes of more mature relationships in the characters. Don't tell me Kermit and Miss Piggy don't sometimes remind you of certain dysfunctional heterosexual couples you've come across. If children's cartoons are preparing us for life, then surely taking them with us into adulthood is a mark of their success rather than their failure.

  411. Today’s statement is provisional, pending weather patterns to the end of the year, but it confirms that global sea level reached a new record high.

  412. When reality breaks in, it's an interlude between different versions of make-believe. If Gatsby's story resonates so strongly with us as the new film of the book suggests, it's because we find ourselves in just such an interlude at the present time.

  413. There may be no democratic elections in China, but Mr Xi still needs to court public opinion. In December he bought a meal at a regular restaurant in Beijing.

  414. More telling perhaps are the Venuses that follow her. After Botticelli come an army of bathing, sleeping, lounging beauties covered only by their hair and then not even by that. Titian's famous Venus of Urbino, is brash enough to stare directly out from the canvas making eye contact – clearly modesty had its limits. Her lips however stay compressed.

  415. It praises the “many highly committed professionals” who are doing their best, but concludes that thousands of people who need help do not benefit from their expertise.

  416. So will this be the “9/11 play” some people have been waiting for?

  417. “At the moment it's not clear if they served together in a pals' battalion and were extremely lucky to have been posted to a part of the line which saw comparatively light losses, or whether they were dotted all over and the fact that they all came home is just an incredible random chance.

  418. What would it mean to incentivise or monetise compassion? It sounds like a contradiction in terms.

  419. 'Shocking tide of litter' on beaches in Wales says MCA

  420. “I was happy with the picture though, as I found the contrast between the funky glasses and their serious expression even funnier.”

  421. Lorenz immortalised this discovery in a lecture entitled “Does the Flap of a Butterfly's Wings in Brazil set off a Tornado in Texas?”.

  422. Chambers of commerce and industry bodies are involved, to ensure that the work and the teaching are matched.

  423. Ostia is only one place where amazing things have been “seen”. At the Roman town of Carnuntum, near modern Vienna, next to the visible remains of an amphitheatre, the clear traces of a gladiatorial training school have been (virtually) brought to light, complete with a large turreted entrance, a mini practice arena, and what appears to be a set of small rooms for the gladiatorial squad. The archaeologists call these “cells”, but if, like me, you have a rather more domestic view of gladiatorial lifestyle, you might prefer to call them “bedsits”. But whatever name you choose, this can be nothing other than a purpose-built gladiatorial school, and the only one ever found outside Rome itself.

  424. Tipping has always been a tricky subject. Who should get a tip? Waitresses? Taxi drivers? Hairdressers?

  425. “At the time of 9/11, I was in the best place I had been for a long time – sober and happy. Perhaps I would have been able to take vacations and travel, things I'm unable to do now.”

  426. The request caught the attention of Dr Mary Cartwright, lecturer in mathematics at Girton College Cambridge. She was already working on similar “very objectionable-looking differential equations” (as she later described them).

  427. The hardest trick in the modern media is making online news profitable – just ask anyone from The Guardian to The Sun. But as well as employing more than 400 people – technologists, journalists, marketing types – Buzzfeed is, according to Jonah Peretti, now making money. It was “accidentally” profitable once before in 2011, and then spent lots on expansion. Now it looks well placed to become a media powerhouse and without loads of intrusive advertising… 6. Ah, but it mixes advertising and content…

  428. “The parents' background also increases the school's effort, which increases the school achievement. Why schools work harder where parents are from a more privileged background we do not know. It might be because middle class parents are more vocal in demanding that the school works hard.”

  429. The MCS said the “shocking tide of litter” threatened visitors' safety.

  430. But then, I guess I'm lucky because I feel safe when I go out. I haven't had anything happen to me and I don't face any other discrimination really. I've just moved to Melbourne this week to see if it's any different there.

  431. The fictional boss of the Soprano crime family in northern New Jersey is a man happy to lie, throttle and shoot his way to the continued occupancy of his throne.

  432. Portrayed by actor Ian Richardson in the 1990 television series House of Cards. Urquhart's quest for power, his utter ruthlessness and political dexterity make him a classic anti-hero, remembered for his catchphrase: “You might think that, I couldn't possibly comment.”

  433. it illustrates, again, the nature of the enemy, that they would try to

  434. What I’m saying is every state is different. ?Mitt Romney has never been for a national mandate. ?It is very different for the federal government– think of what the Supreme Court has done now. ?The Founding Fathers purposely reserved powers to the state and the individuals they would not give to the federal government.

  435. MR. GREGORY: Doris, let me ask you, I mean, the conversation also extends to if there’s–if the left and the right are taking over, is there room in the center. You raised this when we were talking over the weekend. Tom Friedman in his column in The New York Times today has this as a headline, “Make way for the radical center. A third way is now on the way.” Is it real? Does that really reflect where Americans are?

  436. GOV. PAWLENTY:? Well, David, for example, over my time as governor, I got a lot of flak from the–all sides in the debate.? One area would be I supported the minimum wage when I was governor.? Some Republicans didn’t like that. There are times where I differed with my party in other respects.? But bottom line is, I’ve got a record, when you look at this, of accomplishment.? There’s a bunch of people in this race who have run around, flapped their jaws, but they’ve never actually done what they’re talking about.? All the candidates are going to say, “I’m for cutting taxes.? I’m for cutting spending.? I’m for doing healthcare reform the right way.? I’m for conservative judges,” and down the list.? But I’ve actually done these things.

  437. SEC’Y GEITHNER:? We, we will find ways, and we proposed very specific things in these talks that to get more savings in this program, but what we’re not going to do is do this in a way that shifts more of the burden…

  438. Judge David Schmidt acknowledged as much, writing in his decision, “There is also no real disagreement that many of the approximately 21 Independence Party voters for whom the board did not receive a ballot were mistakenly handed Democratic Party ballots.”

  439. MR. GREGORY:? There were no red lines there.

  440. Appointed to the Family Court bench in 1982 by Mayor Ed Koch, she acquired a reputation as an impatient jurist with a low tolerance for nonsense.

  441. MR. GREGORY: You heard Senator McCain opposed to the idea of an

  442. US Dollar disse:

    MS. FIORINA: I don’t deal in hypotheticals. I think there are many, many people who would be honored to serve the country and John McCain. I am certainly among them. But he will have a long list of qualified people that he can call upon. I’m doing this because I think this election matters. I’m doing this because I think the choices are stark and clear between these two candidates. I’m doing this because I think John McCain will make a wonderful president of the United States.

  443. Air Jordan 11 disse:

    MR. GILLESPIE:? Oh, I think, I think there’s a great opportunity for conservative policies, and I think the public is open to hearing from us on that.? And I just disagree with David.? Look, in New Jersey and Virginia, we have two Republican governors just been elected, one in a

  444. GREGORY:? But that action, Harold Ford, does not include resigning. ?It’s just defiance. ?I’m going to get some help for– for a while, but I’m going to stay in office.

  445. “What made ‘The View’ so popular and so good was that it was five different women from five different walks of life discussion politics,” Chen, a co-host on “The Talk,” said during an interview with Howard Stern Wednesday, .

  446. MR. GREGORY:? Before you–we go, Senator Nunn, the issue of gays in the military, something you worked closely on when you were in the Senate.? This president has said he’s going to reverse the ban.? But he’s getting criticism now for dragging his feet on that.? Is now the time to do it?

  447. MS. MATALIN: …keep up with them, and he’d put them in positions to succeed.

  448. MR. GREGORY:? Including raising taxes.

  449. Judith Hope, a longtime ally of Hillary Clinton and the first woman to head the state party, called Weiner's mayoral candidacy and Spitzer's bid for city controller “discouraging.”

  450. to reach out in the spirit of respect. That’s exactly what President Bush

  451. MR. GREGORY:? Real, real quick, Mike.

  452. GOV. PAWLENTY:? Well, I have two teenage daughters who listen to Lady Gaga, so I’m subjected to it.? And it has some good qualities to it.? But as to, as to gay marriage, I’m in support of traditional marriage as between a man and a woman.? I have not supported the issues of allowing gay couples to have the same benefits and public employment as traditional couples.? And so this is an issue in Iowa and across the whole country.? But I’ve stood in favor or traditional marriage and traditional relationships in that regard.

  453. “There are a lot of good people here. They must have confidence in themselves,” says Aguilera, a community organizer paid in part with U.S. government aid. “We have to search for a solution.”

  454. MR. BROKAW:? Will that be a factor in your consideration?

  455. at the same time. I know that, for example, people have raised questions

  456. MS. IFILL: And children, who are excellent judges of character, really loved Tim.

  457. When Pope Francis arrived here Monday for World Youth Day, a weeklong Catholic event held every few years, the massive security effort was temporarily undermined by a traffic jam.

  458. Log In disse:

    jobs. This week a remarkable figure, the deficit topped a trillion

  459. Credit: NASA/Carla Cioffi

  460. Enclosed within the rocket’s payload fairing, the HTV was moved Jan. 7 from a processing facility to the VAB. Workers attached the spacecraft to the launcher the next day.

  461. Posted: September 23, 2007Date Window OpenEastern Daylight Time Window CloseEastern Daylight TimeSept. 26 7:25 a.m. 7:54 a.m.Sept. 27 7:20 a.m. 7:49 a.m.Sept. 28 7:14 a.m. 7:43 a.m.Sept. 29 7:09 a.m. 7:38 a.m.Sept. 30 7:03 a.m. 7:32 a.m.Oct. 1 7:12 a.m. 7:31 a.m.Oct. 2 6:55 a.m. 7:24 a.m.Oct. 3 6:49 a.m. 7:17 a.m.Oct. 4 6:44 a.m. 7:13 a.m.Oct. 5 6:41 a.m. 7:10 a.m.Oct. 6 6:38 a.m. 7:07 a.m.Oct. 7 6:35 a.m. 7:12 a.m.Oct. 8 6:34 a.m. 7:12 a.m.Oct. 9 6:33 a.m. 7:11 a.m.Oct. 10 5:43 a.m. 6:23 a.m.Oct. 11 5:42 a.m. 6:22 a.m.Oct. 12 5:13 a.m. 5:54 a.m.Oct. 13 5:13 a.m. 5:57 a.m.Oct. 14 5:16 a.m. 5:58 a.m.Oct. 15 5:18 a.m. 6:00 a.m.Data source: NASAApollo 1 DVDThis tribute DVD features over 4.5 hours of material about the Apollo 1 tragedy and the crewmembers lost in the pad accident.Choose your store:X-15 DVD setThe X-15 rocket plane pushed the boundaries of aerospace with trips out to mach 6.7 and altitudes of over 350,000 feet. This 3 DVD collection contains over 10 hours of material, the largest ever assembled and will allow you to experience the proud legacy of the X-15.Choose your store: – – – | | | | 2014 Spaceflight Now Inc.Lighting up the nightOn a night already resplendent with celestial wonders, a United Launch Alliance Delta 4 rocket added another spectacle to the sky Friday evening with a fiery ascent from the Florida coastline to an orbit stretching 41,000 miles above Earth.The 217-foot-tall rocket launched from Complex 37 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station at 8:27 p.m. EDT Friday (0027 GMT Saturday). Forty-one minutes later, the Delta 4’s hydrogen-fueled upper stage deployed a $342 million communications satellite for the U.S. Air Force.These photos were taken about 3 miles north of the launch pad.See our for the latest news on the launch.Photo credit: Stephen Clark/Spaceflight NowLunar duo to tackle lingering questions about our Moon SPACEFLIGHT NOWPosted: September 5, 2011 Men have walked on it and satellites have surveyed it from every angle, but another mission to the Moon launching this week seeks profound new insights about our nearest neighbor in the night sky.”There have been many missions that have gone to the Moon, orbited the Moon, landed on the Moon, brought back samples of the Moon. But the missing piece of the puzzle in trying to understand the Moon is what the deep interior is like,” said Maria Zuber, principal investigator of the upcoming GRAIL mission.”What was going on in the interior? How did it melt? Is there a core? How did the core form? How did the interior convect? Why are the impact basins on the near side flooded with magma and give us this man-in-the-moon shape whereas the back side of the Moon doesn’t have any of this? These are all mysteries that despite the fact we’ve studied the Moon before we don’t understand how that has happened. GRAIL is a mission that is going to tell us that.”An artist’s concept of the GRAIL twins at the Moon. Credit: NASA/JPL-CaltechThe $496 million Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory project featuring twin spacecraft is scheduled for blastoff Thursday atop a United Launch Alliance Delta 2-Heavy rocket from Cape Canaveral, Florida.The GRAIL duo will create an unprecedented lunar gravity map that scientists can follow in their quest to determine the Moon’s interior structure from crust-to-core.”To really understand the Moon and understand what makes it special, we need to study what’s inside,” said Zuber of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.Two precise moments in time are available daily for liftoff to occur during the mission’s launch window. The dual opportunities each day are driven by which azimuth the rocket is sent on — either 93 or 99 degrees. The window closes in October to ensure GRAIL’s mapping is completed before next June’s lunar eclipse that is expected to be lethal to the satellites.For Thursday’s launch, liftoff is planned for 8:37:06 a.m. EDT (1237:06 GMT). If weather or a technical problem prevents the rocket from getting off the ground, the team can load the different flight azimuth program aboard the Delta and retarget for liftoff at 9:16:12 a.m. EDT (1316:12 GMT).A complete listing of the launch times can be found in our .The two-stage launcher sports nine strap-on solid rocket boosters slightly larger in diameter than normally used, which gives the vehicle its “Heavy” designation. This is the last scheduled launch of the venerable Delta 2 from the Cape after 22 years of service.The public can view the launch from the Jetty Park pier located just three miles south of pad 17B. It’s the closest you can get to witness a rocket blasting off from the Cape.Directions to the viewing spot can be found .About 80 minutes into flight, the rocket’s second stage will deliver the final boost necessary to escape Earth orbit and then deploy the two satellites eight minutes apart to begin their independent journeys to the Moon.But the craft won’t head straight to their destination, instead taking a circuitous route lasting three-and-a-half months across 2.6 million miles of space before braking into lunar orbit.”If you leave Earth and go barreling to the Moon, you need a lot of fuel to slow down (and enter lunar orbit). We want to use small spacecraft with small fuel tanks. So as a consequence of that, we use something called a low-energy trajectory where we go out to a point called the Earth-Sun Lagrange Point, which is like a void in the ocean,” said Zuber.The lengthy trip also allows the satellites to “out-gas” on the way, ensuring this phenomena isn’t mistaken for gravity measurements during the science-gathering portion of the mission later.”We need this time to do out-gassing. There’s little tiny particles on the spacecraft and those need to out-gas because that’s inducing a force on the spacecraft, like internal gravity,” said David Lehman, GRAIL project manager from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.”The other reason is we have two small spacecraft on one medium-size rocket. We did that for cost savings. If we had two bigger spacecraft, we would need two rockets,” Lehman added.This artwork shows GRAIL’s path to the Moon. Credit: NASA/JPLThe roundabout flight path gradually evolves throughout the launch period, if liftoff is delayed from Thursday, to slightly shorten the trip and ensure the spacecraft will reach the Moon separately on December 31 and January 1.”In addition to saving fuel, what this trajectory allows to happen is these two spacecraft will arrive at the Moon on the same day no matter when we launch,” said Zuber.Approaching from below the lunar south pole, the spacecraft will fire the main thrusters for 38 minutes to slow their speed by 427 miles per hour, just enough to slip into preliminary elliptical orbits stretching 11.5 hours.A subsequent month of maneuvers will circularize the orbit, followed by another month’s worth of work to get the two birds synchronized in precise polar orbits chasing each other around the Moon.”The big challenge of GRAIL is actually getting into the science orbit. We call that the transfer to science formation phase. We have to get the spacecraft very tightly coordinated one around the other. Our navigators are a quarter-million miles away from the Moon trying to orchestrate these two spacecraft into very, very precise orbits. I’m a retired Navy Reserve officer and to me it’s like the Blue Angels at the Moon,” said Lehman.The 82-day science phase begins on March 8 with GRAIL-B leading the GRAIL-A spacecraft while flying at an altitude of 34 miles above the Moon. The separation distance between the two will change from 62 to 140 miles over the course of the mapping to dig deeper into the Moon.”The separation distance is what we call tuning for what wavelength gravity field you’re after. So if you want to see — gravitationally — small features, craters, mountains, you want to be close to each other and low. But if you want to see global features such as the core of the Moon that we’re after, then you want to be high and separate from each other,” said Sami Asmar, GRAIL deputy project scientist from JPL.The mirror-image craft will bounce radio signals off each other to measure subtle changes in the distance between the two formation-flying satellites caused by the lunar gravity field, enabling scientists to deduce the Moon’s origins and the composition of its interior structure.”It’s a little bit like doing a CAT scan of the Moon, but we use gravity instead of acoustic waves. It provides us essentially with a picture of the lunar interior just like you’d make a picture of the inside of your body if you were trying to understand what your state of health is,” said Zuber.An artist’s concept depicts the GRAIL spacecraft conducting their mapping mission and relaying the data to Earth. Credit: NASAGRAIL’s science instrument is called the Lunar Gravity Ranging System, which will use the Ka-band frequency to detect the distance changes between the two spacecraft as they pass above terrain of different densities.”As the first spacecraft passes over a mass anomaly beneath the surface of the Moon, it will accelerate or slow down and its distance will change with respect to the second spacecraft. By measuring tiny distance changes, we will be able to recover what the interior structure of the Moon looks like,” said Zuber.”Measuring the distance between two points is not very hard…but we can measure the distance of these two spacecraft two less than the size of a red blood cell — a few tenths of a micron per second in the velocity of these two spacecraft. It pays to learn how to measure the distance between two points and learn it well!”Built by Lockheed Martin, the GRAIL spacecraft are based upon the U.S. military’s Experimental Satellite System-11 (XSS-11) platform .About the size of a washer and dryer, the GRAIL satellites weigh 677 pounds at launch. Each stand 3.58 feet high, 3.12 feet wide and 2.49 feet deep. They are equipped with two solar arrays that unfold after deployment from the Delta rocket and they have a 22-Newton hydrazine-fueled main engine and eight 0.9-Newton warm gas attitude control system thrusters. Asmar says the satellites keep things simplistic. “Single payload, single instrument. It only does one thing and it does it very well.”Although they are twins, they’re not exactly alike.”They are mirror images of each other, so they cannot be interchanged. They are designed such that this one points this way and that one points that way. If you reverse them, it’s not going to work,” said Asmar.An artist’s concept of the GRAIL twins at the Moon. Credit: Lockheed Martin NASA/JPL-CaltechThe technique of using two satellites for gravity mapping was borrowed from the Earth-orbiting mission, called GRACE, .”GRAIL is the Moon-version of the extremely successful Earth science GRACE mission that is mapping the Earth right now. We were able to take the GRACE instrumentation and adapt it for orbit around the Moon,” said Zuber.Other ways of measuring the gravity field are not possible at the Moon since the far side is never visible from Earth. With two spacecraft linked together like GRAIL, they can track the gravity changes continuously around the entire lunar globe and relay all the data back to scientists. “We have a decent gravity map for half the Moon, with practically zero information on the far side. We need to cover the Moon globally,” said Asmar.GRAIL promises to improve knowledge of the near side by 100 times and the far side by 1,000 times.”This will be the highest resolution gravity field for any planet, including Earth. On Earth, you can’t get down low enough to make the kind of measurements we’re making because of the atmospheric drag,” said Zuber.GRAIL is the first formation-flying mission to another world. The team hopes one of the legacies of the project will enable similar satellite tandems to explore other questions in the solar system.”Imagine mapping currents in the ocean beneath Europa using a concept like this,” said Zuber.”Technologically, it’s blazing the trail for other missions that will want go to other planets and use coordinated observations to make measurements.”GRAIL is facing a finite lifespan, its mapping mission sandwiched between lunar eclipses in December and June. The science phase will be finish by May 29, followed by a final calibration and brief decommissioning before the June 4 eclipse that will starve the spacecraft of solar power.”Right now, we’re thinking we won’t survive that. It wasn’t designed to do that. Not big enough batteries. We’d just get too cold and lose power and that’s it,” said Lehman.Within days, the satellites’ altitude will naturally decay lower and lower until crashing into the Moon.From launch until the mission’s ending, the GRAIL-A spacecraft is expected to travel 13.2 million miles and GRAIL-B some 12.8 million miles.Additional coverage for subscribers:VIDEO:GRAIL’S ROADMAP TO THE MOON VIDEO:DELTA/GRAIL LAUNCH ANIMATION VIDEO:GRAIL LUNAR MAPPING ANIMATION VIDEO:HOW GRAVITY MEASUREMENTS ARE MADE VIDEO:DELTA ROCKET’S NOSE CONE INSTALLED VIDEO:GRAIL MOVES TO ROCKET’S LAUNCH PAD VIDEO:SECOND SATELLITE PUT ON LAUNCH DEPLOYER VIDEO:FIRST SATELLITE PUT ON LAUNCH DISPENSER VIDEO:SOLAR ARRAYS UNFURLED FOR CHECK VIDEO:SATELLITES READY TO START TESTING VIDEO:UNBOXING THE SPACECRAFT AT ASTROTECH VIDEO:SATELLITES UNLOADED FROM TRANSPORT PLANE VIDEO:GRAIL SPACECRAFT TOUCH DOWN IN FLORIDA VIDEO:ROCKET’S SECOND STAGE INSTALLED VIDEO:SECOND STAGE CARTED TO COMPLEX 17 VIDEO:SOLID ROCKET BOOSTERS ATTACHED VIDEO:READYING THE FIRST SET OF BOOSTERS VIDEO:ON-PAD ASSEMBLY OF ROCKET UNDERWAY VIDEO:GANTRY HOISTS FIRST STAGE VERTICALLY VIDEO:FIRST STAGE ARRIVES AT THE PAD John Glenn Mission PatchFree shipping to U.S. addresses!The historic first orbital flight by an American is marked by this commemorative patch for John Glenn and Friendship 7.Final Shuttle Mission PatchFree shipping to U.S. addresses!The crew emblem for the final space shuttle mission is available in our store. Get this piece of history!Celebrate the shuttle programFree shipping to U.S. addresses!This special commemorative patch marks the retirement of NASA’s Space Shuttle Program. Available in our store!Anniversary Shuttle PatchFree shipping to U.S. addresses!This embroidered patch commemorates the 30th anniversary of the Space Shuttle Program. The design features the space shuttle Columbia’s historic maiden flight of April 12, 1981.Mercury anniversaryFree shipping to U.S. addresses!Celebrate the 50th anniversary of Alan Shephard’s historic Mercury mission with this collectors’ item, the official commemorative embroidered patch.Fallen Heroes Patch CollectionThe official patches from Apollo 1, the shuttle Challenger and Columbia crews are available in the store. | | | | 2014 Spaceflight Now Inc.Maiden launch of Delta 4-Heavy rocket postponed SPACEFLIGHT NOWPosted: December 9, 2004The forecast of strong winds blowing through Cape Canaveral on Friday has forced officials to forego making an attempt to launch the inaugural Boeing Delta 4-Heavy rocket on its demonstration flight.”We are very concerned about winds for tomorrow,” weather officer Kathy Winters said.”The weather just doesn’t look like it’s the right situation for us. So we are going to make our attempt on Saturday,” said Dan Collins, the Boeing vice president of expendable launch systems.Saturday’s available launch window extends from 2:31 to 5:27 p.m. EST (1931-2227 GMT) for liftoff from pad 37B.Air Force meteorologists were predicting a 70 percent chance of bad weather for Friday’s launch opportunity because of a cold front sliding into Central Florida, bringing clouds, showers, high winds and possibly even some thunderstorms.”At the conclusion of our Launch Readiness Review this morning, the leadership from the Delta 4 program, the U.S. Air Force’s EELV program and the leadership of the Range and (45th Space) Wing got together and looked at the weather and the predicted winds for early tomorrow. The winds are predicted to be high and a very high probability of exceeding our (rules),” Collins told the pre-launch news conference today.”Therefore, we have made the decision that it would not be prudent to subject the vehicle to the possibility of damage tomorrow. So we are waiving off of an attempt Friday and putting our attention and focus on a Saturday launch.”Although a break in the storms might have occurred during the nearly-three-hour launch window Friday, Winters said the winds would have persisted throughout the day. The winds were also a major concern for rolling back the mobile service tower and the rocket sitting exposed on the pad in the hours leading up to liftoff time.The weather forecast for Saturday is slightly better with a 60 percent chance of unacceptable conditions due to clouds and wind. Sunday offers the best weather with only a 20 percent chance of winds violating the rules.Ares 1-X PatchThe official embroidered patch for the Ares 1-X rocket test flight, is available for purchase.Apollo CollageThis beautiful one piece set features the Apollo program emblem surrounded by the individual mission logos.Expedition 21The official embroidered patch for the International Space Station Expedition 21 crew is now available from our stores.Hubble PatchThe official embroidered patch for mission STS-125, the space shuttle’s last planned service call to the Hubble Space Telescope, is available for purchase. | | | | 2014 Spaceflight Now Inc.Massive Delta rocket nearly ready for launchSPACEFLIGHT NOW

  462. A reader sent in this image from Stonington, Conn. Credit: Daniel J. Grinkevich

  463. Posted: April 21, 2006The mobile service tower is retracted from around the Boeing Delta 2 rocket in the final hours before the planned launch of the CALIPSO and CloudSat spacecraft for NASA.Photos by Willam Hartenstein/Aviation Week Ares 1-X PatchThe official embroidered patch for the Ares 1-X rocket test flight, is available for purchase.Apollo CollageThis beautiful one piece set features the Apollo program emblem surrounded by the individual mission logos.Expedition 21The official embroidered patch for the International Space Station Expedition 21 crew is now available from our stores.Hubble PatchThe official embroidered patch for mission STS-125, the space shuttle’s last planned service call to the Hubble Space Telescope, is available for purchase. | | | | 2014 Spaceflight Now Inc.Photo gallery: Preps for Delta 4 launch of DMSP F17The Boeing Delta 4 rocket stands atop Vandenberg Air Force Base’s Space Launch Complex 6 awaiting liftoff of the DMSP F17 weather satellite. Photo credit: Gene Blevins/LA Daily News Photo credit: Gene Blevins/LA Daily News Photo credit: Photo credit: Photo credit: Ares 1-X PatchThe official embroidered patch for the Ares 1-X rocket test flight, is available for purchase.Apollo CollageThis beautiful one piece set features the Apollo program emblem surrounded by the individual mission logos.Expedition 21The official embroidered patch for the International Space Station Expedition 21 crew is now available from our stores.Hubble PatchThe official embroidered patch for mission STS-125, the space shuttle’s last planned service call to the Hubble Space Telescope, is available for purchase. | | | | 2014 Spaceflight Now Inc.Photo gallery: Preps for first West Coast launch of Delta 4The Boeing Delta 4 rocket stands atop Vandenberg Air Force Base’s Space Launch Complex 6 awaiting its planned June 27 liftoff.Photo credit: Gene Blevins/LA Daily News Ares 1-X PatchThe official embroidered patch for the Ares 1-X rocket test flight, is available for purchase.Apollo CollageThis beautiful one piece set features the Apollo program emblem surrounded by the individual mission logos.Expedition 21The official embroidered patch for the International Space Station Expedition 21 crew is now available from our stores.Hubble PatchThe official embroidered patch for mission STS-125, the space shuttle’s last planned service call to the Hubble Space Telescope, is available for purchase. | | | | 2014 Spaceflight Now Inc.Probe launched to smack heart of wandering comet SPACEFLIGHT NOWPosted: January 12, 2005CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. – Look out Comet Tempel 1, here comes Deep Impact!A washing machine-sized projectile tucked inside its mothership spacecraft launched from Earth today on a 268-million-mile collision course that promises to create spectacular July Fourth fireworks when the 820-pound copper-tipped bullet smashes into the comet’s frigid heart. The Deep Impact blasts off atop a Boeing Delta 2 rocket from Cape Canaveral, Florida. Credit: Boeing photo by Carleton BailieComets are wandering cosmic time capsules preserving 4.5-billion-year-old primordial material that holds the chemical records of the solar system’s creation. Deep Impact’s violent rendezvous with Tempel 1 is designed to burst through the crust coating the comet’s nucleus, form a stadium-sized crater and offer an unprecedented glimpse at ancient ices packed beneath the surface.”What we see coming out of comets as gas and dust is stuff that has been modified because it is very near the surface, and every time the comet goes around the sun the surface gets heated. So there have been changes in the surface layers… What I really want to do is figure out how different the surface is from what’s inside,” said Michael A’Hearn, astronomer from the University of Maryland and the Deep Impact principal investigator.The pristine building blocks buried inside these rocky snowballs will tell astronomers what conditions were like when the solar system was spawning planets. Uncovering the compositional fingerprints of comets has become a priority for scientists because these objects peppered the young Earth, possibly delivering the organic materials needed for the rise of life, the water for our oceans and even playing a role in generating the atmosphere.”Deep Impact is a bold, innovative and exciting mission which will attempt something never done before to try to uncover clues about our own origins,” said Andy Dantzler, acting director of the Solar System Division at NASA Headquarters.”Why understand comets? Why study comets at all? Comets are the most primitive bodies in our solar system and they are made up of the very material from which all of the planets and the sun, in fact, are made.” An artist’s concept shows the Deep Impact projectile hitting the comet while the mothership flies past. Credit: NASAPast spacecraft have flown close to comets, but Deep Impact will be the first to reach and out touch one.”We’re really excited about this mission,” said Rick Grammier, Deep Impact project manager at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif. “We’re doing something that’s never been done before, we’re actually going to go smash a big piece of copper into a comet nucleus and see what happens and see what’s inside.”About 24 hours before arriving at the comet, the explosive bolts holding the projectile within the Deep Impact mothership will detonate and the impactor spring-ejects for its cruise to collision. Both craft were built by Ball Aerospace.The impactor, a stubby-nosed bullet about two-and-a-half feet tall and three feet in diameter, sports a manhole cover-sized disc of copper with even more copper mass behind it to penetrate as deep into the comet as possible. A quarter of the impactor’s launch weight is copper.”We don’t know what comets are made of, we don’t know how strong they are. They could be weak and fluffy like a bowl of corn flakes, it could be like a concrete sidewalk that we are hitting. Part of the challenge in the design of the impactor was to take into account either possibility,” Jay Melosh, Deep Impact co-investigator. The Delta rocket soars away from Earth. Credit: Boeing photo by Carleton BailieDeep Impact began its voyage atop a Boeing Delta 2 rocket, blasting off at 1:47:08 p.m. EST (1847:08 GMT) from pad 17B at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida.The three-stage booster took an eastward heading, achieving an initial parking orbit around Earth less than 10 minutes after launch. Another engine firing nudged the rocket higher, and then the solid-fueled third stage motor propelled the spacecraft out of Earth orbit to cap the 34-minute launch sequence.”We had a perfect launch,” NASA launch manager Omar Baez said.But an overly conservative setting for a temperature gauge put the Deep Impact spacecraft into a protective safe-mode soon after separating from the Delta rocket. The parameter can be adjusted and engineers were optimistic Deep Impact would return to normal operating conditions within the next 24 hours.Today Comet Tempel 1 is about 160 million miles away in the asteroid belt on the inbound route of its orbit around the sun. It remains in a quiet state but that won’t last much longer.”The comet will be active when we encounter it. It’ll be as close to the sun as it ever gets, it will be boiling gas and dust off and we have to go through that before we can strike the comet,” Melosh said.Starting two months before the encounter, Deep Impact commences its science observations in earnest, painting a picture of what the spacecraft should expect at arrival and giving ample time to change the approach strategy if necessary. Specifically, mission planners want to pin down how the comet nucleus rotates and examine the jets of gas and dust streaming away from Tempel 1.Discovered on April 3, 1867 by Ernst Wilhelm Leberecht Tempel in Marseilles, France, Comet 9P/Tempel 1 currently circles the sun every 5.5 years. Its orbit lies between Mars and Jupiter, providing the Deep Impact mission a perfect target for reaching with a modest launch vehicle, striking at high speed and being visible from Earth at impact. The Deep Impact mothership releases its copper laden impactor at Comet Tempel 1. Credit: NASA/JPLThe exact size and shape of the comet’s nucleus is unclear from observations made to date. It is thought to be elongated and 3.7 miles in diameter. How Tempel 1 will react to the impact is also a mystery, but scientists do not believe the comet will shatter apart.”It has turned out that the physics of how the impact occurs is also a large unknown because we know so little about fragility or strength of the cometary nuclei generally. We certainly know nothing about this particular comet,” A’Hearn said.”There is an outside chance that we could break the comet. We don’t think that will happen… We don’t think that the comet can propagate a shockwave through from one side to the other so that you can break it because we don’t think it’s that strong and cohesive everywhere.”The impactor is equipped with an autonomous navigation computer, cameras and a propulsion system to guide itself toward a suitable impact point that is well lit. After releasing the impactor, the mothership performs an evasive maneuver, plotting a trajectory to fly past the comet shortly after the impact.”Early images from the impactor are mainly for navigation… to make sure that it hits in an illuminated area and not in a dark area. As we get closer, those images become important for science because as we get closer and closer we will get higher and higher spatial resolution. We will directly see the change in texture as you change spatial scale. Assuming the camera on the impactor survives until very shortly before impact, these will be the highest resolution pictures ever of a cometary nucleus, much higher than we will get from the flyby [spacecraft],” A’Hearn said. The Deep Impact spacecraft is seen packaged atop the Delta rocket as the nose cone is installed during in the final days before liftoff. Credit: NASA-KSCSophisticated instruments on the mothership will record the blast and peer into a crater that is formed. Meanwhile, observatories around the globe, plus the Hubble, Chandra and Spitzer space telescopes, will be watching the aftermath to collect crucial information about the dusts and gases blown out of Tempel 1.Sky watchers in the western U.S., Hawaii, New Zealand, eastern Australia and the South Pacific could be able to see the impact, which happens 83 million miles away from Earth around 2 a.m. EST (0600 GMT) July 4.”We expect to provide some great fireworks for all our observatories,” said Karen Meech, Deep Impact co-Investigator at the Institute for Astronomy in Hilo, Hawaii “That’s exciting, to do it on July Fourth.”The flyby craft will be using its spectrometer to identify and quantify the materials across the comet’s dust- and gas-filled coma head and taking images in a wide variety of different colors. Since the nucleus is believed to have a 41-hour rotational period, less than half will be seen at good resolution.”Shortly before the time of impact, the flyby spacecraft determines how fast it is having to rotate to keep the high-resolution camera pointed at the nucleus. It uses that to calculate when it will be at closest approach and then knowing the difference velocity, when the impactor will impact. It sends that information up to the impactor so the impactor can optimize the imaging sequence at the expected time of impact. Flyby uses it internally, also, to optimize the imaging sequence for the time of closest approach,” A’Hearn said.Information from both craft is fed back to Earth in real-time in case comet shrapnel fatally wounds the mothership during the encounter. An artist’s concept shows the Deep Impact impactor as it reaches Comet Tempel 1. Credit: Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp.The impactor and comet collide at 23,000 mph, releasing the energy equivalent of 4.5 tons of exploding TNT.”We put the impactor in the comet’s path so that the comet overtakes it. So it is like standing in the middle of the road with semi truck bearing down on you,” Grammier said.The intense forces vaporize the projectile as the circular crater — perhaps 300 feet in diameter and 100 feet deep — is rapidly excavated.”We expect it could put a crater about the size of a house up to the size of a football stadium and it could be anywhere from seven to 14 stories deep.”As a result of forming the crater, it will throw out a bunch of the surface and interior material that is displaced. It will come up in a big cloud that will reflect the sunlight. So you will see a large brightening, and you will see that brightening from telescopes on Earth as well. Then you will see it slowly dissipate as the material either settles back down onto the comet itself or becomes part of its coma dust cloud. What we are hoping to see to from the flyby spacecraft viewpoint is being able to look all the way down into the interior of the crater and determine what its materials are made of,” Grammier continued.”Since these are the original remnants of the solar system formation, not knowing how the exterior of a comet relates to interior, what we are hoping to do is expose all of that fresh material and see the material that was actually present at the formation of the solar system.””By understanding and watching how this crater develops, and then fine-tuning our computer models to reproduce what is actually observed, we can determine how the comet is put together,” added Don Yeomans, Deep Impact project scientist from the Jet Propulsion Lab.The impact occurs with the mothership 5,400 miles away and closing fast. The medium-resolution camera will be taking pictures as swiftly as possible to capture the moment of impact. “We are hoping to catch a bright flash that will last less than a second by taking four or eight frames per second,” A’Hearn said. The high-resolution camera snaps pictures at a slower pace. The mothership’s high-resolution telescope (right) and medium-resolution package (left) are seen here in assembly and testing. Credit: NASAScientists expect the materials thrown out of the freshly bored hole will settle within a few minutes, permitting good visibility into the crater. The mothership has less than 14 minutes to make its observations while zooming toward the comet before passing by Tempel 1 at a distance of 300 miles. The craft enters a “shield mode” to protect itself from the powerful sandblasting during flight through the coma at closest approach.”Our baseline is it will take 200 seconds to form the crater, but uncertainties in the density of the nucleus – something that we just don’t know – the crater could take as long as 600 seconds to form. This was one of our mission design problems, making sure we had long enough interval to observe so that we make sure the crater finished forming before we flew by but keeping the interval small enough that we weren’t so far away at the time of impact that we had no resolution. This what led us to the 800-second window between impact and the going into our shield mode through the innermost coma,” A’Hearn said.”The biggest uncertainty in the mission is what the phenomena will be at the time of impact. And that is because there are many different ideas in the scientific community about the nature of the cometary nucleus.”There are some people in the community who think the nuclei are strong and that we will have an ejecta cone that leaves the nucleus entirely. We think the cone will stay attached to the nucleus and the crater will be controlled by gravity.”Other people think we will fracture the nucleus into several pieces, other people think we may just compress material downward and not eject anything outward, or almost nothing outward,” A’Hearn said. “It is this uncertainty in the predictions, or the wide range of predictions, that makes it particularly important to do this conceptually very simple experiment.” An artist’s concept shows the Deep Impact mothership watching the impactor smash into Comet Tempel 1. Credit: Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp.Deep Impact has just one shot at grabbing scientific data on the primordial material packed inside the comet.”We do maps across the nucleus after the impact to try and get spectra of the crater floor, see how different it is from the neighboring terrain that is undisturbed,” A’Hearn said. “We take some spectra off the limb to look at the gases that are coming out of the crater. As we get very close, we actually have to let the camera drift a little and take a couple of images to make sure we get crater in the high-resolution camera.”What might the craft see down in the crater?”My guess is if we excavate more deeply, we will see more carbondioxide and carbon monoxide, dry ice vaporizing instead of water icevaporizing,” A’Hearn said. “The more volatile ices have been depleted in thesurface layers. That’s the kind of signature that we’re looking for, to seehow that composition changes.”About 50 seconds before closest approach, the flyby craft orients itself with protective shielding guarding against a destructive hit by comet dust.”We’ve designed extra shielding on certain parts of the spacecraft. So when I say it turns to shield mode, what that means is it actually places those shields in the direction of the cometary dust and debris. That is meant to protect the spacecraft itself from any particle hits. That shielding was designed based on what we know today of probable particle sizes, distribution and density at that distance from the comet,” Grammier said.Despite the added protection, the mothership will be relaying its pictures and information to Earth live in case the craft doesn’t survive the encounter to tell the tale afterward.”There are worries, that is why we are transmitting as much as we can in real-time, as much as the communications system will allow us to,” A’Hearn said. “The engineers have predicted that the probability of a fatal hit is down at the one or a couple percent level, given the amount of shielding we have.”Once through the dangerous region, the departing mothership maneuvers to observe the comet’s back side a quarter-hour after closest approach.”We fly through the innermost coma, fly through the orbital plane and then turn around and look back… to take images of the other side. When we take pictures of the other side, the crater itself will be hidden, but we will still be looking to see if we can see ejecta from the crater. A likely scenario is that after we make the crater, there will be a lot spontaneous outgasing from the floor of the crater because there is very volatile ice near the surface that used to be buried deeply. There is a reasonable chance that we would see a new jet in the coma coming from the crater – and we would see it where it comes out from behind the limb of the nucleus,” A’Hearn said.”We also use these look-back images to figure out the three-dimensional shape of the nucleus since we don’t get to see a full rotation. We do the look-back monitoring for up to a day after impact.” Deep Impact launches in January and slams its impactor into Comet Tempel 1 in July. Graphic: Mark McLellan/Astronomy NowGround-based telescopes in Hawaii will have prime viewing with the comet high in the sky at the time of impact, while the southwestern U.S. and Baja California will have Tempel 1 low in the sky. But a global campaign is underway to provide thorough monitoring of the comet before and after the collision with special imaging techniques.”We may create this new jet that may persist for hours or days or weeks or even months. So we are looking for observations afterwards,” A’Hearn said.”We are trying to get complete longitude coverage so we can monitor the comet continuously from something like four days before the impact – two rotation periods – until a week after the impact.””At the time of encounter, we may be able to see a bright flash of light momentarily,” Meech said. “But the main part that we’re going to be looking for from the ground will be some of the long-term effects. For example, as the dust from this newly excavated crater starts to flow away from the comet, it will take many days to spread…and form a nice dust tail.”Ground-based observations with a wide-angle field of view can best watch the tail develop. In addition, we will get to look at wavelength regions we won’t have on the spacecraft and can look for molecules coming outside from the nucleus, different types of molecules. We’re hoping to see a change in the chemistry after the impact as compared to pre impact.”So there will be a lot of exciting science…at various observatories all over the world,” she said. “Basically, everybody’s going to be able to participate.”The impact will have no detectable influence on the comet’s orbit around the sun, scientists say.”The comet is so large and the spacecraft is so small that it’s sort of like an 18-wheeler running over a gnat,” Yeomans said.The mission follows NASA’s Stardust project that flew past Comet Wild 2 last January, catching dust particles for return to Earth in 2006. The European Rosetta mission is currently flying to Comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko where a tiny lander will be dispatched to the frigid nucleus.If the Deep Impact mothership remains in good health, NASA could route the craft to other comets for close-up imaging by the onboard cameras, A’Hearn said.Justin Ray is editor of Spaceflight Now. He is based at Cape Canaveral and has covered the space program since 1995, including 75 Delta rocket launches.Video coverage for subscribers only:VIDEO:DEEP IMPACT BLASTS OFF ATOP DELTA 2 ROCKET VIDEO:LONGER-DURATION MOVIE OF TODAY’S LAUNCH VIDEO:LAUNCH AS SEEN FROM THE CAPE PRESS SITE VIDEO:WIDER-ANGLE LAUNCH VIEW FROM PRESS SITE VIDEO:COCOA BEACH TRACKING CAMERA VIDEO OF LAUNCH VIDEO:TRACKER POSITIONED NORTH OF THE LAUNCH PAD VIDEO:PLAYALINDA BEACH TRACKING CAMERA VIEW VIDEO:CLOSE-UP VIEW OF ENGINE IGNITION VIDEO:MOBILE SERVICE TOWER ROLLED BACK BEFORE DAWN VIDEO:NARRATION OF DEEP IMPACT’S PRE-LAUNCH CAMPAIGN VIDEO:ON-PAD ASSEMBLY OF ROCKET SHOWN WITH NARRATION VIDEO:TUESDAY’S PRE-LAUNCH NEWS UPDATE VIDEO:SCIENCE BRIEFING ON EVE OF LAUNCH VIDEO:OVERVIEW OF NASA’S DEEP IMPACT MISSION VIDEO:LEAD RESEARCHER PREVIEWS DEEP IMPACT SCIENCE VIDEO:WATCH DEEP IMPACT PRE-FLIGHT NEWS BRIEFING Ares 1-X PatchThe official embroidered patch for the Ares 1-X rocket test flight, is available for purchase.Apollo CollageThis beautiful one piece set features the Apollo program emblem surrounded by the individual mission logos.Expedition 21The official embroidered patch for the International Space Station Expedition 21 crew is now available from our stores.Hubble PatchThe official embroidered patch for mission STS-125, the space shuttle’s last planned service call to the Hubble Space Telescope, is available for purchase. | | | | 2014 Spaceflight Now Inc.Probe roars away from Earth on voyage to orbit Mercury BY WILLIAM HARWOOD

  464. Launch Weather Officer: Johnny Weems, 45th Weather Squadron

  465. Posted: February 23, 2014T-00:00LiftoffWith its LE-7A main engine and two solid rocket boosters firing, the 174-foot-tall H-2A rocket lifts off from the Yoshinobu launch complex on Tanegashima Island. A few moments later, the rocket will complete a pitch program to head southeast from the launch site.T+01:39SRB-A BurnoutThe H-2A’s two solid rocket boosters exhaust their propellant and burn out at an altitude of 29 miles.T+01:48SRB-A SeparationThe two solid rocket boosters are jettisoned.T+04:05Fairing SeparationAfter traversing the dense lower atmosphere and reaching an altitude of 92 miles, the rocket releases the 4-meter (13.1-foot) diameter payload fairing protecting the GPM Core spacecraft during the early part of the flight.T+06:36Main Engine CutoffAfter consuming its liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen propellants, the LE-7A first stage main engine shuts down. The first stage and solid rocket boosters push the rocket to a velocity of more than 11,000 mph.T+06:44Stage SeparationThe H-2A rocket’s first stage is separated now, having completed its job. The spent stage will fall into the Pacific Ocean downrange from Tanegashima.T+06:50Second Stage IgnitionWith the first stage jettisoned, the rocket’s second stage takes over. The LE-5B hydrogen-fueled engine ignites at an altitude of 148 miles to accelerate the GPM Core payload to orbital velocity.T+14:58Second Stage CutoffThe LE-5B second stage engine shuts down after reaching its specified orbital targets at an altitude of 248 miles and an inclination of 65 degrees.T+15:49GPM Core SeparationThe 8,488-pound Global Precipitation Measurement Core Observatory is deployed from the H-2A rocket. Seven small secondary payloads will be released a few minutes later.Data source: NASAJohn Glenn Mission PatchFree shipping to U.S. addresses!The historic first orbital flight by an American is marked by this commemorative patch for John Glenn and Friendship 7.Final Shuttle Mission PatchFree shipping to U.S. addresses!The crew emblem for the final space shuttle mission is available in our store. Get this piece of history!Celebrate the shuttle programFree shipping to U.S. addresses!This special commemorative patch marks the retirement of NASA’s Space Shuttle Program. Available in our store!Anniversary Shuttle PatchFree shipping to U.S. addresses!This embroidered patch commemorates the 30th anniversary of the Space Shuttle Program. The design features the space shuttle Columbia’s historic maiden flight of April 12, 1981.Mercury anniversaryFree shipping to U.S. addresses!Celebrate the 50th anniversary of Alan Shephard’s historic Mercury mission with this collectors’ item, the official commemorative embroidered patch.Fallen Heroes Patch CollectionThe official patches from Apollo 1, the shuttle Challenger and Columbia crews are available in the store. | | | | 2014 Spaceflight Now Inc.H-2A launch timelineSPACEFLIGHT NOW

  466. The Delta 2 rocket ignites to launch GPS 2R-11. Credit: Carleton Bailie/BoeingAs the 50th Global Positioning System satellite rose to space Saturday, it celebrated the man who championed the concept of orbiting spacecraft serving as “lighthouses in the sky” to guide mankind with precision navigation information.The late Dr. Ivan A. Getting, credited as the visionary behind GPS and the founding president of The Aerospace Corporation, passed away last October at the age of 91.”Dr. Getting was one of the founding fathers of GPS over 30 years ago. He envisioned GPS and worked tirelessly to make it a reality,” said Jerry Heydinger, Air Force program manager for the GPS space and control segment.GPS satellites send continuous navigation signals that allow users around the world to pinpoint their position and determine time. The signals are so accurate that time can be figured to less than a millionth of a second, velocity to within a fraction of a mile per hour and location to within a few feet. In a lasting tribute that will circle 11,000 miles above the planet, a famous quote by Getting, “Lighthouses in the Sky, Serving All Mankind,” was inscribed on the GPS 2R-11 spacecraft.The quote, along with Getting’s name and the years of his birth and death were carved into a one-tenth-of-a-pound “trim weight” used on the satellite. The plate commemorating Getting is mounted on the side of the GPS satellite. Credit: Air ForceOnce the commemoration idea originated within Aerospace Corporation and the Space and Missile Systems Center at Los Angeles Air Force Base, it quickly gained momentum.”It was obviously a good choice. Dr. Getting was truly a pioneer in the space and GPS worlds,” Heydinger said.”He not only laid the groundwork for GPS, but left his imprint on many other highly successful defense and technology programs integral to our national security and well being,” added Dr. William F. Ballhaus Jr., president and Chief Executive Officer of The Aerospace Corporation.The GPS 2R-11 satellite was successfully launched at 12:53 p.m. EST (1753 GMT) Saturday from Cape Canaveral, Florida.Riding atop a three-stage Boeing Delta 2 rocket, the craft was delivered into a temporary elliptical orbit stretching from 100 miles above Earth at the closest spot to nearly 11,000 miles at apogee. The Delta 2 rocket blasts away from pad 17B on Saturday. Credit: Carleton Bailie/BoeingIn the coming days, the craft will use its kick motor to circularize the orbit at 11,000 miles and join the GPS constellation where it will replace the ailing GPS 2A-19 satellite.”(This) launch is important for ensuring that the GPS system remains robust in its mission of providing precise positioning and time information to military and civilian users around the globe,” said Lt. Col. Michael Mason, Air Force Space Command’s lead for operations and sustainment of the navigation satellite system.The fresh satellite is replacing GPS 2A-19 because the 11-year-old spacecraft has a suspect Navigation Data Unit. “Failure (of GPS 2A-19) is not imminent,” Mason said, noting that the satellite will continue to be used as a spare. “But this (launch) in an important step to make sure we maintain the robustness of the constellation.” Built by Lockheed Martin, the $45 million GPS 2R-11 satellite will fill the Plane C, Slot 3 position in the GPS network.”The 50th GPS mission is a major program milestone and we look forward to achieving a successful on-orbit checkout to quickly place the satellite’s advanced navigational capabilities into operational service,” said Dave Podlesney, Lockheed Martin’s GPS 2R program director.”It’s our fervent hope and prayer that this GPS spacecraft will serve to guide soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines to their destinations and successful completion of their mission, and to their safe return home for years to come,” said Lt. Col. Brad Broemmel, the Air Force launch director. An artist’s concept of a GPS Block 2R satellite orbiting Earth. Credit: Lockheed Martin”GPS capabilities have become a key enabler to the way we perform joint coalition warfighting,” Mason said. “Today, it is impossible to envision putting young men and women into harm’s way without the advantages that GPS brings to the battlefield.”That being said, GPS capabilities have also become a critical enabler for an untold number of civil applications, and the Air Force fully understands its responsibilities and takes its role as the steward of GPS for civil use very seriously.”Twenty-six years ago, the first GPS satellite was launched aboard an Atlas booster from Vandenberg Air Force Base, California. Eleven of the so-called Block 1 GPS satellites were launched through 1985, although one liftoff failed, as the U.S. military tested the space-based navigation concept.Today’s operational GPS system began launching in February 1989 on Delta 2 rockets from the Cape. Nine Block 2, 19 Block 2A and 11 Block 2R spacecraft have launched with one failure.The next GPS is scheduled to go up July 20, followed by another in September.Video coverage for subscribers only:VIDEO:DELTA 2 ROCKET BLASTS OFF WITH GPS 2R-11 VIDEO:LONGER LENGTH LAUNCH MOVIE VIDEO:SPACECRAFT SEPARATION ANNOUNCED VIDEO:FIRST COUNTDOWN HALTED BY ALARM Apollo 11 special patchSpecial collectors’ patch marking the 35th anniversary of the historic Apollo 11 moon landing is now available.Choose your store: – Apollo 12 tribute DVD setNew!Featuring the jovial crew of Pete Conrad, Dick Gordon and Alan Bean, the Apollo 12 mission was struck by lightning shortly after liftoff but proceeded on the second successful exploration voyage to the lunar surface. 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Get this piece of history!Apollo CollageThis beautiful one piece set features the Apollo program emblem surrounded by the individual mission logos.STS-133 PatchFree shipping to U.S. addresses!The final planned flight of space shuttle Discovery is symbolized in the official embroidered crew patch for STS-133. Available in our store!Anniversary Shuttle PatchFree shipping to U.S. addresses!This embroidered patch commemorates the 30th anniversary of the Space Shuttle Program. The design features the space shuttle Columbia’s historic maiden flight of April 12, 1981.Mercury anniversaryFree shipping to U.S. addresses!Celebrate the 50th anniversary of Alan Shephard’s historic Mercury mission with this collectors’ item, the official commemorative embroidered patch.Mars rover collectible patchFree shipping to U.S. addresses!This commemorative patch celebrates NASA’s Curiosity rover mission of the Mars Science Laboratory in search of clues whether the Red Planet was once hospitable to life. | | | | 2014 Spaceflight Now Inc.Next Delta 4 rocket to boost military communications SPACEFLIGHT NOWPosted: October 11, 2011 The United Launch Alliance Delta 4 rocket that will deploy a vital communications satellite for U.S. military forces overseas was placed atop its Cape Canaveral pad this week. Delta 4 rocket heads for launch pad. Credit: Justin Ray/Spaceflight NowLiftoff is targeted for January 19 to deliver the Air Force’s fourth Wideband Global SATCOM spacecraft into orbit and continue ongoing efforts to upgrade the military’s main communications infrastructure.Each WGS has 10 times the capacity of the aging Defense Satellite Communications System spacecraft they are replacing.The satellites supply communications such as maps and data to soldiers on the battlefield, relay video from unmanned aerial reconnaissance drones, route voice calls and data messaging, and even offer quality-of-life considerations like television broadcasts and email delivery to the troops. was launched in October 2007 to cover the vast U.S. Pacific Command that stretches from the U.S. western coast all the way to Southeast Asia. satellite followed with an April 2009 launch to serve U.S. Central Command and the warfighters in Afghanistan, Iraq and other parts of Southwest Asia. went up in December 2009 to cover U.S. European Command and U.S. Africa Command, plus lend additional support over the Middle East. Credit: Justin Ray/Spaceflight NowNow comes WGS 4 early next year with its built-in enhancements to support the higher data rates needed by airborne intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions.The Air Force plans to put WGS 4 into operation over the Middle East and Southeast Asia for U.S. Central Command and U.S. Pacific Command.Getting the 6.5-ton craft into orbit is the mission for the powerful Delta 4 rocket, which began its pre-flight campaign at the launch pad this week.The bright orange and white rocket, stretching 170 feet long, emerged from the Horizontal Integration Facility at 4:30 p.m. EDT Monday. Riding a 36-wheel, diesel-powered transporter, the Delta took an hour-long trip down the road and up the pad’s ramp to Cape Canaveral’s Complex 37.Initial assembly of the rocket, including mating of the cryogenic upper stage with the Common Booster Core first stage using a precision laser alignment system, had been completed inside the Horizontal Integration Facility over the past couple of months.After the vehicle arrived at the base of the pad, technicians went to work Monday evening getting equipment ready to raise the rocket vertically. The pallets cradling the Delta were tied down to the Fixed Pad Erector and the transporter used to drive the rocket to the pad disengaged to pull away.The erector system and its hydraulic pistons then lifted the rocket upright at 10 a.m. EDT Tuesday, setting the vehicle atop the pad’s launch table within 20 minutes.Workers later unhooked the booster from the cradles, allowing the erector platform along with the pallets to lower back to the ground at 5 p.m.Credit: Justin Ray/Spaceflight NowOver the next three months at Complex 37, a full pre-launch test program and the final rocket assembly steps will be carried out, including installation of the four strap-on solid-fuel motors to the first stage and attachment of the payload.WGS 4 is scheduled for shipment from the Boeing satellite manufacturing factory in Los Angeles to Cape Canaveral on November 14 to undergo checkouts and fueling before joining its rocket at the pad.When fully stacked and its nose cone in place, this Delta 4 Medium+(5,4) rocket will tower 217 feet tall. It will be 358th launch of a Delta rocket since 1960 and the 18th for the Delta 4 program since 2002.STS-134 PatchFree shipping to U.S. addresses!The final planned flight of space shuttle Endeavour is symbolized in the official embroidered crew patch for STS-134. Available in our store!Final Shuttle Mission PatchFree shipping to U.S. addresses!The crew emblem for the final space shuttle mission is now available in our store. Get this piece of history!Apollo CollageThis beautiful one piece set features the Apollo program emblem surrounded by the individual mission logos.STS-133 PatchFree shipping to U.S. addresses!The final planned flight of space shuttle Discovery is symbolized in the official embroidered crew patch for STS-133. Available in our store!Anniversary Shuttle PatchFree shipping to U.S. addresses!This embroidered patch commemorates the 30th anniversary of the Space Shuttle Program. The design features the space shuttle Columbia’s historic maiden flight of April 12, 1981.Mercury anniversaryFree shipping to U.S. addresses!Celebrate the 50th anniversary of Alan Shephard’s historic Mercury mission with this collectors’ item, the official commemorative embroidered patch. | | | | 2014 Spaceflight Now Inc.Next GPS satellite moves to Cape Canaveral launch pad SPACEFLIGHT NOWPosted: June 27, 2011 A Global Positioning System satellite has been loaded aboard its ride to space, arriving Monday at Cape Canaveral’s Complex 37 for mounting atop the United Launch Alliance Delta 4 rocket.File image shows satellite payload pulling up to Delta’s pad. Credit: NASALiftoff of the GPS 2F-2 spacecraft is scheduled for July 14 during a 19-minute window extending from 2:49 to 3:08 a.m. EDT (0649-0708 GMT).The launch is timed to deliver the satellite into the GPS constellation to replace a 20-year craft that has long exceeded its expected lifespan.GPS satellites fly about 11,000 miles above the planet and emit continuous navigation signals that allow users to find their precise position in latitude, longitude and altitude and determine time. Originally built for the U.S. military, the GPS service has spread across the world as an indispensable commercial utility.The Air Force is in the midst of further upgrading the GPS network by deploying a new breed of satellite that features improved accuracy, enhanced internal atomic clocks, better anti-jam resistance, a civil signal for commercial aviation, a longer design life and reprogrammable onboard processors to evolve with future needs.The GPS 2F-2 satellite is pictured here at the El Segundo satellite integration and test complex earlier this year. Credit: The Boeing CompanyA dozen of these new satellites in the Block 2F series are being built by The Boeing Company. The first was successfully launched from the Cape on May 27, 2010.GPS 2F-2 was shipped April 19 from Boeing’s manufacturing facility in El Segundo, Calif., to the Florida spaceport in a C-17 Globemaster III airlifter. After arriving at the Skid Strip, it was taken to Area 59 were GPS spacecraft undergo their pre-flight preps.Launch base testing, the filling of maneuvering propellants and encapsulation within the two-piece rocket nose cone were among the activities accomplished at the satellite’s cleanroom hangar.A motorized trailer then carried the 3,400-pound satellite up the road to Complex 37 early Monday. It was positioned on the oceanside of the mobile service gantry and hoisted into the pad tower for bolting to the rocket’s second stage.A file image shows satellite payload ready for lifting into the Delta 4 rocket’s launch pad. Credit: NASAToday’s GPS constellation is comprised of 31 operational satellites, including 11 Block 2A’s made by Boeing, 12 Block 2R’s and seven 2R-Modernized spacecraft built by Lockheed Martin, and Boeing’s first Block 2F.Ground controllers expect to have the GPS 2F-2 satellite checked out and ready for use about 30 days after launch, the Air Force says.The new spacecraft will occupy the Plane D, Slot 2A location of the navigation network, which is divided into six orbital groupings with multiple satellites flying in each.The craft takes over the position held by the GPS 2A-11 satellite, which was launched by a Delta 2 rocket from Cape Canaveral on July 3, 1991.Remarkably, that aging bird continues to function despite the loss of some redundant systems and far outlasting its design life. It will be relocated within the same orbital plane as a reinforcement while living out its remaining usefulness.The Air Force recently completed an 18-month shuffling of six GPS satellites in the constellation to achieve “the most optimal geometry in its 42-year history,” according to the service. The effort will boost signal reception to users in difficult terrains and the system’s overall accuracy worldwide.John Glenn Mission PatchFree shipping to U.S. addresses!The historic first orbital flight by an American is marked by this commemorative patch for John Glenn and Friendship 7.Final Shuttle Mission PatchFree shipping to U.S. addresses!The crew emblem for the final space shuttle mission is available in our store. Get this piece of history!Celebrate the shuttle programFree shipping to U.S. addresses!This special commemorative patch marks the retirement of NASA’s Space Shuttle Program. Available in our store!Anniversary Shuttle PatchFree shipping to U.S. addresses!This embroidered patch commemorates the 30th anniversary of the Space Shuttle Program. The design features the space shuttle Columbia’s historic maiden flight of April 12, 1981.Mercury anniversaryFree shipping to U.S. addresses!Celebrate the 50th anniversary of Alan Shephard’s historic Mercury mission with this collectors’ item, the official commemorative embroidered patch.Fallen Heroes Patch CollectionThe official patches from Apollo 1, the shuttle Challenger and Columbia crews are available in the store. | | | | 2014 Spaceflight Now Inc.NOAA-N Prime spacecraft and its instrumentsNASA/NOAA FACT SHEETSpacecraftLockheed Martin Space Systems Company of Sunnyvale, Calif., built the spacecraft. The instruments onboard NOAA-N Prime include the Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer/3 (AVHRR/3); High Resolution Infrared Radiation Sounder (HIRS/4); Advanced Microwave Sounding Unit A (AMSU-A); Microwave Humidity Sounder (MHS); Solar Backscatter Ultraviolet Radiometer/2 (SBUV-2); Space Environment Monitor/2 (SEM/2); and an Advanced Data Collection System (ADCS). In addition, it carries two search and rescue instruments: the Search and Rescue Repeater and the Search and Rescue Processor and three Digital Data Recorders. Instrument Payload and CapabilitiesFor over 30 years, NOAA has freely and openly provided satellite data through direct broadcast to users in the United States and to all countries throughout the world. In the United States, any commercial firm receiving data through direct readout may provide tailored products to customers and/or viewers. In addition, polar operational environmental satellite data products are made available to users in the United States and throughout the world through NOAA’s Satellite Active Archive. The NOAA polar operational environmental satellites collect global data on cloud cover; surface conditions such as ice, snow, and vegetation; atmospheric temperatures; and moisture, aerosol, and ozone distributions; and collect and relay information from fixed and moving data platforms. The Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer/3 is the primary imaging system and consists of visible, near infrared (IR) and thermal IR channels. The primary sounding suite flying on NOAA-N Primeis the Microwave Humidity Sounder (MHS), the High Resolution Infrared Radiation Sounder (HIRS/4) and the Advanced Microwave Sounding Unit-A, which measure atmospheric temperature and humidity. The Solar Backscatter Ultraviolet Radiometer/2 instrument is both an imager and a sounder. As an imager, it produces total column ozone maps. As a sounder, it obtains and measures the ozone distribution in the atmosphere as a function of altitude. Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer/3, built by International Telephone and Telegraph-A/CD (Fort Wayne, Ind.), is composed of six detectors: three view reflected energy in the visible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum and three view energy in the near-infrared portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. The Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer (which is the type of instrument called an “imager”) observes vegetation, clouds, and the surface of bodies of water, shorelines, snow, aerosols and ice. It can detect the heat in the environment, the temperature of snowcaps and the sea surface, vegetation growth around the world and forest fires. From this data, scientists on the ground can determine whether snowcaps are growing or diminishing in size, the effects of changes in ocean temperature and other changes in the environment. The instrument has a scan mirror that continuously rotates and scans the Earth at six revolutions per second to provide continuous coverage. Scientists, commercial fisherman, teachers and many others use the data generated by the Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer worldwide. High Resolution Infrared Radiation Sounder (HIRS/4), built by International Telephone and Telegraph-A/ CD (Fort Wayne, Ind.), is an atmospheric sounding instrument. It observes “columns” in the atmosphere and obtains data from each of 20 segments (or bands) in that column. Each of these 20 bands can be associated with energy from a specific region and height in the atmosphere. By combining the data from the different bands, the instrument can generate complete temperature and moisture profiles. It can also measure how much of the Sun’s energy remains as it travels through the atmosphere. The instrument has 19 infrared channels and one visible channel. Each channel takes measurements at a particular frequency that is associated with a particular element (or gas) in the atmosphere. These gases are principally carbon dioxide, water and ozone. These measurements allow scientists to determine the amount of each of these gases in the atmosphere and the altitude at which they appear. Advanced Microwave Sounding Unit-A, built by Northrop Gruman (Azusa, Calif.,) formerly Aerojet, provides data that is used along with data obtained from the High Resolution Picture Transmission to produce a new suite of microwave-based surface and hydrological products, including global atmospheric temperature and humidity profiles from the Earth’s surface to the upper stratosphere, about 48 kilometers or 29.8 miles. Among these products are total precipitable water (water vapor), cloud liquid water, rain rate, snow cover and sea ice concentration. It has 15 channels and continuously scans the Earth’s surface and the atmosphere, measuring naturally emitted microwave signals radiated by the Earth’s surface and atmosphere. The microwave signals measured by the Advanced Microwave Sounding Unit-A range from 23 gigahertz to 89 gigahertz. The Advanced Microwave Sounding Unit-A is divided into two physically separate modules, each of which operates and interfaces with the spacecraft independently. Microwave Humidity Sounder (MHS) built by EADS Astrium and donated by the European Oganisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites (EUMETSAT) (Darmstadt, Germany) is a new instrument for the NOAA series of satellites. It is a five-channel microwave instrument intended primarily to measure profiles of atmospheric humidity. It is also sensitive to liquid water in clouds and so measures cloud liquid water content. Additionally, it provides qualitative estimates of the precipitation rate. The MHS measures the amount of moisture (water) in the atmosphere. Because of the high variability of atmospheric water, the MHS has a higher resolution than the AMSU-A, with an approximate 16-km (10-mi) diameter circular field of view at nadir. Ninety such fields of view are measured in each cross-track scan. The instrument has approximately the same swath width as AMSU-A but scans across-track in one-third the time so as to keep the two instruments synchronized. By this means, arrays of 3 x 3 MHS samples will overlay each AMSU-A sample, facilitating synergistic use of these instruments. Space Environment Monitor (SEM-2) originally built by Panametrics (Waltham, Mass.), now Assurance Technology Corporation (Carlisle, Mass).The SEM-2 provides measurements to determine the intensity of the Earth’s radiation belts and the flux of charged particles at satellite altitude. It provides knowledge of solar terrestrial phenomena as well as warnings of solar wind occurrences that may impair long-range communications and high- altitude operations, damage satellite circuits and solar panels, or cause changes in drag and magnetic torque on satellites. The SEM-2 consists of two separate sensor units and a common Data Processing Unit (DPU). The sensor units are the Total Energy Detector (TED) and the Medium Energy Proton and Electron Detector (MEPED). Solar Backscatter Ultraviolet Radiometer/2, built by Ball Aerospace (Boulder, Co.) is flown on the NOAA afternoon satellites. It is a long-term monitoring device that takes global measurements and observes how elements in the atmosphere change over time. The Solar Backscatter Ultraviolet Radiometer uses its 12 channels to measure the amount of radiation (or energy) that comes directly from the Sun (using a diffuser) and how much energy is reflected back from the Earth. This information is integrated into a scientific model that calculates the concentration and distribution of ozone in the stratosphere. However, the primary use of the data from the Solar Backscatter Ultraviolet Radiometer is determining the vertical distribution of ozone over the global surface – how it varies at various distances from the Earth’s surface up to approximately 79 kilometers (or 49 miles). The instrument also provides for the generation of layer ozone values, which represent the amount of ozone found in a “chunk” of the atmosphere. Each channel on the Solar Backscatter Ultraviolet Radiometer detects a particular near-ultraviolet wavelength whose intensity depends on the ozone density at a particular height in the atmosphere. It is nadir pointing, which means that it always points directly toward the center of the Earth and does not scan the atmosphere as the other POES instruments do. The Solar Backscatter Ultraviolet Radiometer has a device called a Cloud Cover Radiometer that provides information on the amount of cloud cover in an image and removes the effects of the clouds from the data.Advanced Data Collection System provided by CNES in France measures environmental factors such as atmospheric temperature and pressure and the velocity and direction of the ocean and wind currents. Data is collected from transmitting devices on platforms in the form of buoys, free-floating balloons and remote weather stations. Transmitters are even placed on migratory animals, sea turtles, bears and other animals. Data is transmitted to the spacecraft for storage and subsequent transmission from the satellite to the ground. The stored data is transmitted once per orbit. Subsequently, the data is sent to the French Centre at the Centre National D’ Etudes Spatiales and the Service Argos Facility in Lanham, Md., for processing, distribution to users and storage for archival purposes. Search and Rescue instruments on-board NOAA-N Prime consist of a Search and Rescue Repeater built by Department of National Defense in Canada and a Search and Rescue Processor built by Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales (Toulouse, France). These instruments detect distress calls sent from emergency beacons on-board aircraft and boats and carried by people in remote areas. The instruments on the spacecraft transmit the data to ground receiving stations or local user terminals where the location of the emergency signals is determined by Doppler processing. The Local User Terminals forward the information to a Mission Control Center where further processing of the information occurs. The information is then sent to a Rescue Coordination Center that affects the search and rescue. Since its inception in 1982, the COSPAS-SARSAT system has contributed to saving more than 24,500 lives. The Search and Rescue Repeater accepts signals from emergency ground transmitters at 121.5 MHz, 243 MHz and 406.05 MHz and uptranslates, multiplexes and transmits these signals at L-band to the local user terminals. The Search and Rescue Processor is a receiver and processor that receives 406.05-MHz signals from emergency ground transmitters and demodulates, processes, stores and relays the data to the next local user terminal that is within range of the Search and Rescue Repeater. Only the 406.05 MHZ service will be supported as of February 1, 2009. 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